Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Good morning everyone.   Well the last day of 2014.    I have to say it seems to have been a very quick year, I know that sound stupid and oh many years ago when A person of many years of age would say to me " you wait till you get older your will feel the same".  Now my words were " oh yes" I don't think so?   How wrong was I!!!   We are ending our year with the forth coming happy event that will take place in the summer. Our daughter Gillian will get married.  This time last year it wasn't even a thought, yes Gillian had meet Andrew but just.   We are so happy for them both.

While making Andrew and Gillians card, I was half way through making a wedding card that Tammy had asked me to make, but on see the design of A&Gs one Tammy asked if she could change her mind.
So it is on the same design but different.   The in structions were they like black, don't do frills.
This is what I came up with. YES that striplet was used again.


It's an 8x8 card, embossed with a folder that is a Spellbinders one but I don't know the name, it's pretty with all the hearts.   The papers are from my First Eddition Noir et Chic pad, for those who have this pad you will know that the black is lovely.   It's special with those sparkly bits through it, and I felt was just right for a special day card. Ribbon for tieing the gift walket is from stash.

I just hope the couple like it, I know Tammy was very pleased she asked for the change in design.

Well I am off to do some housework, now I won't be running around deep cleaning or anything like that  just because tradition says one must deep clean ones house before the New Year comes in.  Well I am sorry that's not going to happen in this house as I am off to work soon and two life is to short for that in my books these days.

So what ever you are doing this New Year's Eve please take extra care.   It just remains for me to wish each and every one of you.

                                    A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND I HOPE 2015 WILL BRING YOU ALL
                                               GOOD  HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

                                                              Hazel xxx

Friday, 26 December 2014


Just thought I'd show the card and gift wallet I made for our oldest daughter Gillian and her partner Andrew 
Yes my Sue Wilson striplet has been put to work again, 

I used my Die'sire Romance die for the inside of the card added some Sue Wilson Vinery leaves, the backing paper that I used behind the striplets and for the inside are from my first edition pad of papers.    I embossed my card with a heart EB folder don't know the name. Used the cut out heart to keep the two halves closed.

We had a lovely day with Gillian and Andrew,  had a beautiful meal and celebrated their engagement.  We are both so happy for them.  Our Gillian has been so happy since meeting Andrew a year ago.

I do hope you all had and still are having a lovely time.  I know there are many who will have been unable to enjoy this holiday through illness or are to sad as they will be missing loved ones who are no longer with them.   We have to remember this.

We are off back today to Gillians they are having a family open kind of day, people will be popping in and out over the next few hours.

Take care if you are out and about, especially if you have this terrible freezing fog we have.

Hazel xxxx

Monday, 22 December 2014


Good morning.   Thank you for all your birthday wishes for Charlie.  Yes it's seems he's not the only Man to do what he did.   He enjoyed his birthday, a big one next year, so he better behave between now and then.

I am just showing you that you don't need a fancy basket or gift bag to make things like some lovely hair products into a nice looking gift.  Yes a length of cellophane or cling as I call it can do that.

All I have done here is cut a length of cellophane places a cup coaster in middle placed the products in the middle gathered up the cello and tied with two lengths of organzas ribbon.  Cost to wrap - pennies really.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and lovely comments this past year.  I wish you all a

                                     MERRY CHRSTMAS & A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR


                                                                     Hazel xxx

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Well I started to do a post yesterday morning, but ran out of time, had Beth to pick up at 12 o'clock, and had bits to do before hand.  Any way I will leave the " oldie" till the new year that I was putting up.

Today is husband Charlies birthday. Now he is very lucky he has made it to today, seeing how I had my pile of cards on the side board ready to take to the post office so they could be stamped accordingly to what was needed.  I thought I was going mad ( well iam half way there as it is) because I couldn't find the pile, looked in the spare room and the car, now the amount of stuff that's in there belonging to the girls well it was a job and a half.  No they weren't there so asked Charlie had he seen what I had done with them answer "oh I have posted them". How did you manage that as the villiage post office isn't open and you didn't have a car.  Oh I had stamps here so I just stamped them and popped them in the box Why!!!   Yes they should have had more postage on them. ahhhh.  Why oh why does he not get it that the postal service has changed???  So what folk thought was thunder over head in Springfield was me exploding with temper.

Any way it's done now can't change it, but do you think he will learn - NO, he's a man.

So here is the card I made for him, not a lot of time spent on it. I knew what image and papers I would use, it's very plain and simple.

LOTV image, and it fits the bill that's what he likes doing, sitting in his chair watching TV.  Ok he doesn't wear a cap.   The papers are from My Silent Night first edition pad, and some brown card from goodness knows where, had it so long.   Very quick easy card.

Thank you all for your comments on my wrapped gifts, I am a bit sick of seeing my roll of cellophane now.   I have been doing various gifts up, haven't photographed them as a lot are what I have done like it the passed.   I have got to say my gift bags have been a great hit this year and I have made gift wallets.  Like these

Very, very simple an A 4 piece of card with a little bit cut off the length, scored on my board, corners rounded and YES a striplet die cut and ribbon to tie.   This one contains a voucher for a foot treatment, oldest daughter is a podiatrist and she is often asked for a voucher and of course it was a call to Mum to see what I could do to make it into a lovely gift.  

Off now to get little grandson, here's coming for a sleepover but coming early as Daddy and Mummy are going to the football this afternoon as my big grandson is Mascot at the Dumferline match.    
So little one and I will bake today and tomorrow things for Boxing Day when we are all together as a family.    

Take care if you are out and about in this frosty weather.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Good afternoon.   Today I am showing some more gifts that I was asked to wrap, just a couple of very girly wine bottle holders with wine included and a dish with 4 bath bombs.   Just wrapping them up in cling and tieing with some ribbon, transform them into something special, don't you think?   I normally would what I call give the cling a hair cut, but I was asked to leave it how it was.  

Thank you all for all your lovely comments on my cards, made a few more last night using the same sets of dies. Plus I have been good and used up some of my PMD papers,  it's silly keeping them and going out and buying more.  Haven't really made that much of a dent in my stash, but it's a start.

Well that's the tree up, not looking how would like it, but I just had to give up trying to change it.  Knowing me it will be down just after New Year, our cottage is so small the tree and the change round of the furniture gets to me.  Any way I am off to get some cooking done, my turn to cook tonight, 

Take care and wrap up warm if you are off out.  

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Good afternoon, and welcome.  

Been busy making cards for Tammy, I had made some before with the memory box  Merry Christmas  and 25 th but she required more.  She wanted to give the people she does cleaning and ironing for ( she started her business about a year ago and is doing really well) so she wanted cards that were different from the norm.   Plus some for friends that will need posting so had to keep as flat as possible.  Here are some of what I had made, she is doing the inserts herself as she will do them on the computer, saves me.

I have used Sue Wilson striplet
Memory box Merry Christmas
Memory box 25th
Die'sire - Star of Wonder
Peel offs from stash, ( time saving to)

By next year I hope to have time to stamp more.   But seeing how last year I was still borrowing dies from sister Patricia.   I am pleased with what I have done.    I still have a good few cards to make. These are for special family and friends. I prefer to take the money I would spend on postage up to the chemo unit in the form of coffee ( the stuff they get is terrible) and nice biscuits etc.  I will take
these up when I am up at the unit for my six months check up.   Plus I always take for the staff who will be working over the festive time.

Oh it's that time again.  Curtains and blinds to be closed. Oh how I hate this time of the year.
Well  as I was closing the blinds etc, Gillian oldest daughter and partner arrived, armed with things for me to wrap, will show them later, I remembered to photo them.

Will finish here as it's now tea time, take care if you are out and about.  For those who are under the weather here are some ((((((hugs))))))

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Gosh it's a week since I last posted.  I have been busy making up gifts and cutting gift bags out.   I haven't photograph the gift baskets as the light hasn't been good and they were needed to be delivered.   Today is " oldie Friday ". Erika at  set this up so we can show some of our older work, why not join her it's good to get these old projects out again.  This basket is a bit like a couple of the ones I have been doing, just with different products.  

By the way Beth's school fair raised £1,140 not bad for a school of just over 100 pupils.  They still have school calenders sales to add to this total.   The fair it self was very busy and very hot, Beth wasn't feeling to well ( full of the cold) so we left after an hour.   So we just went home and cozyed up on the sofa watching a DVD.  

Now this was the scene at the school yesterday morning, snow on the Lomonds hills, it soon turned to a white out with a heavy snow fall, oh how I hate snow.  Yet for two and a half years Charlie and I lived in the very South of Germany running an adventure / ski place. Granted it was that very dry snow where as here it's wet and damp stuff.

Just looked out and oh boy, heavy frost and I am not looking forward to the drive to work, as there is BLACK ICE!!     Car needs defrosting, so I'd better get a move on.  

Thank you for coming to see what I have posted, feel free to leave a comment, I love reading them all and I do appreciate every one.  

Keep safe and warm.

Hazel xxxx

Friday, 5 December 2014


It's "Oldie Friday" again.    So I thought I'd show a couple of gift baskets made for Christmas orders last year.

Two little hampers full of "yummy" goodies.   I always feel you don't have to give huge gifts, but a small basket full of a few nice bits. 

Well this is a quick post as I am off to work, and it's one of those days that I will be running from A-B and getting no where!!!  I will stay out of the house this morning as the heating has to be off as the gas man will be in to service it.   Picking Anna up at 1.15 pm, she finishes at this time every Friday, a pain really but they are trying this new school week out at her school, of course Beth still in till 3 pm. 

Take care out there as it can be frosty.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Good evening.  Thank you for all your lovely comments on my gift bags, the cards and bags are all delivered to the school, I am just now waiting for the last of the tray bakes to set. So that i can get the top layer of chocolate on.  Thank goodness in away it's only once a year.

Now a long with all the school stuff I have orders to get ready.  I am showing you a gift I made today.  My title tells you what's in it.   The idea is from Tammy, she is very good with the ideas.

 10 small bottles of red and white wine, some luxury mixed nuts.

All done up in a Christmas box ( Dobbies garden centre), some cello cling and Ikea ribbon I have had for years.  

Sorry about the photos being so spaced out I can't think how to move them up with out loosing them.

It's not a cheap gift to make up, but you could do it with less bottles in a smaller box.  This is a Christmas come thank you gift for Tammy's MILs neighbour who keeps an eye on her and see to her garden.  

Take care, 

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Good morning.   As I promised I am showing you some of the Gift Bags I have made up for the school to sell, I have decorated the bags using up bits from my bit  box and just  snipets.   I have more bags cut out ready to make up.

I have shown two sets of products to show you what you can get in to these bags.  The two taller products are 200ml size, so it's not just mini size that fit.

A bit longer a day for me today as its Beth's vaulting night, but don't have to stay and watch and get very cold.  Mum is on pick up on her way back from Edinburgh.  

Thank you for your lovely comments on my snipet cards, the school more than happy to have them to sell, I did hope to get the older ones that go to after school club to make these up, but it would mean me being their until gone 5.30 a couple of nights and I can't as I have Anna to pick up as well as Beth and take them to their activities.   So just a s easy for me to do them.  As long as the school gets some funds, they use the fayre to get funds to cover things like the Christmas party etc.  

Right off to get the Hoover out and get these golden lab hairs gone from the carpets, oh I wish this weather would make up its mind, so Harris's coat stops moulting, brushed him yesterday and filled half a carrier bag.  Mind you that was better than Sunday when he decided to roll, and I mean roll in mud, he was a black lab by the time he was finished, so he had to be hosed down, Charlie combed him after and it was a carrier bag full, then he just seemed to cast all day. 

Have a good day.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 1 December 2014


Good morning, it's not too bad a one here still very grey skied, but dry.   I am not needed till pick up time at 3pm so some housework done including the ironing.  Then I decided to get the SNIPET cards finished, they needed inserts, all done. Well this lot, I am hoping to make up a few more so that on Thursday I can hand them into the school.
 Thank you for all your lovely comments on the gift bags, I have got to say the XCut die that our christopher bought me for my birthday has been well used.  You can even use your snipets up decorating these too.   I have been doing this to bags that I will show tomorrow.  These again will go to the school to sell.
Nothing much going on here at the moment, and I am really feeling the benifit of not doing all that I use to do at work, mum is doing more of the taking to school so I just start on those days like today at pick up time.  So it's good, granted I might gulp at the reduced salary when I look at the bank balance.  But no that is not important at all, we don't take it into the house hold budget it's there for extras like our next planned trip to Canada.
Any way off to cut some more gift bags, then I will sit and put them together, can do this sitting on the sofa nice and comfortable.

Mainly all made using waste , a couple have got die cuts, but not many.   They are either 4x4 , 6x6 or 5x7. What ever fits the bits.  

That's all, take care.

Hazel xxx