Friday, 21 November 2014


Good morning, and thank you for popping in or just passing through.   You are all welcome.   And for those of you who leave a comment thank you I do love getting them and reading them.

Been one of those weeks that I just don't know where the week has gone.   To think I have not even worked a full week either.  New house keeper still here, I did wonder on Monday if she might have decided to not come back.   Girls hadn't picked up anything, but Francis decided she wasn't picking up and left the big lounge where the mess was, she left a note saying that she would be in on Tuesday and if the girls remove their things and put other bits away she would clean in their.   I meet her when I was picking up Beth from school and told her well done.     I don't know if it went down well, but I made sure the girls picked up.   Seeing how I was only in for 2 hours on Tuesday first thing I don't know if she managed to get in there to clean.    I was in again this morning and total panic was going on as the girls weren't able to find clean shirts, reason no washing had been done since Monday and that was a back log from the weekend and then Francis didn't do a white load till yesterday.  So tumble dryer was on and shirts dried. Ironed and on within 20mins. By guess who?  Oh yes the washing side is the bit that's not working, as I wasn't in doing it.    But we will over come that soon.

Now today's " oldie" was my take on using the Mr. & Mrs die cut that Patricia did on her gift box.

This was one of the cards I made back in January when I only started making cards.  
I think the die cut made this card, and that you didn't need much more, the aster flower was made out of tissue, you do need to fold the tissue lots of time before cutting in to it. 

Not back in to work till I pick Beth up from school then we are off to pick up her new ring that was being seized, she said she couldn't wait for end of school to come.  

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend, weather isn't meant to be good so it might be a bit of a stay at home weekend. 

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel and thanks for joining me in sharing an oldie today, loving this card, was admiring this die on Patricia's blog last week, it's one I've missed.
    Loving your tissue flower too.
    Good on the housekeeper for standing her ground, but how long will it last. I have one here who thinks Mum is short for personal slave!
    As a teenager I had to do my own washing and ironing, a good thing for kids to eldest is definitely old enough!

    Enjoy your weekend, crafty hugs Erika. x

  2. Great card Sis, using that great Die.
    Good for Frances that's what is needed. Wonder who will win!!! Of course it was obvious you would be missed somewhere along the line as far as washing & ironing were concerned. Talking of ironing better go get mine done.

    Patricia x

  3. A lovely card Hazel love the colours. Sounds like the Housekeeper is going to stand her ground!! xx

  4. Beautiful card hazel. Well done to the housekeeper lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hi Hazel beautiful card loving that die & gorgeous flower.Have a lovely weekend & well done to the housekeeper 😆 Love Lynda xx

  6. Hello Hazel, and what a fabulous die, and of course I love the tissue aster bloom.
    Good for Francis, i hope she can stick to her guns. Lessons in using the washing machine and iron are needed I think, have a good weekend, hugs Kate x

  7. Hi Hazel, gorgeous card, love that die! Hugs Carole Z X

  8. This is gorgeous Hazel, it's such a beautiful die cut and the delicate flower is the perfect finishing touch.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Sue xx

  9. A really beautiful card Hazel and you say you had only started making cards makes it all the more stunning.
    Very well done to the housekeeper she must have some staying power but the 'little darlings' will have to learn I think!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Margaret corgi owner

  10. What a stunning card Hazel. I love that die. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. It's a beautiful die and the card is gorgeous, xxx

  12. Hi Hazel,
    what a very fab Oldie for Friday.
    I do remember this one, and I think it is a fab choice, as it's so beautiful.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. this is fabulous Hazel - I love the diecut - it looks wonderful. Sounds like the house keeper is having fun! Ooops! Hugs Rachel x

  14. Gorgeous card Hazel, love this die ...
    Glad I am not a housekeeper, think she sticking to her guns..

  15. Stunning card and love the tissue aster xx the family you work for are very fortunate that they have people like you to sort things out before the school run - I remember how frazzled I was on occasions and didn't have the benefit of another pair of hands - I do hope they appreciate what they have xx have a lovely weekend and hopefully your crafty mojo is returning xx GailT xx

  16. Hi Hazel,
    Wow, what a lovely card, gorgeous flower too!
    That is one big die!
    Sounds like you have had a crazy week!
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, means so much to me x
    Hope the weather picks up,
    Sandra xxxx

  17. Good morning Hazel what a beautiful card I love it I have looked all over for this die but can't find it anywhere. Thank you for the lovely comment on my cards. Like you I've tried not to be on my pad as much but last week I had to follow all sues posts. I just loved all of them. Take care xxx

    Debs xxx

  18. Hi Hazel
    Had busy couple of days so sorry I'm late.
    This die is very effective and does need the minimum of embellishment so your aster is just the ticket.
    As others have said, good for Frances. Hope her resolve stays strong.
    I'm back to work tomorrow after 4 days off. . . . . . .boooooo! Hope you have a great week.
    Ang x

  19. Hi Hazel

    I can remember this card from when you showed it before .. .. purely because I loved it so much (and still do). That die really is gorgeous!

    I have been looking back on your previous posts too, to see what I have been missing whilst my world has been so hectic.

    The 25th Anniversary card was spectacular. Loving all the die work.

    I hope your Son and his family soon find another house they would like to buy. I am believer in "everything happens for a reason" .. .. so I am sure the next house is going to be even better than the last one. Let's hope they find something soon so your Grand-daughter isn't homeless for long .. .. tee hee.

    Have a good week Hazel.

    Love Jules xx

  20. Love this card and still drooling over that die (which I've restrained myself from buying as it wouldn't get used much). It makes such an elegant card & especially so on the lovely colors you've selected. Enjoyed reading the backstory. I can imagine the fun that is going on there, and these young ladies will learn to pick up in time if nobody follows behind them. Good luck with it all! Stay warm. TFS & Hugs

  21. This is so pretty and elegant!

    Warm hugs

  22. Hi Hazel.
    What a stupid numpty am I ? I use to be blond but age has sent me brown, but my brain just doesnt think like it use to !! Once I was no longet a 'spy' I bookmarked your lovely blog but kept seeing the striplet picture, thought you'd not added anymore of your lovely work !! Then lightening struck, brain said "hit the home button stupid" and what did I find lol a whole bunch of beautiful cards etc.Id been missing !!! HOW stupid am I ? My lack of sence is starting to annoy me BIG time now !!!
    So Ive just popped in to say "sorry" and now I have found your lovely work is updated I will visit more often ! I cant believe how I just dont think like I did 20yrs or so ago !
    I see Im going to be the most annoying, forgetful OAP on this planet ! Your cards are beautiful Hazel.
    Have a good Friday.
    Lancashire Steph xx (plus brain) xxx

  23. P.S. Still dont see annonymous when I click the - comment as Im known as my full name !! Making sense ?

    1. Stephanie don't apologies you have come to a blog with and owner whose brain is often back 20+ years ago. I did the same as you with a couple of blogs and then it clicked to press the home button. I am no good with technology, if only I could sort things it would be great. I think our 6 year old grandson could do better. You sound like your craft shop is like the one here in the town, Adrian will go out of his way to get or do things for his customers, I am waiting till he gets his new stock of Sues dies in before buying, maybe by that time my hint of a gift voucher for Christmas will have been taken on board. Keep warm. And have a good weekend. Hazel x