Monday, 10 November 2014


Good evening, and thank you for coming and having a look what I have been up to, answer not a lot.    Left Thursday morning after dropping Beth off at school, went to Perth and picked up Patricia then to the park and ride and picked Kate up off the bus.  Then off to the airport and Birmingham.    Had great night with them others ( Kate and Patricia  have all ready told you what went on, and I know most of you are on their blogs too.)

I just think this is stunning, the work and detail that has gone into it.

I didn't buy much, just bits that I know Adrian at Poles Apart in Cupar doesn't sell, I can just pop down there when I need anything.   We need to keep these little shops open.      I did buy some bags of honey coated nuts, the family like these.

New housekeeper started today, I think the poor women nearly had a heart attack when she saw Anna's room, the wee madam hadn't done a thing to make it look tidy, Beth had made an effort.   Any way if she hasn't had a mental break down by now she will be back on Wednesday.    It will take her a couple of weeks to get herself  in a routine.  I think the fact there has been no cleaner for a month doesn't help.    We will wait and see what happens.

Well that's  it for tonight, been a long day, I have been into work since 9 pm just to be there to let the housekeeper know where things are and where they go, then Karen a wonderful curtain maker was there this afternoon hanging new bedroom curtains to get the length right, she will be back Wednesday to hang them properly.  Have to say they are looking good.  These are all the little things that I love doing, as I had a lot of input with these curtains.

Take care, we have terrible thick frog here, not good for driving in.

Hazel xxx


  1. Really lovely to see you on Thursday Hazel. Over far too soon though! Take care. Hugs Christine xx

  2. Another happy shopper glad you had such a good time.
    Margaret M

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics of NEC. I haven't visited Patricia & Kate as yet, so I got to enjoy your photos first! Looks like you had tons of fun, and I applaud you for the discipline of being restrained. I always say that I shall do that, and then proceed to violate that vow - usually at the very first booth. Looks like you have been busy with your young ladies,. Take care, rest up from your trip, and can't wait to see what you'll be sharing with the things you did buy. Lucky folks to have each other to enjoy the show together. TFS & Hugs

  4. Such a fabulous picture, it looks amazing and I am pleased you had a good time.
    I agree with you regarding keeping our local craft stores, too many are closing which is such a shame.
    Sue xx

  5. hi Hazel delighted to know you all had such a good time at the NEC thank you for sharing your pictures, I would have loved to have seen Patricia getting out of the car after your night out!
    Take care and rest up to recover from your trip if at all possible.
    Margaret corgi owner

  6. What a lovely looking stash - the flowers look lush xx love the photo of the scene - was it in the NEC? - like you say an amazing amount of work involved but pretty impressive xx GailT xx

  7. Good evening Sis,
    Your "stash" seems to have grown on the flight home as well as mine!!?
    Your quite right to support Adrian, I will be across soon to see what he has.
    Feel sorry for that poor woman hopefully she will stick it out.

    Patricia xxx

  8. Hi Hazel, your photo looks amazing, so much work..
    Glad you all had a time.
    lovely looking goodies, beautiful pearls and flowers.

  9. sounds like you had a great time Hazel - lovely stash you bought back too! Hugs rachel x

  10. Good Evening Hazel. Love all your goodies from your trip. Glad you All had an amazing time with loads of laughter too. Was it very busy, I don't do very well in crowds. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. I sincerely hope you meant fog and not "frog" Hazel!! I love the paper sculpture you shared, what a labour of love that must have been. Glad that you had a good time xx

  12. Glad to hear you all had a fabulous time...lots of lovely goodies too! Hugs Carole Z X

  13. So pleased you had a good time Hazel. Fingers crossed the new housekeeper comes back on Wednesday lol!! Susan x

  14. Hi Hazel
    Finally, I can get in to comment!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all the bling. If you run out of the paper flowers, they sell them at the Range lol!
    Hope the new lady turns up today. Sounds like she will earn every penny!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

    PS. . . .hope Patricia has passed on the choccy recipe. x

  15. Hi Hazel good to hear you guys had a good trip, great photos and lovely new stash, you can never have too many pearls. x
    I hope the new housekeeper settles in well, could do with one here to sort me out, I just never seem to find the time or if truth be told the inclination. It's no where near as much fun as crafting!

    Hugs Erika. x

  16. what a lovely stash. Those baby clothes are so cute and cannot wait until I contact you and for your friend to knit some beautiful things for me.

    Big hugs Hazel