Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Good morning, this post is very quick as it's really a way I can show Ita, the baby knits that my friend makes for my gift baskets, Ita is looking for some one to knit for her little grand daughter.  This way she can see some of the lovely ones that she has made.

These are just a few, but she just loves knitting so bigger sizes wouldn't be a problem.

Sorry about this post, but if it helps Ita see what she can get, that's what I want it to do.

Will post some thing later.

Hazel xx


  1. Good morning Sis,
    I have seen some of these beautiful little knits and they are fantastic, just so sweet.
    June your friend makes a great job of knitting them.

    Patricia xxx

  2. Beautiful knits Hazel. I'd imagine these will snapped up. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Hazel these are so beautiful and lovely to see rather than the plain ordinary ones you see in M & S.
    Have a good day
    Margaret corgi owner

  4. Gorgeous little cardis Hazel xx

  5. Beautiful little knits - I used to knit many moons ago when my kids were little but not for a long time although fancy having another go - kept my knitting bag and patterns and all my needles so who knows - I'm sure Ita will be delighted with this selection as they are all gorgeous xx GailT xx

  6. Hazel thank you so very much for posting this they are lovely.
    Will contact you.
    We have Internet problems,and it is as slow as a wet week.

  7. Hello Hazel, what pretty little baby knits, It's one thing I never knit, too footery for me, but I love these, hope your well, hus Kate x

  8. Beautiful baby knits Hazel.

  9. Hi Hazel
    Lovely little knits and very kind of you to answer Ita's plea.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  10. Beautiful baby knits there Hazel, so cute.

    Hugs Erika. x

  11. Hi Hazel,thank you so very much for all the trouble you have tone too for me,
    I love the first style,but in pale pink,Áine is nearly 6 months,but is not big.
    Can you get a price for me,and how do I pay ??
    On the side of my blog you can e.mail me,or Ang has my e.mail.
    I hope to have a go myself as well ,but as I am house bound at the moment,iit will take time
    Thank you Hazel

  12. Hi Hazel sorry not been around much but not been too well. I love these knits
    These are what I call propper baby cloths I'd rather see a baby in these lovely clothes better than when you see them in denim. Im hoping I will be around more now so I am back commenting on your lovely cards. Take care

    Debs xx

  13. What lovely knits, the colors and designs are fabulous.

    Hugs Diane

  14. wow these are beautiful - please tell your friend who makes them how gorgeous they are! I know you will already have done that though Hazel! Hugs rachel x