Thursday, 27 November 2014


Good evening, this is just a short note to say I am still here but  can't post any thing with photos as I am having terrible problems with trying to up load photos on to my blog.   Keep getting this 500 Google server error. It's driving me mad.  So tomorrow I am off to get the chap who helped Charlie with his lap top to see if he can help sorted the problem or do something so I can get my photos up.
Been busy making and doing up gift bags and other gifts.   Then tonight I have been making a card for Jen the groom at work, her best friends husband and Jens Daughters God father, died last night his car was hit by a large truck on Friday night, he was air lifted to hospital, then they put him in a coma but he didn't make it.   Jen is in tatters I feel so sorry for her, it has hit her really badly.   I think the fact that his little baby is only a year old the same age as her little boy.  Such a waste of a young life.

Anyway as I said it was just a short post.  Hopefully I will get it sorted out tomorrow.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my " Oldie Friday". Last week I appeciate them all.

Take care every one.

Hazel xxx


  1. sending hugs Hazel - how awful for your friend xx

  2. How dreadful for your friend such a tragic waste of life. Hope you sort your problem out with blogger. Susan x

  3. So sorry to hear this terrible news Hazel, tragic waste of a life..
    Hope you get blogger sorted.
    Hugs Pam

  4. So sorry to hear your terrible news Hazel, thoughts and prayers to Jen and the mans family, awful news at any time of year but right before Christmas is worse I think. I hope they get who was responsible.

    Hope you are ok and that you manage to get your blog sorted.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Sorry to hear your having problems Hazel. Hope you get them sorted out. Terrible tragedy for the family of that poor man. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Good morning Sis,
    All I can do is send some (((((hugs))))) I know how you are feeling

    Patricia xxx

  7. Hi Hazel, good luck sorting out your computer, you'll have loads to share when you do!
    So sorry to hear of your friends sad news, what a terrible tragedy. You just never know do you?
    Sending big cyber hugs too today, Erika. x

  8. Sending big hugs to you Hazel. So tragic! Always seems even worse so close to Christmas - as I know so well.. With love from Christine xx

  9. So very sorry to hear your tragic news Hazel what a waste of a young life cut short, sending you lots of gentle hugs, take as many as you need.
    I do hope you soon get things sorted on your blog, but you have more important matters to cope with at present.
    Take care
    With love
    Margaret corgi owner

    1. Margaret. Owen who died we didn't know him personally he was the friend of Jen the groom at work. Jen and I get on really well and I was just so upset to see her in bits. At 25 you don't think you are going to loose such a close friend. It will take her a while to get over it as she is hurting for Owens wife, Jen and her have been friend since school days. My card to Jen was to tell her I was here if she need to talk. Thank you for those hugs I passed a good few on to Jen. Hazel x

  10. Hello Hazel, how awful for Jen and her friend's family, just so sad and the man so young, just an awful waste.
    Hope you manage to get your tablet sorted out, so frustrating for you.
    Have a good weekend, hugs Kate x

  11. Hi Hazel
    What terrible news for your friend and the chaps family.Had some bad news about two people I used to work with last week and it puts a lot into perspective when things like this happen.
    Hope you get your technology sorted soon chuck.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  12. Hi Hazel, I'm playing catchup this afternoon. So sad to read the tragedy of the car accident and the loss of a young life. Prayers for the is so devastating. Hope you get the 500 error sorted. That's a mystery, so if you find out what it's from, hope you'll give us an update. Could happen to any one of us, any time!! I used to get the 407 error, and never knew why. In the meantime, enjoy your quiet space and carry on with your projects. Take care, Happy Sunday and glad you liked the Thks'giving card. I enjoyed making it too. We had a lovely day with a laden table - and a meal shared with beloved relatives. Missed the DD though. Hugs & take care.

  13. One other thought: Shaz in Oz suggested I make my photos 600 pixels & that doesn't take up lots of the free blog space. Don't know if that has a thing to do with the 500 just popped into my little brain that Shaz had me do that...

  14. Hi Hazel just popped by to see your gift bags I read on Sue's blog that you have made,shame you can't upload the pictures at the moment hope you get it sorted.Terrible news about Jen & her friends family so very sad & devastating for them. Take care love Lynda xx

  15. Hi again Hazel I got your message & just had a look at your gift bags from your May post & it was defently worth the look they are gorgeous. I just love your baby cake's as well just lovely you are so talented in all your crafting.
    Well done. Lovely pictures of the big house & the horses ( thought it was your house)Thank you Hazel Hugs Lynda xx

  16. Hazel, how delightful that Mr. Clunes is in your area occasionally. I've seen the program he did on horses, and his big horses were sent to a 'hoof camp' to be trained. I enjoyed it very much. Think he is a terrific actor who can handle any type of rule, but I especially enjoy him as Doc Martin, also loved him in William & Mary. Have you tried googling the blogger 500 error to see what you can find? Wish I knew something to suggest to help. Hope you are having a pleasant Sunday too. Big hugs.

  17. err...just noticed I misspelled 'role'...I typed rule but I meant role!!! :-)