Sunday, 30 November 2014


Good evening I know it's ladt but I think I have fixed the problem so here's hoping.  Gosh it has been so frustrating not being able to post.

I will keep it short and just show a couple of photos of some of the bags I have been making, plus one of the baskets.   If the light is right tomorrow I will photo some more.

I love how these and will be making more like this.

These were colours that were chosen.

One all done up. 

My basket, I was given the products and asked to make it up, I like when I get the products, as you know it will be ok, when I get them you have to hope they are ok.   This was easy to do as I had a purple basket and I was able to do green and purple ribbon picking up the colours on the products.

Oh I am a happy blogger as I have managed to solve the problem, saved myself some money and it's working.  What did I do - simply signed myself out of my google account and then signed back in.
So thank you all for your support and also thank you for your lovely words regarding Jens friends death.   I made Jen a " thinking of You" card and yes I forgot to photograph it.

Any way that's me for tonight, I did say a short one and its not that short, sorry.  

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Good evening, this is just a short note to say I am still here but  can't post any thing with photos as I am having terrible problems with trying to up load photos on to my blog.   Keep getting this 500 Google server error. It's driving me mad.  So tomorrow I am off to get the chap who helped Charlie with his lap top to see if he can help sorted the problem or do something so I can get my photos up.
Been busy making and doing up gift bags and other gifts.   Then tonight I have been making a card for Jen the groom at work, her best friends husband and Jens Daughters God father, died last night his car was hit by a large truck on Friday night, he was air lifted to hospital, then they put him in a coma but he didn't make it.   Jen is in tatters I feel so sorry for her, it has hit her really badly.   I think the fact that his little baby is only a year old the same age as her little boy.  Such a waste of a young life.

Anyway as I said it was just a short post.  Hopefully I will get it sorted out tomorrow.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my " Oldie Friday". Last week I appeciate them all.

Take care every one.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 21 November 2014


Good morning, and thank you for popping in or just passing through.   You are all welcome.   And for those of you who leave a comment thank you I do love getting them and reading them.

Been one of those weeks that I just don't know where the week has gone.   To think I have not even worked a full week either.  New house keeper still here, I did wonder on Monday if she might have decided to not come back.   Girls hadn't picked up anything, but Francis decided she wasn't picking up and left the big lounge where the mess was, she left a note saying that she would be in on Tuesday and if the girls remove their things and put other bits away she would clean in their.   I meet her when I was picking up Beth from school and told her well done.     I don't know if it went down well, but I made sure the girls picked up.   Seeing how I was only in for 2 hours on Tuesday first thing I don't know if she managed to get in there to clean.    I was in again this morning and total panic was going on as the girls weren't able to find clean shirts, reason no washing had been done since Monday and that was a back log from the weekend and then Francis didn't do a white load till yesterday.  So tumble dryer was on and shirts dried. Ironed and on within 20mins. By guess who?  Oh yes the washing side is the bit that's not working, as I wasn't in doing it.    But we will over come that soon.

Now today's " oldie" was my take on using the Mr. & Mrs die cut that Patricia did on her gift box.

This was one of the cards I made back in January when I only started making cards.  
I think the die cut made this card, and that you didn't need much more, the aster flower was made out of tissue, you do need to fold the tissue lots of time before cutting in to it. 

Not back in to work till I pick Beth up from school then we are off to pick up her new ring that was being seized, she said she couldn't wait for end of school to come.  

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend, weather isn't meant to be good so it might be a bit of a stay at home weekend. 

Hazel xxx

Monday, 17 November 2014


Good afternoon from a very wet east coast of Scotland.    Lights are on in the house as it's so dark. It makes for a long day.   Thank you for all your lovely comments on June my friends little knits.
Sorry I have not posted anything since I put up the little cardigans to let Ita see them.   June my friend and Tammy's god mother is in her 70s and she is never with out something on her knitting needles.   As I said I buy these little knits from her for my baskets, I do think she some how thinks I sell lots of baskets each week, as she keeps sending me parcels, if only that was the case!!.,  Any way I have been a bit lazy, now it's not because I am busy at work. In fact I haven't been busy at all, new house keeper survived her first week - me I don't know what to do with myself, not use to not having any thing to do, plus mummy has been taking the girls to school, well Anna to get her lift and Beth to school so I have been mainly doing pick ups.  It will take me a bit of time to get use to it all.  You would think I would be doing lots of crafting, but just can't get into it.

To days card is an order from Tammy, this is for her friend.

A very CAS card, using Sue Wilson's Salzburg collection and her Filigree 3D bows.  Plus a couple of flat backed pearls from stash.

Well that's it for today, I am going to do some ironing not a lot but will become a lot if I leave it.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Good morning, this post is very quick as it's really a way I can show Ita, the baby knits that my friend makes for my gift baskets, Ita is looking for some one to knit for her little grand daughter.  This way she can see some of the lovely ones that she has made.

These are just a few, but she just loves knitting so bigger sizes wouldn't be a problem.

Sorry about this post, but if it helps Ita see what she can get, that's what I want it to do.

Will post some thing later.

Hazel xx

Monday, 10 November 2014


Good evening, and thank you for coming and having a look what I have been up to, answer not a lot.    Left Thursday morning after dropping Beth off at school, went to Perth and picked up Patricia then to the park and ride and picked Kate up off the bus.  Then off to the airport and Birmingham.    Had great night with them others ( Kate and Patricia  have all ready told you what went on, and I know most of you are on their blogs too.)

I just think this is stunning, the work and detail that has gone into it.

I didn't buy much, just bits that I know Adrian at Poles Apart in Cupar doesn't sell, I can just pop down there when I need anything.   We need to keep these little shops open.      I did buy some bags of honey coated nuts, the family like these.

New housekeeper started today, I think the poor women nearly had a heart attack when she saw Anna's room, the wee madam hadn't done a thing to make it look tidy, Beth had made an effort.   Any way if she hasn't had a mental break down by now she will be back on Wednesday.    It will take her a couple of weeks to get herself  in a routine.  I think the fact there has been no cleaner for a month doesn't help.    We will wait and see what happens.

Well that's  it for tonight, been a long day, I have been into work since 9 pm just to be there to let the housekeeper know where things are and where they go, then Karen a wonderful curtain maker was there this afternoon hanging new bedroom curtains to get the length right, she will be back Wednesday to hang them properly.  Have to say they are looking good.  These are all the little things that I love doing, as I had a lot of input with these curtains.

Take care, we have terrible thick frog here, not good for driving in.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 3 November 2014


Good evening and thank you for popping in and having a look.   Also thank you for all your lovely comments.

Going to be a short week for me this week as. I am off to the NEC in Birmingham for a couple of day at the end of the week with Patricia and Kate.    No bag packed or anything organised, but hey ho how long will it take to put a few clothes in a bag.  As long as I have the basic I will be fine.  Don't plan to buy much, and seeing how I was at Poles Apart this morning and spent some pennies, my excuse is I am keeping Adrian in business.   It's a fantastic family run business, when do you get offered a tea or coffee when you go into a big store craft store.

Any way today's card, was a card the Tammy asked me to make late on  Saturday evening she had forgotten it was their friends 25th today.    So sorry I have yes once again used striplet die and the 25th one.   Now when I was doing this design I didn't know that Kathleen's and Iain's bridesmaids were in navy blue dresses.  So it was just by pure luck I had put that coloured flowers on it.

This is an 8x8 card.

Last week I was playing to see if I could fit two striplet dies like I have, they just fit with just the two corners crossing causing an little tiny cut that's not meant so the flowers cover that.  But I do love how it looks.

So I have used Sue Wilson striplet, Sue Wilson, vine leaves, and finishing touches, memory box 25th. 
S.P. Shapeabilities, just rite anniversary stamp. Paper box silver card and flowers from stash.  

Again I apologise for showing another card with striplet die.   

Hopefully my next post won't be a card using the striplet 

Any way that's it for tonight,  off to put my feet up and relax.  

Hazel xxx