Friday, 24 October 2014


It's Friday again and time to join Erika Showing an oldie, this is just a bit of fun where you can show a craft that you did some time ago.   Today is some wallets I made way before I had my blog, in fact Patricia. made these for my Tammy back in 2012. They are on Patricia's blog on 3/12/2012.   Unfortunately she hasn't put up the template on how to make them and I can't find mine.  Now this idea came from someone else's blog but again I can remember whose.  So sorry if it's one of my followers and I cant let folk know.

 These wallets hold a bar of chocolate, or if you made them deeper you can fit in two mini products.   Tammy and I used them as teachers, helpers gifts as they covered female/ males gifts.
And very inexpensive.   Oh I wish I could find that template, I might just have to have a play and put that brain of mine to work.  I will let you know if I manage it.

Well I should have been away from yesterday on a little road trip leaving here going to visit friends, in Yorkshire, Grantham and Cannock near Birmingham,  but husband got out of the car on Wednesday night and his back went.   He is ok but sitting in the car for hours just wouldn't have been good, so we decided to cancel, no point of taking the risk.    It wasn't as if we can't go at another time.   So I will just have some more time to play.  

This wallet I made for a birthday gift.

Thank you for all your lovely comment on my last card, it has all ready gone, it never made it to my box.  Tammy's friends mum had a mini stroke on Monday, so she will receive it hopefully today.

Take care what ever you are doing.

((((((Hugs)))))) to those who need them .

                                                                            Hazel xxx


  1. Good Morning Hazel. I made lots of these last year for Christmas. If I can find the template I'll get in touch. Beautiful gift box too. Hope you get your break with OH soon. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Hi Hazel,i love these wallets they would be handy to make for my daughter for my grandson to give his teacher's,I hope you can fine the template.
    love Lynda xx

  3. Sorry Hazel, meant to say hope Tammy's friend's mum is ok sending her Hugs love Lynda xx

  4. Afternoon Hazel what great ideas for a little gift. I think they are wonderful.
    Take care
    Debs xx

  5. Hazel, what a super little gift idea and presentation is key, love the idea. Sorry to hear about Tammy's friends mum, I hope she is ok, and your trip cancellation, but hope hubby is on the mend soon. The bright side more crafting time!
    Have a good weekend and thanks for joining me in sharing an oldie today, hugs Erika. x

  6. Hi Hazel these are a wonderful gift idea and con be personalised to the person receiving such a lovely presented gift.
    So sorry you have had to change your plans do hope hubby makes a quick recovery.
    Margaret corgi owner

  7. Hi Hazel,
    fab Oldie for Friday.
    I too love these fab creations, and remember Patricia showing some a while back..
    I do hope you find the template, as I would love to know how to make them.
    oooooooo your poor hubby, I can sympathize with him.
    My DH had to give up work because of his back problems, and as he drove a lot they said it wasn't helping the situation.
    I have been using my Heat Pad for mine and it has worked wonders.
    I do hope he soon feels a lot better.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Hi Hazel
    Lovely wallets. So useful for so many different gifts. Hope you can find the template. What a shame about Charlie and his back and about Tammy's friends Mum. Hopefully both of them will be fit and well again soon.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  9. Hi Hazel, these are wonderful, make excellent gifts. Sorry to hear about Charlie's back, they are terrible things backs. Sorry to hear about Tammy's friends Mum too, hope she makes a complete recovery.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Fab idea for giving gifts - I made something similar several years ago for a typical sized bar of chocolate at a craft class but can't remember his it was made but yours look more substantial - needless to say I didn't keep it very long the chocolate bar just kept shouting 'eat me - eat me' lol xx sorry to hear about your hubby and wish him a speedy recovery and also your daughters friends mum - the card should cheer her up xx keep well and have a good weekend xx GailT xx

  11. Hi Hazel, I made these in November 2012..I also did a tut on them 20th November.. this is the link if it helps..pam x

  12. Hi Hazel, these are wonderful, makes the chocolate bar extra special.
    Poor Charlie, I hope that his back gets better soon. Pity about your wee break away, hugs Kate X

  13. great wallets Hazel - such a good idea - we're certainly on a low here - been an awful day - tomorrow can only get better. Hugs rachel xx

  14. Hi Hazel great wallets and make lovely teacher's gifts. Hope your husband's back improves! Susan x

  15. Just catching up on your blog seems as if I had missed several posts. Loved the cards you made with your stash. i should get and do the same instead of buying more!!! I did have fun though even if it wasn't long enough.
    Great wallets hope you find the template.
    Hope hubby is recovering.
    Margaret M

  16. Good evening Sis,
    How many of these did we make between us???
    They were brilliant.
    I was going to mention it was Pam but I see she has kindly given the link.
    We at least managed a meet up with your trip being canceled.

    Patricia xxx