Saturday, 18 October 2014


 Good afternoon.  Thank you for calling by.   Also thank you for you comments on my centre piece again.   Ang ( Mrs Duck ) was saying I would have to tell you what I was hoping to be putting in the little pots this year, answer nothing!!  I am not doing the Christmas Meal this year.   It's Gillian  and Andrews first Christmas together and from what I can understand they want to hold it at theirs for the family. So Gillian will choose her own table decorations.   Me I am very happy to let them do this.

My card is for a couple who are both in to crafts, so I thought I'd like to do a different from my normal new home card.  I usually use LOTV images, I have made a these in the past for this couple as they have had a few moves while at university.   This is their now settled home.  They have both secured very good jobs in big law firms and now they have found their new home all in the 5 months since finishing their degrees, we are so pleased for them both.

As I said different.   Yes I have used my much loved Striplet die.  Sorry I have been using this die a lot, and more so this last few days.   It makes a card and along with my Asters, again I love making and using these.  I cut these out of scraps along with leaves and have them in a box ready to use when needed.   So a quick card to put together.  I used buttons for the centres of the asters mainly for the colour, plus I have so many of these to use up.

This is an 8x8 card
Sue Wilson heart striplet
Sue Wilson curled vines
Heart felt creation Asters
Crafters Companion sentiment
Buttons and pearls from stash.

Off to meet up with Tammy for a coffee.  She is going to giving me a couple of loads of washing, two weeks away, lots of washing so I will help her out.  I did all her bedding while they were away, she stripped and remade their beds on the day they were going I collected it and have washed it, she has the ironing of it to do, but just greatfull to have it washed so I will give her that back.  ( I suppose that's what being and mum is all about ). She will be over on Tuesday helping me give the house a good clean.   I find pulling out everything to much now. Charlie would help do it but he always seems to find something else to do when I need his help.   So it's a fair exchange.

Enjoy your weekend.
Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel, stunning card, love it all, so, so pretty.

    So good you live close to your Daughter so you can help each other out, I wish I lived near mine as she could do with a hug right now as she has just split with her partner of 5-6 years, everyone thinks hes having a midlife crisis as hes realised he has not done much with his life so just left! She is heartbroken and now alone so its very heard knowing there is nothing we can do. We will be down there at Christmas but that seems so far away, even though we know its not lol! Enough of our problems but you enjoy your time together.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Super card Hazel. It makes such a lovely change from the run of the mill new home cards so I'm sure they will love it. You remind me so much of my sister - she is exactly the same with her two sons. When one of them was on holiday last year Mike even went over and mowed the lawns. Oh if only he was able to do that now, poor guy. And Jeanie does lots of washing and ironing for her other son who lives alone - this is the one who is rather ill so whenever he is excessively tired good old mum steps in, even though her own life is far from easy. They never cease to be your child, do they? Hugs Christine xx

  3. What a lovely new home card Hazel and using THAT die again. I have one on order...yay!! xx

  4. This is such a beautiful New Home card Hazel. I love the elegant design and gorgeous flowers.
    It sounds like you are such a lovely mum, I am sure Tammy appreciates all your support.
    Sue xx

  5. Beautiful card Hazel. Those flowers are gorgeous. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Hi Hazel
    Gorgeous card. Absolutely love how you have arranged the flowers. Soooo pretty!
    Aw, we could've had a guess what's in the pots competition but maybe next year lol!
    What a super Mum you are helping out with the washing. Mr Duck has an amazing knack for looking busy when he thinks there's a housework request coming his way lol!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  7. Hi Hazel,
    beautiful card design for a new home, love your SW die and those gorgeous flowers, beautifully arrange.

  8. wow Hazel - this is stunningly beautiful - I absolutely adore it - big hugs to you - Rachel x

  9. A gorgeous card for the happy couple in their new home Hazel. Have a lovely day, hugs Susan x

  10. Such a fabulous card, Hazel, it has a lovely crisp and elegant look. The dies are super, I've put them to my wish list.

    Warm hugs

  11. Gorgeous card Hazel. I do wish I lived nearer my kids but it makes it so special when I do see them, xxx

  12. Hi Hazel,
    what a super card.
    I love your fab designing of this, and as someone said a nice change from the usual new home cards.
    It shows those lovely striplet dies can be used fro any occasions.
    Never apologize for showing a die too much,as we all like to get as much use out of our purchases as possible.
    Your flowers are perfect too, and complement the card perfectly.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Luv this card - and decided I may need to purchase the aster or daisy dies because I luv every card I see them on while looking at the blogs I visit xx something else for my wish list!!! enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx ps don't apologise for using the Striplet die cos it looks gorgeous - may just have to get mine again and have a play xx G xx

  14. Hello Hazel, what a beautiful card, you've designed this brilliantlly with your striplet die and the gorgeous flowers, I love your colour combo too.

    What awful weather today, I hope it clears up for your visit tomorrow, hugs Kate x

  15. Hello Hazel I absolutely love this card it's gorgeous,I love your arrangement of the flowers. Hugs Lynda xx

  16. This is a magnificent SWilson die, and you just use it as much as you can. Cause I love seeing what you & Patricia do with it. (Don't have this one just yet). Your card is stunning with the die cutout & that beautiful flower. Your friends will treasure having this pretty thing to celebrate having their new home. Good for you on helping your DD with her laundry. Yep, that's what Moms do. (I would but mine is nearly 700 miles away from us. But when we visit, I try to do little chores like this to save her time. I remember what it was like to work and still have all the house chores to do. As for the DH helping, it's usually easier to do myself, than explain what needs to be done, where the stuff is, etc. I think some of that is an aggravation factor so I will say "Just forget it. I'll do it". Works every time too!) TFS & Hugs.

  17. Hi Hazel sorry I'd missed this one it is absolutely stunning I love it. And the design is wonderful. Take care Debs xx

  18. Oops sorry Hazel I missed this one on Saturday had to be rushed to the hospital, but recovering now thankfully. What a truly beautiful card, love everything about it, really I do, so elegant looking, do hope it was well received it deserved to be and no mistake!
    Margaret corgi owner