Saturday, 25 October 2014


Good afternoon.    Sorry to have another striplet card up, wasn't going to show it till later, but I have a link to the blog i got the idea from for the wallets.  She put the tutorial up on the 20th Nov.2012 so if you would like to have a go at making these pop over to Pams blog, not only will you get how to makes the wallets you will also see the stunning cards that Pam makes,  true works of art. 

Right for my card. Tammy got me and order for this thank you card after she had showed a friend my New Home card.   I had to make it along the same lines but in pale lilic and white.   So that's what I did.

Again I have used the Tethered Hearts die ( just love this die ) 
Heart Felt asters 
Sue Wilson Vine leaves
Some more of those die cuts Patricia gave me. 
This is an 8x8 card.

I am pleased how this one also turned out.   I am back to work on Monday so I can't see me getting much play time.  I am not going to be doing any thing except seeing to the girls getting to and from school and taking them to activities, but that alone eats into crafting time.  These last two weeks have been good as I have just crafted when I felt like it. 

Thank you again for all your comments I do appreciate ever one of them, and enjoy reading them.  
For those of you who are having a hard time of it just now, and there are a few I send you

Take care, the weather doesn't look to good for the end of today and tomorrow so in a way we are glad we aren't travelling.  Charlie's back still sore as well.   So we are in the best place.  "Home".

Hazel xxx

Friday, 24 October 2014


It's Friday again and time to join Erika Showing an oldie, this is just a bit of fun where you can show a craft that you did some time ago.   Today is some wallets I made way before I had my blog, in fact Patricia. made these for my Tammy back in 2012. They are on Patricia's blog on 3/12/2012.   Unfortunately she hasn't put up the template on how to make them and I can't find mine.  Now this idea came from someone else's blog but again I can remember whose.  So sorry if it's one of my followers and I cant let folk know.

 These wallets hold a bar of chocolate, or if you made them deeper you can fit in two mini products.   Tammy and I used them as teachers, helpers gifts as they covered female/ males gifts.
And very inexpensive.   Oh I wish I could find that template, I might just have to have a play and put that brain of mine to work.  I will let you know if I manage it.

Well I should have been away from yesterday on a little road trip leaving here going to visit friends, in Yorkshire, Grantham and Cannock near Birmingham,  but husband got out of the car on Wednesday night and his back went.   He is ok but sitting in the car for hours just wouldn't have been good, so we decided to cancel, no point of taking the risk.    It wasn't as if we can't go at another time.   So I will just have some more time to play.  

This wallet I made for a birthday gift.

Thank you for all your lovely comment on my last card, it has all ready gone, it never made it to my box.  Tammy's friends mum had a mini stroke on Monday, so she will receive it hopefully today.

Take care what ever you are doing.

((((((Hugs)))))) to those who need them .

                                                                            Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Good morning,  and thank you once again for all your lovely comments on my Bit Box cards.   I had fun making these plus the others that I have made, and box has still got loads in it.    I also would like to welcome Steph ( Lancashire Steph ) you might know her as, Steph comments on Sue Wilson's blog.  Steph felt she was a spy as she could look in and see what I was up to but couldn't leave a comment as she blogs under anonymous and my blog didn't allow that, so I have allowed it, so she doesn't feel a spy any more.

Things were a bit hectic here yesterday, had grandson here for a sleep over with mummy coming for them once she had finished work, well she came at lunch time and no sooner had she turned up when Christopher our son phoned with" help can I bring washing and use your machine". What could I say as I had been doing washing for Tammy.   ( so new sign on front of the house - Chinese laundry ) Patricia did say she hoped that they would chip in for a new machine when mine goes.  Christopher's machine bit the dust after 19 years.  New one should turn up today, but knowing the weather wasn't going to be good he just wanted a couple of loads done.   I feel the machine knew it wasn't moving with them. They should have moved Monday to a new  house which unfortunately has fallen through as they still haven't sold theirs. I think someone is looking after them as the new one needed lots of work.

Today's card is one I made for my box.

This card also contains a few bits out of that bit box, when I got my X Cut I played with different dies and thicknesses of card to see how it worked.   So with them and the vine type die cuts that Patricia gave me I made this.   How it turned out I felt it would make a lovely card for a female who was a bit under the weather.  

Back ground die is From the Sue Wilson's Spanish collection.
Heart felt asters.
No idea the vine die.
Pearls from stash.
Card turned out as 5 1/2 x 7 1/2. Now an envelope has to be made, why oh why did I not think and get it down to 5x7 as I have loads of that size.

Nothing much on the cards for today, it's pouring with rain and cold so maybe another day of card making out of that bit box.

Thank you for popping in.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Thank you for coming to see what I have been up to, and for your comments on my last card.

Well it's been a very wild day here in the east of Fife.   Rain has stopped but for how long that's the question?    So it's been an ideal day for staying in, not one for getting washing dry.   Tammy handed me three different coloured washes all in bags just ready for me to put each bag full into the machine, she is well trained as I would say, no mixing of loads.  I have done 2 of them they are on the dryers, thankfully a lot are thin t-shirts so won't take long to dry.  So not that exciting a day for me.

Over the week I have been using up bits from my bit box as I have said.  These are just a few more, nothing fancy,  it's just nice to use up bits.  It's kept me busy, well not that busy!!!

As I said " nothing fancy"    Waste from die cuts, die cuts that I wasn't happy with as I had used not strong enough card for what I wanted, but ok, cut offs of card,  pearls and ribbon etc.  from stash.  The school can have these to sell, as they say " it all helps the school funds". I have made a few more but I have still to put inserts into these.  Bit box is still full, but hopefully I will get more made. 

I am off up to Inverness tomorrow to have lunch and a chat with Kate ( Culliesocks ). We are off to the N.E.C.  At the beginning of November, so we will go over arrangements for that too.   Really looking forward to those days away and meeting up with (Ang. Mrs Duck) and Christine, and their is word that John Next Door could be there as well, plus anyone else that cares to join our merry little band.  

I will go now and clean up all the bits I have had out looking for bits, then I'd better get the Hoover out and get this place looking more respectful.  

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 18 October 2014


 Good afternoon.  Thank you for calling by.   Also thank you for you comments on my centre piece again.   Ang ( Mrs Duck ) was saying I would have to tell you what I was hoping to be putting in the little pots this year, answer nothing!!  I am not doing the Christmas Meal this year.   It's Gillian  and Andrews first Christmas together and from what I can understand they want to hold it at theirs for the family. So Gillian will choose her own table decorations.   Me I am very happy to let them do this.

My card is for a couple who are both in to crafts, so I thought I'd like to do a different from my normal new home card.  I usually use LOTV images, I have made a these in the past for this couple as they have had a few moves while at university.   This is their now settled home.  They have both secured very good jobs in big law firms and now they have found their new home all in the 5 months since finishing their degrees, we are so pleased for them both.

As I said different.   Yes I have used my much loved Striplet die.  Sorry I have been using this die a lot, and more so this last few days.   It makes a card and along with my Asters, again I love making and using these.  I cut these out of scraps along with leaves and have them in a box ready to use when needed.   So a quick card to put together.  I used buttons for the centres of the asters mainly for the colour, plus I have so many of these to use up.

This is an 8x8 card
Sue Wilson heart striplet
Sue Wilson curled vines
Heart felt creation Asters
Crafters Companion sentiment
Buttons and pearls from stash.

Off to meet up with Tammy for a coffee.  She is going to giving me a couple of loads of washing, two weeks away, lots of washing so I will help her out.  I did all her bedding while they were away, she stripped and remade their beds on the day they were going I collected it and have washed it, she has the ironing of it to do, but just greatfull to have it washed so I will give her that back.  ( I suppose that's what being and mum is all about ). She will be over on Tuesday helping me give the house a good clean.   I find pulling out everything to much now. Charlie would help do it but he always seems to find something else to do when I need his help.   So it's a fair exchange.

Enjoy your weekend.
Hazel xxx

Friday, 17 October 2014


It's Friday again, a week has gone by so that's my first week off gone.    I have enjoyed doing very little, just  pottered around doing what needs doing in the house and Charlie and I have gone out for lunch etc.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my  " Striplet". Cards.  I do love using those dies, as they create beautiful cards very simply.

" Oldie" Friday "  is Erika's  idea  It's just a fun way of showing some of your older work, it can be anything not just a card, why not join in.       My " oldie" is this

I thought I'd show my Christmas table centre piece, I first showed this back in July, 2013. I even managed instruction on how I made this, the next day. Gosh what happened there I don't know because I wasn't that up to speed with things then and I still am not that great.   This centre piece can be reused for years, you just have to think of different things to put in the little pots and centre box.
I made one of these for my bosses holiday let cottage, and from that I got an order to make one from the family that were in the cottage for Christmas that year.   The next year the folk decided to take it home.    Does make you wonder.   I have made a good few of these.     

I am off now to make a card that I need for next week, so I will leave you here.  Enjoy your weekend and I hope the weather will be reasonable, I can't see it being any warmer, winter is not far off I think.   
Younger daughter and family are just back from to weeks with lovely warm temps, and my little grandson asked if they could go back as his bed was cold.  Bless !!!.   She told him she will buy him a cozy hot water bottle for now.  ( cheaper)  than another holiday.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 13 October 2014


Good morning and welcome to my blog, to those who leave me lovely comments Thank You.   For those who pop in but don't leave a comment Thank You also, I know a lot of people don't have blogs, I have been there too and loved looking at what others got up to, so I hope you like what you see here.

Today I am showing some more very simple cards using my striplet dies.    They are very simple and I haven't put sentiments on them, they will go into my box to be used when needed.

As I said very simple , apart from the striplet die.  The memory box die cut and  the backing papers are all out of my bit box.  Ribbon and pearls from stash.   The cards are around 4x7  just bits of  off cuts that I won't bin.

I am enjoying knowing I am not going to work.  Ok I have still do things here at home but I have no rush, where as I am usually trying to fit it in round other things.  

We are just waiting to see what Mr Weather is going to do, before we decide what we will do later.  At the moment it's raining, but bits of blue sky appearing so here's hoping. 

So what ever you are up to enjoy. 

Hazel xx

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Good morning,.  Welcome to all who pop in to see what I am up to.   Thank you for all your comments on my card and the ones for Beth.  She wrote out what i had to say, and checked my blog to make sure I hadn't changed anything.  She is good where manners are concerned.   ull To day is " Oldie Friday" again. Now today I am not showing a craft but a photograph,.

This time last year we were holidaying in Canada and I was blogging photographs of what we had seen during each day.   This one was while we were travelling from Edmonton to Jasper.   
Now if we had known in time that I was going to be off for the next two weeks we would have been away again.    Next year is now ear marked for another trip.

A slightly later start at work this morning, I have no idea why, as it's a stupid start time, I don't know if I am in to take Anna and Beth to school or just Beth, got a text just saying " just before 8am"
Busy day at work as I will have to pack for the two girls, but I am NOT doing much else.  Now usually I would be making sure the washing and ironing are right up to date, but oh no not this time. I have to stand my ground and not do it.  The new housekeeper isn't starting till the end of the month, the temp cleaner finishes today, so it's going to be fun, fun , fun.  It will be only the second time in 12 years that there house will have no Nanny, groom or cleaner working  while they are off work.
In a way I might dread going back in 2 weeks.  Then again I Might be wrong.  

Any way I must get a move on, and see to bits before I go to work Charlie very good at doing things as long as I tell him they need doing.   Can men not see the dog hairs, so you would Hoover, the washing machine is going, so that needs hung out or on to the dryers., and that the bed needs making seeing how they were the last one out of it. NO!!!

Have a lovely weekend what ever your have planned.   ((((((Hugs)))))) to those who need them just now and I know there are a few.   

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Good afternoon, at least it is a lovely sunny one, even if there is still a bit of a nip in the air.   I am enjoying some me time as I don't need to pick Beth up till 4pm.   She is doing bike training after school, then it's on to pick Anna up she is playing Netball.  So I did house work here then I got on with making a card I was asked to make.   The person receiving it doesn't know I have a blog so it will safe to show it.

Was asked to make a not to fancy but with a bit of sparkle card.

I cut out the 50 from the 2 pieces of paper which is I think 180gsm
Then just changed them over and stuck cut out pieces back in where needed.

Used  2 sheet of paper from a pack from Lidl
Memory box 50 die
Flowers are ones I use on my baskets.

The customer very pleased with it.  So I suppose that's all that counts.    

Now for a message from Beth.   

Thank you all very much for all my congratulations, I was very pleased to get my 5th. Infact I was surprised as there were lots of wonderful freestyles.    I must have done something right, liz who is our head coach is going to try and get a team together for next year so that I can be the flyer.   Hazel, mummy and daddy are saying no way - so watch this space as I will get Hazel to take a photo.
Thank you again 

Beth xxx

Monday, 6 October 2014


Good evening, do you ever regret that you didn't  go somewhere after the event is over???  Well as you know Beth wanted me to go to Glasgow to see her at the Scottish Horse Vaulting Competition  yesterday.  And I didn't go well in a way I feel guilty now.  As some of you will know she hasn't been doing this for long and yesterday she got fifth place in the individuals out of a Hugh class.  I now wish I had been there to see her do her routine.    Granted it would have been a terribly long day. They left at 6.40am and didn't get home until after 9 pm.   So I picked up a very tired girl from school this afternoon, it's a bath and an early night.

So from only starting back in April to getting a 5th I am proud of her.  Haven't got a photo of her in her gear yesterday, mummy only took videos.    Beth watched the World champion team doing their thing and has made up her mind that she wants to be a flyer.  This is the little person at the top of maybe 5 other vaulters all on the back of a very large horse - SCARY!!!   Knowing this little madam she will get there.   

Thank you for all your comments on my card, also to those who took time to go over to Tina's blog.http// Thank you.
Now I have say thank you to Mary http// for taking the time last night to tell me how to do this link thing.  So thank you again Mary.

Well I have started my new work routine today.  Mum did drop off this morning and all I did was pick up. Worked all of 2 1/2 hours today which was lovely.  Granted tomorrow will be longer as I have to be in early, and it's a late finish. But I am off in between.

Take care and I hope your weather was better than ours today.   Tomorrow doesn't look like it will be any better.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Well we are in to another weekend, and the weather hasn't been to good up until a few hours ago.   Heating was on as it was so cold, damp and miserable.   A ray of sunshine did come this morning when the Postman handed me a package that contained the most stunningly beautiful card.    Now I don't know how to link to others blogs that easily so I if you go across to    Http//   you will see my beautiful gift.  Tina makes the most amazing cards.

Now my card to day was asked for along with the baby basket and birth congratulation card, this was for the couples 15 month old little boy.  So I used a LOTV little boy image which I thought just fitted the bill.

Just a very plain simple card.

I am having a lazy day.  One of those days you have loads to do but just can't be bothered doing things.  I will regret it tomorrow, but I will just have to get on with it as I will be back at work Monday.  The girls are off on half term as from Friday and so am I.  So I will be busy making sure everything is up to date.  I am cutting back on what I do at work but just can't leave things as they are. . A housekeeper is going to be employed, I will be there just for the girls - no ironing or room cleaning for me. Now how happy am I??? Oh yes very.....

Thank you for your comments on my "oldie". Oh yes I have been well roped in by the out of school club, but if the school raise funds from the them making and selling boxes and gift bags at the Christmas Fair then it will be worth the little bit of my time. 

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 3 October 2014


Firstly thank you for popping in to see my " Oldie Friday".  This is Erika (Snappycrafts) idea and it's a great way of showing how your work has come on. Now it doesn't have to be a card, just any craft you do.

I decided to put up some  of the boxes I did last year.

These are some of the ones I made right at the beginning of owing my own GC November last year.  

I have been asked to show how to do these with the older girls who go to out of school club at Beth's school.   ( what have I let myself into)

Things are not great here weather wise today, pouring with rain and windy, so not doing much apart from doing ironing.  A bit of a lazy day till I pick up at 3pm.  So I am making the most of it.  
Hope you have a good weekend.  Beth is trying to get me to go to Glasgow on Sunday to see her at her first vaulting competition - answer No.  As much as I would love to see her do her free style, but the thought of sitting there all day just isn't what I want to do on a Sunday. 

((((((Hugs)))))) to those who need them at the moment.

Hazel xxx