Sunday, 7 September 2014


Good afternoon.  Sorry I haven't been around much over the last few weeks.  Life has been busy plus I have had a big flare up with my Polymalgia. Me being me tried to work through it.  How wrong was I ???  Anyway the doctor thinks I will start being in less pain by tomorrow, so here's hoping.     I also have been rearranging our spare room / my craft and basket store age space.    Why? all because I bought myself a new X Cut die cutting machine. My GC still at the repair shop.  8 weeks now excuse the repair has been on his holidays and now has a back load.  I think it's time for him to take on help if he is so snowed under.  Anyway I had a good tidy up, took longer due to being in so much pain.

Now I didn't take a before photo as that was to much to think about - otherwise I forgot.
This is where I use to do my cutting, just prefect for the GC .  But not got the XCut

Where the chest of drawers and ribbon storage is now was  4 of these 4 drawer plastic drawer units in which I had all my baby stuff and toys for the baskets, had to get it down enough to go in these 3 deep ikea ones.
You can even see the spare bed that was lost under the contains of the 16 drawers.

Charlie took on board what I was trying to do and went out and got the selves and made me ribbon storage too.  Granted that's about half of what I have, but it's a start.  Rome wasn't built in a day.
Now my X cut sits nicely on the top of the chest of drawers a great height to for standing cutting..

Now how long will it stay like this???  Good question.

Up date on my Angus Young A/DC gift box.  Grant loved it.   So thank you for all your lovely comments on it, I have had a lot of feed back from people that were at his party, got asked if I would make ones for others - answer No.   I only do these as one offs and at the moment have no patience to do another.

Anna started High School on the Tuesday and was off for a week. Poor soul was really ill. And in her words " had to take 84 antibiotic tablets".  She is still not 100% but is enjoying High School, Beth loves her new school too. Comes out every night full of how much work they have done.   She came out of old one saying she had a very boring day. So it has been a good move for her.   As for me I am not in a routine yet and I am feeling like a bit of elastic being stretched.     I might feel better about it all once this flare up is settled.

Off to do nothing, feet up and I think I will read my book.  Enjoy your afternoon what every you may be doing.

Thank you for popping in to see what I have been up too.

Take care,

Hazel xxx


  1. Hope you're feeling lots better Hazel! You do right putting your feet up & reading your book.....sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon to me!
    hugs Jo x

  2. Hope you do feel better tomoz. Great working space too, I love having a sort out,xxxx

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my card Hazel, I do hope you will soon feel better very soon. Love the pictures of your crafty bits - I wish mine was as tidy!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  4. Hi Hazel. Craft good-looking good. Like you I have bed for Hamish in my craft room too. Take good care of yourself and it won't be long till we have our meet up. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Hi Hazel,

    Good to see you back. Room looks ace. You get plenty of rest and I hope you're not in too much pain.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  6. Hi Sis great to see you posting again. I know it has been a real struggle these past few weeks.
    Don't overdo things though. Your Craft Room looks great

    Patricia xxx

  7. Hi Hazel,
    so sorry to hear you have not been well.
    Here's hoping you make a speedy recovery.
    Lots of get well wishes and hugs winging their way to you.
    What a great storage for you craft room, I love the ribbon reels just under the shelve a really fab idea.
    I do hope they repair your GC soon.
    Hope you get on with your new machine.
    Never worry about posting if your not well we all understand and have been in a similar situation at some tome.
    Lots of crafty love and get well soon hugs. Jenny L.

  8. Sorry you have had a flare up Hazel, and glad to see you back. Looking forward to seeing your creations once you get going with your new toy xx

  9. Hi Hazel
    Welcome back chuck. Hope you're looking after yourself now Hazel and not putting everyone else first.
    Looks like you've been busy in your craft space. Mine could do with a bit more storage so I have conti board to play with when I get some more annual leave lol!
    You take care. You need to be 100% for November.
    Ang x

  10. So sorry to hear that you have had a nasty flare up. I hope you start to feel loads better soon.
    Take care, Sue xx

  11. Sorry to see you have been under the weather Hazel, hope you are back on course now. Congratulations on your reorganisation I don't suppose you can come down here and do it for me now??!?? No, didn't think so lol! Hugs Susan x

  12. Hi Hazel, great craft spece, love your ribbon gallery. You should have been given a new GC in the first place.
    I hope your pain goes away soon and you can get back into your stride, hugs Kate x

  13. hi Hazel, sorry you have been poorly, hope you have a speedy recovery, you take things easy for a while.
    great craft space..

  14. I hope you are feeling better soon and like you say you need to put your feet up and read a good book - luv the craft room and ribbon storage and hope you like your X-cut machine xx take care xx GailT xx

  15. Do take it easy Hazel because that is a miserable complaint. My Hiusband was forced to retire early when he had it.
    Enjoy you X cut machine. I have been rearranging my craft room now to get my son-in -law to add shelves etc. Easier said than done.
    Margaret M

  16. HI Hazel, sorry you've been poorly, take care and hope the doc's right and you start feeling less pain now! Love the craft room and ribbon storage and enjoy your machine! hugs Carole Z X

  17. Hi Hazel, sorry you haven't been feeling well, hope you are on the mend soon. x
    Loving your craft room organising, I too have a similar thing for ribbons but it too needs to be crafters are such hoarders of fine useful stash!
    Take care, hugs Erika. x

  18. Hi Hazel, sorry you haven't been well, hope the feet up & book reading is helping please take it easy Hugs Lynda xx

  19. Fabulous work space, love the ribbon storage. Hope you'll feel better soon sweetie!

    Warm hugs

  20. Hi Hazel

    So sorry to hear that you have been unwell .. .. I do hope things are starting to improve for you.

    Well done on the re-organisation. Mine is still a work in progress. Little and often is my motto!! Though I do need to find our spare bed for weekend visitors LOL!!

    Take it easy and hope you feel better soon.

    Love Jules xx

  21. Hope you are starting to feel a bit better Hazel! You've done well in organising your crafting space! Take care and take it easy!!!!!!! Hugs Christine xx