Friday, 19 September 2014


Good afternoon.  I know that there are a lot of unhappy and happy folk up here in Scotland today!!!
I am proud to be Scottish and British and even more now when I see how many people came out and voted on this important vote, I know it won't please everyone, but at least we could make our cross on that paper without living in fear of being watched ?   No guns pointing.   Like in some countries.  We now will hopefully get back to some normality.
Now I was looking in ever box and photo album these last few days to find a photograph of  big sister Patricia and brother- inlaws wedding 50 years ago.   We have moved something like 20 times in our 44 years of marriage so things do get put in places and forgotten about.  Fortunately for Patricia and John is I didn't find one.  She has put up some on her blog.  ( Patricia-summerhousecraftsblogspot ).   I think she did this before I did. She knows me so well I just feel to be married 50 years and still be friends should be celebrated.

Now my oldie isn't that exciting, it's one of Anna watching mummy's old horse Tuffy being shoed.  Sadly Tuffy died a good years ago.  Any way seeing the Farrier working away today at the stables made me think of this scrapbook page.  Anna was about 3 note the summer dress and winter boots, today it's Doc Martins!!!   Then again she isn't any different from many others of her age over the years.  I can still remember my Tammy wearing Docs all the time when she was between 12-19.    She is now 37 and would love a pair, I can see her buying them too.

This page was done when I hadn't long started and didn't have much stash.  Oh when I think of all that I have and had it's scary the amount of money I have spent!!!
But at least it's moments like this that have been kept.   Anna can hopefully share them with family and friends in years to come.
 Sitting here feet up doing this blog.  I have done everything that I need to do I will pick the girls up later Beth has a friend coming for a play and tea, Anna just wants to chill out when she gets home.  I am fine with that..    Off tomorrow with Patricia to meet Rita ( RMG Designs)
We are meeting up in Glasgow really looking forward to meeting

Sorry I meant to welcome ( Margaret Corgi Dog Owner)  Margaret doesn't have a blog but she is more than welcome to come join in and see what I get up to.   Also thank you for your comments on my Striplet cards I love how they turned out, I haven't done much this week. Don't know where the week has gone...... My GC is back not sure if it's up to par, it took 4 going through  of a striplet
 die that twice through the XCut came out better, will have to work on that.

Enjoy your weekend, those who are lucky enough to go to Ally Pally  have a great time.

Hazel xxx


  1. Oh! My! Goodness! Hazel I remember when you took that picture.
    When you see that and think of Anna today........mmmmm!! maybe not, makes me feel old.
    Between 50th anniversaries and seeing that, I better not pass a mirror I might get a shock!!!
    Chat later and see you tomorrow

    Patricia xx

  2. Great picture Hazel. Wonderful day too for Patricia and John. 50years is such a great feat nowadays. See you both tomorrow. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Hello Hazel, what a super scrapbook page, you've made a lovely layout with the little embellishments.
    Enjoy your meet up with Rita tomorrow, and you and Patricia just look lovely in Patricia's wedding photo. Have a great weekend, hugs Kate x

  4. What fabulous photographs Anna looks adorable in her boots and dress.
    I too look back on my early scrapbooking and think boy hasn't my style changed over the years, I think that is the beauty of looking back at them.
    Thank you for joining me in sharing an oldie today. x

    You sound like you will be having a fun weekend too, think of me working! ;)
    Have a super time, I'm crafting Sunday afternoon with my pals so looking forwards to that.

    Hugs and happy crafting, Erika.

  5. A lovely "oldie" Hazel and what a sweetie sat there watching!1 Have a lovely time "out" !! xx

  6. A lovely momento to keep and will be cherished for future generations to look at I'm sure xx have a lovely weekend xx GailT xx

  7. What a lovely scrapbook page Hazel, super keepsake to look back on, have a great weekend, hugs Carole Z X

  8. Hi Hazel,
    fab oldie scrapbook page.
    She looks so sweet sitting there.
    I know what you mean about money spent on stash.
    My DH said one day to me how much do you think you have spent on craft goodies, over the years.
    Well I think we would all be shocked at the total if we kept one.
    I'm sure it would pay for a lovely cruise, but we can enjoy our stash every day of our life.
    A cruise is just a 14 day memory, well that's my opinion.
    I do wonder how many would agree to this.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Forgot to say have you tried a piece of paper folded in half under your striplet die to help cut it out.
    I quite often try this and it works a treat with some of the dies.

  10. Hi Hazel what lovely photos I love to look at old photos. Its s sad that not many of us have photos we keep them on the PC but its not the same.
    Hazel can you let Patricia I think Ive sorted my blog out now so she should be able to comment.xx

    Debs xxx

  11. This is fabulous Hazel, it must be so lovely to look back at these pages.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Sue xx

  12. hi Hazel, wonderful page and photos..beautiful keepsake.
    have a lovely day tomorrow.

  13. Hi Hazel
    Lovely scrapbook page. A nice keepsake.
    Well, at least Patricia won't get frisked at Birmingham Airport immigration now lol!
    Have a great day out with the girls tomorrow.
    Ang x

  14. A great page Hazel its so good to look back at these pics and all the better when they are on a layout. Hope you have a great day out, hugs Susan x