Monday, 29 September 2014


Gosh where has this morning GONE!!!    I have been up since 5.10am and I haven't done much, and it will be time to go get Beth soon.     Granted didn't have the best start at work - a VERY grumpy Hazel this morning.  Well after seeing Beth's bedroom anyone would be grumpy.    It looked like a bomb had gone of in it!!!     Now she hasn't got a big room, but you couldn't see the floor for clothes, and just bits, drawers wide open clothes spilling out of them.  You can pictures it can't you???
We have an hour before we go to get Anna , so she will be a busy Beth.

Today's card is the one I was asked to go with the basket I had to make.

Love this image, Patricia gave me some of these images, I just love them.

Back ground paper from DCWV
Image from a CD
S.W. Bitty bow die
S.W. Petite Vinery die.
Computer printed sentiment.
Flat back pearls.

I thought I'd add in a photo of the finished basket, not the best of photos.

Thanks for all your comments on my Christmas cards, Tammy loves them and has given me ideas for some others.   She is very good with ideas, but don't ask her to try make them.  Granted she doesn't have much time with running her cleaning and ironing business plus having the two boys too.
That's it for today.    Off now to get myself sorted to go get Beth.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Good morning and it's a chilly but beautiful one here in the North East of Fife!   It amazing how better you feel when the sun is shining.    It's catch up on house work for me today. With being at work full time these last 2 days  things here have got left not done.  Now Charlie is usually really good at doing bits.  BUT apart from hanging out the washing that I had put on before leaving for work he hasn't done anything else.  Then again we all get days like that.    But when I left work last night thankfully by 5 pm.   The washing and ironing where all done up to date. Mine is the mountain sitting on the chair awaiting to be done at some point today.  Never mind I don't mind ironing it's would just be nice to not have any.

Now today are some Christmas cards that I have been making.  Tammy asked if I could make her some . Well she really said " now mum if you want something to do card wise, make me some ". So after I showed her a sample of  one using the Memory Box "Merry Christmas " die and their 25th die. She decided that she would like a few of these but to make them different colours/papers.  So these are what I have made so far, I haven't put inserts in yet.

It's amazing how different paper/card can change the look.  I just love Memory Box dies they cut beautifully every time.    I have a few more to make unless when Tammy is here today she will choose something else.   

I have a new baby card and a big brother card to get made by tomorrow so that will be my crafting for today - I think but you never know. 

Off now to do some house work.    

Enjoy your weekend what ever you have planned.  To to those of you who aren't feeling 100% here are some ((((((hugs)))))).  I know a few of you are having a hard time of it just now, but please have positive thoughts only.   

Hazel xxx

Friday, 26 September 2014


Well I have another go at trying to put an " oldie" on my blog.  Like some others I am having problems with blogger, it's going on a bit to long this time.

Any way Anna said to thank you for your lovely comments on her ring, yes she loves it.  Keeps saying " Do you like my ring " .    She is a happy bunny as they would say today as Jen let her clip Denise and she loved doing it.  Ok Denise has now got 4 hearts on him,  2 on his rear end and 1 on each shoulder, poor soul he has to go out in public like that tomorrow.         Also thank you for your comments on Patricia and Johns card, I forgot to write that I used the border die from SW Spanish die and the 50 is memory box, another lovely die to work with, the gold card was from a DCWV pad I got greatly reduced from my local craft shop.

Today's oldie is one of the first  cards I think I put together not even a year ago, so not that old.

Can't remember when I made it but I have been playing with my aster die and tissue by the looks of things. 

Any way I'd better go and get the washing in and get it ironed before I leave here tonight, otherwise I have that and more to face next week, another long week next week mummy away again.  Always a busy time of the year meeting wise for her.  This is when the girls were younger we would go away with her, but sadly that's all stopped now they are at school.

Have a good weekend what ever your are doing. 

Hazel xx

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Good afternoon.    It's a very autumn kind of day here, nice but with a chilly wind, not the best of weather for those at the Ryder Cup.  Should make for an interesting golf tournament.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Patricia's birthday card, I love reading them all and do appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Today it's the Patricia and Johns card that I made for them, very plain but I think effective.  Our younger sister Fiona and family, Gillian & Andrew , Tammy& Derek and Charlie and I all went together for their gift.    I know she will tell you about it at a later date as they are waiting till later in October to use it.

Well Anna and I have been out and had a successful shopping trip.   She has got her replacement ring, no going over budget and a very happy girl too.  The jewellery shop staff were lovely and very helpful so it was a very enjoyable hour.  She decided she wanted another Pandora ring, her last one had a small pink stone, but she liked this one, and it's different.

Anna thinks her hands look big so not keen to have her hand photographed, she has long fingers and that's likely why she is so good at playing the piano, going to do grade 6 exam now.
I have been in work since 7.10am will be lucky to get home by that time tonight, it's not been hard work. Anna rode out with Jen the groom and helped exercise the horses and ponies, ( she is going to have a go tomorrow at clipping her pony with Jens help - poor Denise)   
So really I have had it easy.  Sitting here writing this Anna away reading - lovely and peaceful.  Beth at net ball so she doesn't get picked up till 4.25 then it's to piano, so I can't say I have done loads.  
It's just being here and not at home, where I could have done some crafting.
Well that's it for today, I have had a baby basket to do for a little prem baby who came into the world very quickly ,that quick mum didn't even have any pains just a bit of stomach ache.   But little one is fine she was 5 weeks early but weighed in at a healthy 5lbs 5ozs.  I just made one of my square baskets, that was what was asked for . 

Take care and here are some ((((((hugs)))))) for those who are needing some at this moment.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Well that's another week gone,  and here it's getting that real autumn feel to early mornings!!!
Thank you to you all for your lovely comments on my " oldie Friday".    As I said things haven't changed with Anna, she always love wearing her little leather ankle boots winter and summer.  And now it's her Doc Martins.  Granted  she does look good in them and they don't make her feet look the size 8s they are.

Today I am showing you the birthday card I made for Patricia last week. I forgot to photograph it but asked her if she could take a picture and send it to me and was it ok for me to use .

I used my Die'sire Romance die, Memory Box Blushing Bouquet and Sue Wilson leaf die.  The little butterfly I am sure is from Mia Flower, the flat backed pearls are ones I picked up from Home Bargains at the bargain price of 59p. A sheet. 
To think this time last year I never even thought I own a die cutting machine let alone lots of dies. 

Yesterday Patricia and I had a lovely day meeting up with Rita ( RMG Creations).  Lots of chatting, laughing and just like three old friends catching up over lunch..   Yet it was the first time Rita had meet us.  I have known Rita since Patricia started her blog.  I think the first time I saw one of Rita's wonderful makes ( she does lots of different crafts)  was when Patricia and I were in Dalyan on holiday after I had been through all my treatments etc.  so that has to be 2 years.  

Oh tomorrow is a start of another week, don't know how it will start but I have Anna off on Thursday and Friday because of the Rydar Cup.    The schools have had to close as the school buses are being used for the Park and Ride.    I think is terrible when they can close a school for that reason, but who am I to say.  Anna and I are having a girls day out.  She had to have her ring cut off as her finger swelled up.   I had bought her and Beth rings when I had to take time out for my operation and treatment, they always felt that wearing their rings they were connected to me, their words not mine.  Anyway we are going to buy a new ring.   I can see that it's not going to be an easy task, she knows what she would like.  I will set a budget before we start that way she will know her limit.  

Off now to spend time with Gillian's cats.  She is on her way home from being away seeing Andrew her partner who lives and works in the north if England so I have been cat sitting in a way.  I like to give them time each evening before I close up.  

Hazel xxxx

Friday, 19 September 2014


Good afternoon.  I know that there are a lot of unhappy and happy folk up here in Scotland today!!!
I am proud to be Scottish and British and even more now when I see how many people came out and voted on this important vote, I know it won't please everyone, but at least we could make our cross on that paper without living in fear of being watched ?   No guns pointing.   Like in some countries.  We now will hopefully get back to some normality.
Now I was looking in ever box and photo album these last few days to find a photograph of  big sister Patricia and brother- inlaws wedding 50 years ago.   We have moved something like 20 times in our 44 years of marriage so things do get put in places and forgotten about.  Fortunately for Patricia and John is I didn't find one.  She has put up some on her blog.  ( Patricia-summerhousecraftsblogspot ).   I think she did this before I did. She knows me so well I just feel to be married 50 years and still be friends should be celebrated.

Now my oldie isn't that exciting, it's one of Anna watching mummy's old horse Tuffy being shoed.  Sadly Tuffy died a good years ago.  Any way seeing the Farrier working away today at the stables made me think of this scrapbook page.  Anna was about 3 note the summer dress and winter boots, today it's Doc Martins!!!   Then again she isn't any different from many others of her age over the years.  I can still remember my Tammy wearing Docs all the time when she was between 12-19.    She is now 37 and would love a pair, I can see her buying them too.

This page was done when I hadn't long started and didn't have much stash.  Oh when I think of all that I have and had it's scary the amount of money I have spent!!!
But at least it's moments like this that have been kept.   Anna can hopefully share them with family and friends in years to come.
 Sitting here feet up doing this blog.  I have done everything that I need to do I will pick the girls up later Beth has a friend coming for a play and tea, Anna just wants to chill out when she gets home.  I am fine with that..    Off tomorrow with Patricia to meet Rita ( RMG Designs)
We are meeting up in Glasgow really looking forward to meeting

Sorry I meant to welcome ( Margaret Corgi Dog Owner)  Margaret doesn't have a blog but she is more than welcome to come join in and see what I get up to.   Also thank you for your comments on my Striplet cards I love how they turned out, I haven't done much this week. Don't know where the week has gone...... My GC is back not sure if it's up to par, it took 4 going through  of a striplet
 die that twice through the XCut came out better, will have to work on that.

Enjoy your weekend, those who are lucky enough to go to Ally Pally  have a great time.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Good afternoon, can't believe it's Thursday again!!!    This working every day is not good, I am missing having the odd morning off.   Wasn't into work in the morning yesterday BUT had a Hugh basket of works ironing here which I stood and attacked.  Yes it was nice not having to get out of the door by 6.50am.  But my body doesn't take that into account and was wide awake at  5.15am as normal.

Thank you for all your comments about my rearranged cutting area of my spare room,  I should show you the other end of the room where I have all my boxes with card, paper etc.  plus more drawers of gift making things, but that will be another day.

As you know I treated myself to and XCut machine.  I have been playing with it learning what pressure etc to use, so of course I had lots of bits sitting. So I decided to start using them so have made up a couple of Christmas cards, I don't really do cards at Christmas but instead spend the money on things for the chemo unit.   I hate waste so this year I will make some.

On these I have used SW striplet dies and her little bow die.  Memory box Matrice De De'coupe 100% acier.  Very simple cards.    I have lots of other die cuts that will need using so I will likely do some more c/ cards.  

It's turn out a really lovely day here so I am going to go and put the works dogs in the car and go off to the woods with them and let them have a run and me I will have a slow walk, I am feeling a lot better, steroids have kicked in thank goodness but I won't over do the walking as I don't want to go back to being in pain.

((((Hugs)))) to those who aren't well to good or are just a wee bit down.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Good afternoon.  Sorry I haven't been around much over the last few weeks.  Life has been busy plus I have had a big flare up with my Polymalgia. Me being me tried to work through it.  How wrong was I ???  Anyway the doctor thinks I will start being in less pain by tomorrow, so here's hoping.     I also have been rearranging our spare room / my craft and basket store age space.    Why? all because I bought myself a new X Cut die cutting machine. My GC still at the repair shop.  8 weeks now excuse the repair has been on his holidays and now has a back load.  I think it's time for him to take on help if he is so snowed under.  Anyway I had a good tidy up, took longer due to being in so much pain.

Now I didn't take a before photo as that was to much to think about - otherwise I forgot.
This is where I use to do my cutting, just prefect for the GC .  But not got the XCut

Where the chest of drawers and ribbon storage is now was  4 of these 4 drawer plastic drawer units in which I had all my baby stuff and toys for the baskets, had to get it down enough to go in these 3 deep ikea ones.
You can even see the spare bed that was lost under the contains of the 16 drawers.

Charlie took on board what I was trying to do and went out and got the selves and made me ribbon storage too.  Granted that's about half of what I have, but it's a start.  Rome wasn't built in a day.
Now my X cut sits nicely on the top of the chest of drawers a great height to for standing cutting..

Now how long will it stay like this???  Good question.

Up date on my Angus Young A/DC gift box.  Grant loved it.   So thank you for all your lovely comments on it, I have had a lot of feed back from people that were at his party, got asked if I would make ones for others - answer No.   I only do these as one offs and at the moment have no patience to do another.

Anna started High School on the Tuesday and was off for a week. Poor soul was really ill. And in her words " had to take 84 antibiotic tablets".  She is still not 100% but is enjoying High School, Beth loves her new school too. Comes out every night full of how much work they have done.   She came out of old one saying she had a very boring day. So it has been a good move for her.   As for me I am not in a routine yet and I am feeling like a bit of elastic being stretched.     I might feel better about it all once this flare up is settled.

Off to do nothing, feet up and I think I will read my book.  Enjoy your afternoon what every you may be doing.

Thank you for popping in to see what I have been up too.

Take care,

Hazel xxx