Sunday, 17 August 2014


Good afternoon, where has the morning gone???  I  should note should have been doing housework. But I need to get on and finish the "cake". Yes it's for an AC/DC fan, and yes it is a sock monkey of Angus Young.
I am still going to have a fairly busy week next, and some of my time could be running around seeing where Anna has got herself to on the bus, she just couldn't understand why she had to look for things that would telling her it would be time to press the STOP button.  It will be Fun, fun, we should have started earlier with the bus trips.   As long as she remembers her phone and has charge in it we will be able to find her.  Beth doesn't go back to school until Wednesday. Any way cake need for the following week so I want it to be finished by this weekend.

A bit of a photo over load ( sorry). So here we go.

I have just to play around and put ribbon round the edge and do finishing touches, plus Derek and Tammy have to say if they want anything else done with it.

Hopefully I will get back to normal , well as normal as I can be by next week, and I will get me time so I can do some crafting.

Thank you for all your comments.    

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 14 August 2014


Good morning, thank you for taking the time to pop in and see what I am up to, nothing craft wise apart from taking the photo to show you my next clue.   Been busy sewing the labels on school clothes.   Little grandson starts next week so he had a mountain of things to be named, also Anna as she has had to have a completely new uniform with starting high school.  Then Calum and Beth had a fair amount of new things too.   It reminds me of when our three went off to boarding school except then everything and I mean everything had to have a name tag on it right down to things like handkerchiefs - no paper ones allowed.

Yes I am making another cake but this time it's not beers inside but  a half bottle of Jack Daniels.  It's for a friend of Derek's and Tammy who will be 50. So some of you might know what artist this is.

Still got a bit to go and likely a few changes will be made knowing me.  The sock monkey is made by another friend of Tammy's.  

Very short post have got so much to do today, one being taking Anna on the bus to show what she has to do, why she MUST always carry her bus/I.D.  Card with her, and where she has to get on and off.   That's the thing with always being taken by car, she has no idea what it's like to use the bus and be on her own.

Thank you once again.

Hazel xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Good morning.   Well not really here in Fife!  It's miserable, pouring with rain and just not nice.
Now I haven't been commenting on your blogs very much. This is down to me being on holiday, we did go away for a few days to Jersey, had a lovely time.  We got ourselves bus travel passes and a timetable and map of the island, and oh boy we had a great time by just going down to the bus station seeing which bus was going out with in 10mins looked at the map to see where it was going and how good were the times for getting back or could we get to somewhere else by getting another bus going from there.  Once on the bus we either went to a particular place or if we saw something that took our fancy we got off.  We did walk some miles but all in all we had a good time.  Back home and trying not to go doing to much house things as it will be a while before I get time off again.  Next week I will be sewing name labels on uniforms ready for the girls going back to school the following week, where have the holidays gone??.

Right as I have said in my title I have made a start on my next big project that is needed at the end of the month.  Here is some clues!!!

Can you work out what it will be ( yes I think you will) but what it will be about this time???

I have had to give this a lot of thought, often waking up in the night with a light bulb moment and having to write it down,    I will show you at the next stage when I have done a good bit more.   Would have liked to have finished it before I went back to work but can't see it.

Well I will have to tell you about the news I have just got.   The groom at work went off for her two weeks holidays the same as me and what did she tell my boss today " I had a little boy last Wednesday ". Bomb shell or what? Yes she had put weight on but who hasn't but a baby that is a total shock, I am still in shock I talk to her every day and she has worked for 8 years she has two other children.   Nothing said and she was riding big horses every day.    It will take a while to sink in.  Looks like we will be getting a new member of staff.

Will have to go and get my head round this.   Looks like a baby gift will be getting made too.

Thank you for all your comments on my last card, I do appreciate them all.

Hazel xx