Saturday, 5 July 2014


Good Afernoon.     Well it's Saturday again and the first week of the girls school holidays gone.  Maybe I will be surprised how quick these holidays go in.
Thank you for your comments on my "oldie"   Those beer cakes where so simple to make, if any of you that want to try making one.  Little stumpy tins of beer are best and a box for the centre which on the fire engine one had the money that had been collected for the mans retirement in it. I usually just put sweets  in. Have done one for a golfer and it was filled with golf balls and tees.  You need card to make the tubes for covering the cans and making a top.  Very simple really.  So if your are stuck for a mans gift with a difference give it a try.

Now when I made the wedding card, Tammy asked if I could make a voucher holder so this is what I came up with.

Now this is what the one Tammy will give will be like.  BUT it wasn't till I had photographed it and sent the photo to her that we discovered I had made it out of the wrong purple card, how stupid was that.  She has the card as I gave it to her on Thursday,  so I might have noticed before hand if the card had been here.    She loves the style and did say if  I was pushed for time to make another it would be fine.   Bless her she knows that I am not at home during the day and would have to do it in the evening when I am tired.

I am going away to do nothing for an hour, we went food shopping earlier - oh how I hate food shopping, but we have to eat I suppose.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments.  I do love reading them all.

Hazel xxx


  1. Beautiful Gift Voucher Hazel. So nice, especially for a Wedding gift. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Beautiful Hazel, love the colours too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. This is gorgeous Hazel, a stylish design and I love the colours.
    Sue xx

  4. Evening Hazel beautiful as always. I love the colours and the design. Sorry I'm late but its tuck me all day to get a signal.

    Debs xx

  5. hi Hazel, love this gift voucher holder, beautiful design and colours.
    hate food shopping`s the putting away that does me..

  6. great make |Hazel and thanks for the tips on the beer cake too - it really is a fab idea xx

  7. Hi Hazel,what an inspired card/gift card holder..gorgeous design and colours! I'm with Pam on the food shopping - don't like, it but I absolutely loathe putting it all away! Hugs Carole Z X

  8. I am sure that they colour difference won't be noticed as they will thinking how fab it is - it is gorgeous and a luvly idea too xx I don't mind food shopping as long as I have the time - I hate it when I have to rush around the supermarket - enjoy what is left of the weekend xx GailT xx

  9. Absolutely brilliant, the difference in colour will never be noticed.
    The people receiving will be too delighted with their gift.
    Food Shopping ........ hate it!!! putting it away ....... double hate it!!.
    Mind you ours did not have a chance to be out away the other day ..... the boys managed to eat their way through most of it!

    Patricia xx

  10. Hello Hazel, it's beautiful, love everything about it, the recipients will love it.
    I hate shopping for food but I hate putting it away even more, had to do the whole lot today myself whilst Alistair was out playing, enjoy your evening, hugs Kate x

  11. Hi Hazel
    A beautiful wallet to hold a voucher. The couple will be thrilled.
    Don't mind shopping as long as its quiet, no queues and no screaming children (or parents for that matter!)
    Have a good week.
    Ang x

  12. Lovely card Hazel love how you've placed the three hearts and ribbon.
    Been food shopping here too today so bushed now. Had to supervise hubby as he buys all the wrong things!
    Enjoy your school holidays.

    Hugs Erika. x

  13. Hi Hazel

    Catching up at last!!

    Sorry it has taken me a while to come and see your lovely work.

    Fabulous voucher holder! Found the heart LOL!!

    Enjoy the school holidays.

    Love Jules xx

  14. Hi Hazel,
    what a great voucher holder.
    Love the fab style of this, and the colour is great.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Hazel
    Sorry for all late comments not been too good with the migraine but a lot better now. I love your gift voucher holder it's lovely & the colour is so pretty,
    Love Lynda xx

  16. Your gift voucher is lovely, and what a pretty style for a wedding with these hearts. I think everyone will love it. I dislike food shopping too, and should use a list, as I used to do. Now it's not really an 'organized trip', just run in, pick up what is needed. I'm always happy when everything is stored away. Happy Monday and TFS - Hugs.

  17. Very clever idea to make the beer cakes, I'll make one later this year, thank you for showing. The gift voucher holder is very pretty, love the cute hearts.

    Warm hugs