Monday, 21 July 2014


Good afternoon.  Thank you for all your comments on my baskets.  Also for the well wishes for Christopher.   I have just been speaking to him earlier and he is doing good.   Blood count going up, still has a bit to go, but is going in the right direction.    He will be off work for a couple of weeks as he can't risk picking up another infection or even a cold.   He hates being off, he will spend time out with his camera, he loves photography and takes fantastic photos, so he will get fresh air and be able to do something he loves.

Now disaster struck on Saturday when I went to play with these
Yes what I had bought in Aberdeen.   Got die out, went to cut it  to find it hadn't cut, tried again no luck, tried another die still no  luck.  No pressure from the rollers.   So my G.C. has gone away to see what's gone wrong, my machine is only 7 months old but they just won't replace it.

Any way I thought I'd get some sorting out done but went to sort out my bit box and decided to see what I could make.   This is what I came up with.

Not perfect, but I had a break from tidying up.

Having an easier week with mummy being off and having friends to stay.   I have only been to work for 2 hours today.   Tomorrow I am only in till lunch time.  Iam fine with that.

Hope not to many thunderstorms for those who have been having a lot of them lately, and for those who are a bit under the weather here's some ((((((hugs)))))) 

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel, I've been AWOL for a few days so I have just checked back to see what had happened to Christopher. I hope things are picking up for him.

    Your card is lovely. The floral spray die is so pretty. Hope you get your GC back soon.

    Hugs Christine xx

  2. Good afternoon Sis,
    Glad Chris is getting the blood count up. If the weather stay fine he will get plenty photos taken.
    You have made a brilliant card from your bits ...... amazing what we can create from them.
    Hope you get news back soon on you GC

    Patricia xxx

  3. Internet and my Grand caliber...can't live without either!! Well done you for finding something to play with though and what a fab little posy it is too!! xx

  4. Hi Hazel
    Good news about Christopher. Hopefully upwards all the way now.
    Thank heavens for the bit box eh? Cracking card considering its just bits.
    Bad news about the GC. Mine occasionally secretes a black oil type substance but touch wood, that's all that's happened in nearly 2 years.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Ang x

  5. I am pleased to hear that Christopher is making good progress.
    Your card is gorgeous, I love the delicate design and wonderful bow.
    I hope you get your machine fixed soon.
    Sue xx

  6. Hi Hazel,

    Brilliant card, love it all. So sorry to hear about your GC, am surprised they are not going to replace it as Spellbinders have a good Customer service. Mine broke all inside so it was no longer useable and it was the second one I had had that's why I went for the E Bosser in the end rather than a third GC. if you have no luck with it when it comes back let me know as mine is in the shed only needs a handle which you could take of yours and I'll send it up to you.

    Glad Christopher is on the mend, so hes a keen photographer like me, would love to see some of his photos?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Oh so sorry to hear your GC is sick, and hope it can get sorted properly. That is so aggravating when a new tool acts up like that. Your snippet make is lovely, and I adore that bow tie die. I think it is on my SW wish list. So many of those lovely dies...wish I could get 'em all, but they are a bit pricey. So happy to hear Christopher is mending ok, and tell him, just enjoy the time off doing something that he loves. Work will be back in his life soon enough. He needs this time to restore. TFS & hugs. Glad you are getting some relaxation time too.

  8. HI Hazel, love your bit box card! It is so frustrating when the GC goes wrong, especially when not even a year old and they won't replace it. My GC is about 5 years old now, it's had a few new handles and once I took it apart and repaired's still creaking along. I love my manual die cutters though and don't really have any interest in an electrical version at the moment. So happy to hear the Christopher is getting better, hope he is able to relax and enjoy his photography during his time off, hugs Carole Z X

  9. Hello Hazel, So pleased that Christopher's blood count is increasing, and that you got to speak to him. Onwards and upwards now.
    What a pity about GC, I can't believe they won't replace it, you've not had it a year yet, nevertheless what a gorgeous card you've made with bits. Love the dies you've used and the colour, hugs Kate x

  10. Morning - what a fab card made from your bit box - luv it xx good news about your Son and no doubt a relief to you too xx I used to have a GC and never really rated it - something clinked inside it after two weeks but managed to keep it working for about 18months and then it gave up the ghost!! xx GailT xx

  11. Good to hear your son is feeling better.
    Sad news about your GC, you should be able to take it back to where you bought it and they can return it to Spellbinders. Have you spoke to Spellbinder about it? It shouldn't break so quickly and should be mended or replaced....getting off my soap box!
    I love your card, the soft flowers and the beautiful die cuts, just perfect.

    Hugs Erika. x

  12. Hiya Hazel - glad your son is feelingbetter but sorry about the GC. Hope its better soon! Hugs rachel xx

  13. hi hazel, lovely news about your son, sorry about your calibur, mine only did 8 cuts and packed in.. did not replace it..
    you have made a beautiful card, love those pretty die cuts.

  14. Hi Hazel, Amazing what you can do with bits isn't it? This card is great.
    Glad to hear that your son is improving.
    Sad news about you GC. My big Shot died after 5 years but my grandson fixed it but not before I bought an EBosser. Great machine wouldn't be without it.
    Margaret M

  15. Hi Hazel

    If I could make a card like this out of my bit box, I think I would always use my bit box, beautiful card.
    Regards TinaXX

  16. Hi Hazel

    Your card is beautiful! Great use of your "bit box".

    Pleased that your Son is improving. I hope he enjoys his photography sessions and captures some good pictures.

    Sorry to hear about your GC too. I have heard quite a few folk saying the same thing. Not good!!!

    Love Jules xx

  17. Glad to hear that Christopher is on the mend.

    Sorry that you GC couldn't be replaced, but the card is absolutely gorgeous!

    Warm hugs

  18. Beautiful card love the quaint style...lovely to hear your son is on the mend and a disaster that one of your crafting necessaties has
    ♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

  19. Hazel, Thanks for the sweet visit & comment & you can come enjoy our porch anytime you wish! I always said if we ever moved from So. Florida to 'up north' (we're in S.Carolina now) I wanted a house with a big front porch - as I grew up with a front porch and swing. That was one of my things that had to be in any house we built. I love it, but it's something else to be kept clean! Have a great weekd and hope your son is still mending more each day. Hugs

  20. Hi Hazel,
    so glad things are looking better for Christopher.
    I am so sorry to hear your GC has stopped working.
    I will send you and email with the Spellbinders site so you can complain.
    They have such a great customer service, I got a new handle for mine so quick and free of charge even though mine was 2 years old.
    Well done you for using your bits and creating such a wonderful card.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  21. Morning Hazel sorry I've not been on much that's why I've not been commenting? Health not been too good. This card is absolutely stunning and I love the design you have done. Take care Debs xx