Monday, 28 July 2014


Good morning, looks like we are in for another warm one.  
Thank you again for all your lovely comments on my Snippet Card.   Also I am amazed how many of you have had problems with your G.C. machines.    I am in two minds if to go for another make,  I looked at the X cut express, but it takes up a lot of space when open and I don't have that much spare space,  we live in a very old cottage with 18-20ins deep window sills, which is a great place for my G.C.  To sit on,   I think more research is needed.
Now as my title says " thank goodness for sisters".  In my case my big sister Patricia.   I remembered on Friday night that Gillian ( oldest daughter) had asked if I could make a 25th anniversary card for this coming Saturday.  Panic I had forgotten and no machine.  Phone call to Patricia could she please cut me a striplet  card and bring it when we were meeting on in the morning.  Not only had she cut me a few she brought me her G.C.  To borrow saying she had her E-Bosser and would manage with that.  So today's card is made from one of the die cuts she did for me.

Very CAS  as that's what Gillian had asked for.   Now before any of you jump to thinking I like Patricia had done ceramics the answer is NO!    I was taking the photo of the card and not thinking it looked right when Charlie (husband) came through with my ornament and said he felt it need something beside the card to make it photo better,  he used to take great photos in the past doesn't bother taking any these days.    So went with his thoughts, and yes I did like how it looked.

Well I am off work for the next two weeks on holiday, we are going away for a few days, but today is a bit of a bus mans holiday as I am picking little grandson up from out of school club and taking him to the O.T.  Can't see why Tammy should rearrange her whole working day for an hours appointment so I will do it.   Might end up having big grandson with me to as he wasn't happy that " granny wasn't having him to".    It will be nice to have some time with the two of them..
Up date on Christopher, he is doing very well and even managed to go along to Barry  ( Scotland ) he lives only about 10 miles from it,  to see the Common Wealth shooting, he had got the tickets and didn't think he could catch a infection from any one as it's outside.   He so wanted to take some action photos.

Well I hope you are not suffering to much from this heat, we are lucky as our living room is north facing so stays cool.  Very cold in the winter but great in this weather. 

Off to get ready to head for Perth.  But firstly I will have to try and get out of the drive, they are redoing the foot path across from the house and it's a nightmare, doesn't help when the take 11/2 hour tea brakes and disappear leaving the JCB parked so we can't get out.

Take care and lots of sun cream on if going out,

Hazel xx


  1. Well Sis after all the panic you have made a stunning CAS card as required.
    For someone who was not interested in making cards till after our visit to Birmingham I am amazed you are missing your GC quite so much!!!
    Enjoy your day with how ever many boys you may have

    Patricia xx

  2. Beautiful card Hazel. I do love my GC, but on my desk I work mostly with my Big Shot. So glad to hear Chris is recovering slowly and surely. You enjoy some Me time too. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. A great CAS card Hazel and I do so love that die!! xx

  4. Great card Hazel, damn those work men so inconsiderate, I hope you gave them what for lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hello Hazel, love your card, CAS right enough, but oh so elegant. It's a lovely die.
    I love my Big Shot, it's so sturdy, but of course it can't do A4. I'm thinking I might like the Ebosser, but it's really expensive.
    Have a good holiday, will email tonight about my bus times, hugs Kate x

  6. Hi Hazel what a beautiful card and the die cut is gorgeous. I have a Cuttlebug for small jobs and a Big Shot Pro for big jobs and love them both! Susan x

  7. Lovely card Hazel. Big sisters come in very useful don't they? It will soon be November again at the rate this year is flying by!!! Hugs Christine xx

  8. Simple but stunning xx luv it - I have a JusCutz machine and I have to say fingers crossed it has not caused me any problems to date bit for smaller items I luv my Big Shot - I hope you get sorted soon and enjoy your couple of weeks off - good news about your son too - so hopefully you can fully chillax xx GailT xx

  9. Your card is stunning Hazel, the CAS design is perfect.
    I am pleased that Patricia was able to help you out.
    I hope you enjoy your break from work for a couple of weeks and get lots of chance to relax.
    Sue xx

  10. Fabulous CAS card Hazel & the die you used is gorgeous!
    hugs Jo x

  11. hi Hazel, love this beautiful CAS card, what a gorgeous die that is..
    Glad to here your Son is doing OK..

  12. Hi Hazel sorry that I'm late commenting but I've been at the hospital most of the day. I know what its like not having your GC. Mine broke so I sent it away but it wasn't the same when it came back. But I now have the Ebossor and its the best thing I ever bought. Now back to your beautiful card I like the design that you have done. I really like these striplet s dies you don't hear much to make a beautiful card. Hope you enjoy your days off. Xx

    Debs xx

  13. HI Hazel, I'm pleased to see that Christopher is doing your card using this beautiful die! I have had my GC since they were first brought out - I think about 5 years now, maybe more? I have other manual machines, but I use it most and every day, it has even been taken to our classes. I have had the handle replaced twice and once when the handle popped out, took it apart and fixed it myself. It is still trundling along, but when the time comes to replace it I won't think twice about getting another. I have had a 'play' on the embosser, but it did nothing for me - just something else to plug in and get in the way, the only comparable machine to the GC that I've tried is the Big Shot, but it won't take the A4 hope you get yours sorted! Hugs Carole Z X

  14. Hi Hazel,
    2nd time lucky lets hope with my comment, as my last one went out into cyberspace me thinks.
    What a really lovely card. That striplet die is fab, must put it on my must haves list.
    Thank goodness for sisters. I did wonder if she would lend you her GC as I know she has a GC, EBosser, and her little machine which I can't remember the name of.
    I have an Ebosser which hubby bought me when my handle broke on my GC, and then they replaced the handle free of charge,even though it was out of guarantee.
    I also had the same prob you had with my first GC, and that was still in guarantee.
    I now use the Ebosser all the time except if I'm crafting at night as the GC is a quieter machine to use at night.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Fabulous card Hazel. CAS is my favourite style just now and this card is very elegant. I bought that die recently but I haven't managed to use it yet! Typical me.

    Enjoy your holiday.

    Kat xx

  16. Hi Hazel
    Cracking card chuck. You know I love a Striplet lol!
    I must have been lucky with my GC, nearly 2 years old and nothing snapped yet. . . . . Reaches out and touches wood!
    Enjoy your time off, goodness knows you deserve it. Glad Christopher is doing well.
    Ang x

  17. Hi Hazel, enjoy your holidays. A beautiful card there, great CAS design. I am loving these new dies.
    Good to hear Christopher is doing better and getting out.
    I hope you get some time to play yourself too?
    I've had no problem with GC and had a couple and boy did they get well used. I only got the second one because I handed the first one back to PI when I stopped demonstrating.

    Hugs Erika. x

  18. You & Patricia are blessed to have each other, and be close enough yet not get in each other's way. This is so lovely, and the way the die has been cut into the card is stunning. Liked the tiny ribbon at the top, and your DH has certainly got an eye for 'staging'. The pretty lace and ceramic figure were wonderful accompaniments to the beautiful card. You should tell him, he has a new job! I love my Big Shot, and it's not as 'huge' as the G.C. Good luck with whatever you decide upon. TFS & Hugs

  19. Fabulous card, it's so pretty, love the photo, the figure really works so well with your card, have a great holiday!

    Warm hugs

  20. Hi Hazel,sorry for late comment your card it's gorgeous I love all the Striplet's very pretty,& the figure sets it off a treat. I have a Ebosser now my husband got it for me last Christmas I love it still have my GC as well.
    Hugs Lynda xx