Monday, 28 July 2014


Good morning, looks like we are in for another warm one.  
Thank you again for all your lovely comments on my Snippet Card.   Also I am amazed how many of you have had problems with your G.C. machines.    I am in two minds if to go for another make,  I looked at the X cut express, but it takes up a lot of space when open and I don't have that much spare space,  we live in a very old cottage with 18-20ins deep window sills, which is a great place for my G.C.  To sit on,   I think more research is needed.
Now as my title says " thank goodness for sisters".  In my case my big sister Patricia.   I remembered on Friday night that Gillian ( oldest daughter) had asked if I could make a 25th anniversary card for this coming Saturday.  Panic I had forgotten and no machine.  Phone call to Patricia could she please cut me a striplet  card and bring it when we were meeting on in the morning.  Not only had she cut me a few she brought me her G.C.  To borrow saying she had her E-Bosser and would manage with that.  So today's card is made from one of the die cuts she did for me.

Very CAS  as that's what Gillian had asked for.   Now before any of you jump to thinking I like Patricia had done ceramics the answer is NO!    I was taking the photo of the card and not thinking it looked right when Charlie (husband) came through with my ornament and said he felt it need something beside the card to make it photo better,  he used to take great photos in the past doesn't bother taking any these days.    So went with his thoughts, and yes I did like how it looked.

Well I am off work for the next two weeks on holiday, we are going away for a few days, but today is a bit of a bus mans holiday as I am picking little grandson up from out of school club and taking him to the O.T.  Can't see why Tammy should rearrange her whole working day for an hours appointment so I will do it.   Might end up having big grandson with me to as he wasn't happy that " granny wasn't having him to".    It will be nice to have some time with the two of them..
Up date on Christopher, he is doing very well and even managed to go along to Barry  ( Scotland ) he lives only about 10 miles from it,  to see the Common Wealth shooting, he had got the tickets and didn't think he could catch a infection from any one as it's outside.   He so wanted to take some action photos.

Well I hope you are not suffering to much from this heat, we are lucky as our living room is north facing so stays cool.  Very cold in the winter but great in this weather. 

Off to get ready to head for Perth.  But firstly I will have to try and get out of the drive, they are redoing the foot path across from the house and it's a nightmare, doesn't help when the take 11/2 hour tea brakes and disappear leaving the JCB parked so we can't get out.

Take care and lots of sun cream on if going out,

Hazel xx

Monday, 21 July 2014


Good afternoon.  Thank you for all your comments on my baskets.  Also for the well wishes for Christopher.   I have just been speaking to him earlier and he is doing good.   Blood count going up, still has a bit to go, but is going in the right direction.    He will be off work for a couple of weeks as he can't risk picking up another infection or even a cold.   He hates being off, he will spend time out with his camera, he loves photography and takes fantastic photos, so he will get fresh air and be able to do something he loves.

Now disaster struck on Saturday when I went to play with these
Yes what I had bought in Aberdeen.   Got die out, went to cut it  to find it hadn't cut, tried again no luck, tried another die still no  luck.  No pressure from the rollers.   So my G.C. has gone away to see what's gone wrong, my machine is only 7 months old but they just won't replace it.

Any way I thought I'd get some sorting out done but went to sort out my bit box and decided to see what I could make.   This is what I came up with.

Not perfect, but I had a break from tidying up.

Having an easier week with mummy being off and having friends to stay.   I have only been to work for 2 hours today.   Tomorrow I am only in till lunch time.  Iam fine with that.

Hope not to many thunderstorms for those who have been having a lot of them lately, and for those who are a bit under the weather here's some ((((((hugs)))))) 

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Good afternoon.  Well it's not a nice one here. In fact it's horrible, pouring with rain and just miserable.   Did think I would be able to play with my new dies today, but no an ironing pile that over took one of the kitchen chairs and that was it all neatly folded item by item.  So I felt I couldn't craft with that sitting there.    Also I had a basket to deliver yesterday and Nancy the cleaner at work ask if she could have one made up for a little boy well he was a good size being. 9lbs 1ozs. , third baby and another boy for a friend of her sons whom she has known from when they were little.   So was asked if I could possibly do the basket with an out fit rather than like of a baby grow.    "  No problem  "  says I. So it was off to Mothercare, do like Next out fits but it was the start of their sale today so no way was I going their.    Anyway this is what I did.

The order for Nancy.

This was the one I did first, 

So all done and dusted, ironing done just have to put away.   Not my favourite job. Oh to have a magic wand.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for Christopher , I haven't heard how today's blood count has gone.  They are terrible for letting us know, did try phoning but no answer so will just wait.   He has to rest and do nothing.  So here's  hoping he is doing that.  Christopher does the cooking etc.  very hands on - well trained.   But I am hoping that he is taking a back seat.

Oh big decisions do I do nothing, or do I play???  Might have a cup of tea and see how I feel.  Been a long week, next week should be easier in a way, as there are visitors staying and I am only going in to get the girls things ready for them going off to their cottage.  Visitors using the house for their holidays so girls happy.  Chickens and stable cat will be looked after. 

Enjoy doing what ever you are doing.  But spare a thought for those families that are suffering over the lost of there loved ones in that air crash.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Sorry I haven't posted but life  has been busy!!!    Between working full time now that the girls are off on school holidays, going to Aberdeen for a fabulous weekend with Sue and Julia, then coming home to the news that our son Christopher was in hospital.   They had to come home a few days early from their holiday.  Thankfully they were just in Germany ( been to Playmobil land)  so they weren't to far and were able to get on an earlier ferry.   It was a case of off the ferry straight home and into Ninewells hospital.   His  platelet count was very, very low and seeing how Christopher has had two kidney transplants it was very worrying.  With waiting and getting home and to Ninewells where they know him he was in good hands and got started on the right treatment.   With him being in hospital we all had to rally round and babysit the their two girls.   So after work it was a case of me driving across to theirs and looking after the girls - so very long days wasn't the word.   He has been allowed home as he doesn't do well in there, has to go up every day and have blood tests and has to rest. But is on the mend.

Now I haven't had time to craft, had an order for a baby basket so had to do that, as I had just been waiting to hear what sex the baby was.   So today while the girls were out riding their ponies with the Groom, I took the dogs for a lovely walk round the loch.

Beautiful and peaceful.

This afternoon I am taking the girls to get their hairs cut, and boy do they need it chopping.  As I say it looks like rats tails.   Then they are off to a friends for tea, so I get away home early!!! Now how I am looking forward to that.

Now if I have miss commenting on your blogs do forgive me I will try and get round as some time, but if I sit on my iPad reading and commenting on blogs I just wouldn't get anything done.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my voucher holder.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Good Afernoon.     Well it's Saturday again and the first week of the girls school holidays gone.  Maybe I will be surprised how quick these holidays go in.
Thank you for your comments on my "oldie"   Those beer cakes where so simple to make, if any of you that want to try making one.  Little stumpy tins of beer are best and a box for the centre which on the fire engine one had the money that had been collected for the mans retirement in it. I usually just put sweets  in. Have done one for a golfer and it was filled with golf balls and tees.  You need card to make the tubes for covering the cans and making a top.  Very simple really.  So if your are stuck for a mans gift with a difference give it a try.

Now when I made the wedding card, Tammy asked if I could make a voucher holder so this is what I came up with.

Now this is what the one Tammy will give will be like.  BUT it wasn't till I had photographed it and sent the photo to her that we discovered I had made it out of the wrong purple card, how stupid was that.  She has the card as I gave it to her on Thursday,  so I might have noticed before hand if the card had been here.    She loves the style and did say if  I was pushed for time to make another it would be fine.   Bless her she knows that I am not at home during the day and would have to do it in the evening when I am tired.

I am going away to do nothing for an hour, we went food shopping earlier - oh how I hate food shopping, but we have to eat I suppose.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments.  I do love reading them all.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 4 July 2014


Good morning folks, not such I nice one here today.  Then again the weather map did show a lot of blue on it for today, and that wasn't the sky!!!   No heavy rain for us today and by the look of the sky it's not far away.  
Well I got a great text message last night about 9.30pm from my boss saying for me not to start until 12 o'clock today, oh how happy was I.   Now don't get me wrong the girls have been great.  We had a day out nothing exciting as such.    We went to Waterstones  the book shop, now I did allow at least an hour for this as Anna gets kind of carried away when in a book shop.  Her kind of heaven, she loves  the smell of new books.   Any way we did well 35mins and 5 books later we were out of there.  We meet Patricia and did lunch.  Then we headed home, didn't see them again until time to go get the Shetland pony in ready for going to games night.   I think Anna will be finished the first book she bought by the time I go today, the peace was great.

Now today's " Oldie" is of two of my very first beer cakes.  I was so proud of these at the time.  Looking back now I am not at all.  At the time they were very much loved.  Thank goodness I have improved some what.  I didn't take a good photo of them then and I couldn't do much better this morning.  Any way it just is to show you what I did then to now.

As I said not a great picture at all, and those papers what made me use them I don't know?

That's it for today, except to say that I think my big sister Patricia is suffering from iPad withdrawal.   Her iPad wouldn't connect to her internet two nights ago and I don't know if she has got it to work again, but she is not a happy bunny.  Thank goodness she doesn't blog from it like I do that would even be worse.   No she has got so use to sitting in her comfy chair to see what others have blogged etc.
Thank  you all once again for your comments on my congratulations cards.   Yes those two have worked very hard especially Benjamin, this lad has got his degree by hard work and managed to do two part-time jobs to pay his way.  So I have a lot of respect for this 22 year old.

Oh well I maybe don't have to go into work, but I think I'd better go do some housework.   Have a good day what ever you are up to.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Good morning, I hope you are all well and for those who are a bit under the weather here are some ((((((hugs)))))).    I am just taking a little time out to write this while the girls are still in their beds, one is reading the other is playing with her loom band set, oh fun they will be all over the place and in her bed.

Any way thank you for all the lovely comments on my wedding card.  Still haven't started on the gift voucher holder, but it will be done by next Tuesday, Tammy away for a few days and Patricia and I are off up to Aberdeen to see Sue Wilson. ( At the weekend and that's when the wedding is. ).  Can't wait, we are attending her workshop, this was my birthday gift from Patricia.

My cards today are for to very proud young people who have  just graduated.   Benjamin had a 1st class honours degree in Law and Jennifer a 1st in Art & Design.

Kept them very simple.

Used up bits from my bits box.
Computer printed sentiment.
X cut die.

Well that's me for today.   Have to get the big one up as we are meant to be meeting up with Patricia in Perth this morning.

Take care, and enjoy your day what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx