Sunday, 22 June 2014


Well good afternoon, it's been another nice day here not to hot but nice.   Had our two grandsons for a sleep over last night, they were no problem, had to take them back to Perth this morning for 10.30am, Andrew little one had a party to go to and mummy had had been out last night and didn't know if she would have a drink or not so this way it was more sensible for me to take them back.   Ended up going shopping in Perth and needless to say spent money, nothing exciting just mainly food stuff.

Right today the pictures on my blog are from Turkey. We saw this little cafe and the lady who owns it must have been bored during the winter and had been Crocheting lots of flowers but look what she has done with them!!!

Now some of you might know Erika " Snappycrafts". She is at the moment recovering from an operation and isn't allowed to do much, she loves to crochet so she could sit and crochet lots of flowers and decorate plant pots.  The bottom picture is of the fork and knife holder at the cafe, different would you not say?   But it goes to show this lady wasn't prepared to waste her time doing nothing and she wasn't going to waste what she had made, a lot of her flowers pots were ice cream tubs - nothing wasted or sorry it was up cycled!!

Again thank you for all your comments on my beer cake, I have got as far as buying the box for the next one.  Saw a set of boxes reduced in Dunelm today the middle sized will be perfect of what I kind of have in mind.  

Off to do nothing for an hour then I will get tea started.   Take care.

Hazel xx


  1. Wow, how incredible! All the wonderful crocheted flowers this lady made are amazing..the colours are so vibrant and cheerful. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos, hugs Carole Z X

  2. Since teaching myself to crochet I have amassed a rather large collection, this would be a great project for them!! Thanks for that Hazel xx

  3. Well that's certainly thinking out of the box. Good for her to be able to use them all. Hugs. Christine xx

  4. Oh! Wow! Sis, happy memories.
    That was a brilliant place, the decorated pots were all stunning.
    Old Cart'dor ice tubs painted and adorned made the place look so special.
    The food was good as well.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening

    Patricia xxx

  5. these look amazing Hazel - thanks so much for sharing - brilliant idea xx

  6. Absolutely Stunning. Mind you with our changeable weather we'd be wringing them out fairly often. That's a whole week of sunshine and very warm with it too. Enjoy your Evening Hazel. Xxx

  7. How inventive they all look lovely Hazel. Have a lovely evening, Susan x

  8. Hi Hazel, thanks for your recent visit & comment. Loved seeing the colorful pots (great photos too) and then seeing what they were made of. How clever to decorate the ice cream tubs with the gorgeous crotcheted flowers. Very unique as well as beautiful. Hope you purchases a couple of these lovely pots to set your summer flowers inside. Glad you had a lovely visit with your grands, and then a nice shopping trip. TFS & Hugs. Off to enjoy some earlier posts.

  9. What a fab idea and a lovely way to brighten up a cafe and a real talking point - luv to see what other ideas people come up with xx I have been on my monthly project day today and make a steam punk clock - finished it home but has really got my 'cogs' going now with ideas xx enjoy what little is left of the weekend xx GailT xx

  10. They look gorgeous, the colours are so pretty. I love making crochet flowers too so you have given me lots of ideas by sharing your fabulous photos.
    Sue xx

  11. Hello Hazel, these little crochet flowers are so beautiful, all the fab bright colours, really make the pots and tub look fantastic, it's a great idea. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos, I don't think we came across this little cafe when we were in Dalyan, wish we had, enjoy your evening, hugs Kate x

  12. Gorgeous pots and flowers, love the crochet too, xxx

  13. Hi Hazel and thanks for the mention. x
    I love the idea of upcycling and these crocheted flowers really brighten up the plant pots. I guess I shall be on to flowers once I've finished my owl. I think I might enjoy this no housework malarkey! LOL.

    I hope you also enjoyed your sleepover?

    Happy crafting, hugs Erika. x

  14. What a fab share Hazel, might get my hooks back out. I still love your beer cake soooo much. Flora xx

  15. Hi Hazel,
    fab idea for those beautiful crochet flowers. They are so colourful.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. These look fantastic Hazel, how gorgeous are they.

    Wish I could crochet lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Evening Hazel sorry just found this not been too good over the weekend. These are wonderful love the colours.

    Debs xx

  18. Hi Hazel

    What a wonderful way to use those beautiful flowers! Certainly makes for a bright and beautiful plant pot .. .. and the bugs won't be able to eat those!! LOL!!

    Hope all is good with you.

    Love Jules xx

  19. Wow hazel these are just gorgeous I wish I had your talent!

    Vic x

  20. Hi Hazel
    Too wet in this country for such prettiness. They would shrink lol!
    Genius idea by the lady in Turkey though. I can see Wendy doing this in Spain now.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  21. What a clever idea Hazel! I'd want them indoors to stay dry and safe. Jenny x