Friday, 27 June 2014


Firstly sorry if I have missed some of your blogs over the last week, but between blogger and just not having time something had to give.

This is a very quick post as I have to pick up girls at 12.30. That's ours off on school holidays.

My oldie has special memories as it is Anna's first day at school, and today is her last at primary school.  7 years where has it gone and she as changed so much.

 Anna is the little one with the pink school bag,

This is this morning. Anna, Ailsa ( the little girl holding Anna's hand on the first day ) Beth and James.  Rode their ponies to school.  The beauty of being at a country school.
I thought I'd left my phone at home ( was gutted) so missed them riding in. Then surprise my phone was in my bag after all, this was Anna saying good bye to Denise her pony.

My little charge has grown up so much in those 7 years, they had a service at the school yesterday, 
which was lovely, the girls gave a beautiful speech  thanking everyone.  I was so proud of them.

Right must go, thank you for all the lovely comments on thoses flowers, I just thought it was a great way to use them.  I only wish I could crochet.

Hazel xx

P.S. I think a box of tissues will be needed at the school at 12.30. 


  1. Beautiful pictures and such a lovely post Hazel. Hugs Rita xxxx

  2. Great oldie Hazel and thanks for joining me. Time passes so quickly. Love the tags.
    How fab is riding your horse to school. I'm sure there'll be tears but it won't be the kids!

    Enjoy your Friday. Hugs Erika. X

  3. Hi Hazel great pictures. How nice it must be to go to school on your pony. I've forgot its Friday oldies will have to find some thing xxx


  4. great pictures and a fab oldie hazel - hope its not too upsetting at home time! Hugs rachel x

  5. Such wonderful memories Hazel. The time goes so quickly doesn't it, and they grow up too quickly!!!! Hugs Christine xx

  6. What happy memories scrapbook pages capture Hazel, and look at her today!! What a lovely pony, I often threaten to ride Surprise to work as it's only in the village, I'm sure she would love it in the Surgery garden for the day!! xx

  7. Hello Hazel, lovely scrapbook page of the first day at school, lovely memories, and Anna with her pony is just wonderful. They don't take long in growing up, great oldie and newie, hugs Kate x

  8. Well Sis when you went for that interview all those years ago bet you never thought about this day!!! From that tiny little baby you took charge of to the beautiful young lady today.
    Taking her to school her first day was a "milestone" what about today then??

    Patricia xxx

  9. Hi Hazel, love your pictures the scrap book holds so many memories
    for you & so nice to keep. Then the grown into a lovely young lady you have done a great job you should be very proud. The horse is also beautiful.Hugs Lynda xx

  10. Wow Hazel, what joy it must be to ride their horses to school, I thought they only did that in films! Never realised they actually do that in certain parts lol! Fabulous.

    Brilliant scrapbook page.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. Love your layout Hazel, such a lovely memory & how cool to ride your pony to school!
    hugs Jo x

  12. hi Hazel, love your beautiful page..what lovely memories.. time does fly..

  13. Hi Hazel
    Tempus fugit as they say.Gosh missy, what are you going to be like when the girls get married lol!
    Have a great weekend chuck.
    Ang x

  14. HI Hazel, love your page with those beautiful wonderful to ride your pony to school! Hugs Carole Z X