Sunday, 15 June 2014


Good evening, well I don't know what the weather has been like with you but we have had another dull miserable day here in North East Fife, the type of day that you just don't feel like doing much, I couldn't even be bothered crafting.   So tonight I am going to show you a couple of photos of necklaces my oldest daughter made to raise money for" The Alliance Trust " Cateran Yomp, that supports soldiers charities,  It's a 53mile walk over 24hours to raise the money. Gillian and a group of her work friends help out at these kind of things by being at different stages over the course to see to treating the people taking part feet, Gillian and her team raise funds to buy equipment to deal with some really sore feet.   Gillian makes and sells her pendants with all the money made going into the fund.      Here are some that she made.

I am really proud of Gillian that she gives her time up making her pendants, also making tray bakes that she sells to raise funds. 
She has done this for a couple of years, after seeing the state of the feet of the people doing the 53miles.   She has patched up a lot of very sore feet between this challenge and that of those doing the Maggies 40mile bike and hike.  
This years "Yomp" is on the 28th June, so we will be keeping fingers crossed for good dry weather for all those doing it.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I am still trying to get round all the blogs that I missed while being away, I have been cat looking after this weekend at Gillian's. It turned out on Saturday to be one of thoses times that if  someone had filmed the look of horror on my face on Saturday morning it would have been priceless - I walked into her dinning room to find her mice cage in bits and the young kitten sitting looking at the up turned tray of said cage.  I spent over an hour looking and catching three of the four mice, poor number four didn't make it.  One kitten was well and truly in my bad books, new cage was required and the mice have spent the weekend in the bathroom with the door firmly shut.  
That's all for tonight, sorry if I have waffled on.  Take care.
Hazel xx


  1. Hi Hazel, your daughter obviously takes after her mum and aunty for her crafting talent - luv the necklaces and for a fab cause too xx oh dear about the mice I cannot imagine the panic you must have been in trying to find them before the kittens - well done - it sounds like you never have a dull moment - the weather has been the same here today and like you say it seems to take away any motivation to do things but still managed to have a busy day and fit in a 'small' walk - enjoy what is left of the weekend xx GailT xx

  2. Good Evening Hazel. You have every right to be proud of your daughter. Het jewellery is stunning and she obviously loves what she does. My daughter Carolyn and Granddaughter Molly did the Race for Life today from Holyrood up Arthur's Seat and back in memory of Peter, and I am proud of them too. Young people like that are the salt of the earth. Well Done Gillian Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Good Evening Hazel, these are gorgeous pendants, Gillian takes after you with her artistic talents I can see. I love buttons and often buy unusual ones when I see them, so these are right up my street. Well done to Gillian too for giving her time to look after all these poor feet.
    Now poor mousie, but I suppose it's what cats do, well done for rescuing the others. Hugs Kate x

  4. Waffle on my friend lovely to read your exploits. Gillian's pendants are gorgeous what a talented family. Never a dull moment around you. lol

    Wilma x x x

  5. These are gorgeous Hazel, your daughter is very talented and kind to make these for such a worthwhile cause.
    Sue xx

  6. oh my word Hazel - what naughty kitties - my cat always brings in mice to play with - unless we have the cat flap locked - its usually locked unless we're on holiday lol!! She doesn't learn! Great necklaces and so very well done to your daughter xx

  7. Hi hazel, well loved reading your waffle..poor mice..
    Your Daughter has made some gorgeous necklaces..beautiful colours..
    hugs pam

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  9. Hi Hazel what lovely bright pendants. I've lost track of the number of mice and birds my cat has had! He's too old now to do any hunting! Susan xx

  10. Great pendants Hazel, I love them all and a great way to raise funds for charity.
    A think that kitten was having too much fun!

    Hugs Erika. x

  11. Hi Hazel
    What fabulous pendants and how lovely that Gillian makes them for charity.
    Mice and a cat, not a good combination. I'm not frightened of mice but I couldn't be doing with them in the house. Obviously kitty was of the same opinion lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  12. Hi Hazel, Hope your weather has improved a lot by now. TFS the lovely work your daughter has done. I can see that talent obviously runs in your family. The necklaces are so pretty, and what a wonderful person she is to give of her time & creativity to this so worthy cause. You are justly proud of her, and TFS with Blogland. Please give her a big Thank you hug. (Ugh on having to catch the mice!). TFS & Hugs

  13. HI Hazel, sorry I'm late commenting..what fabulous pendants your daughter has made..obviously a creative family! Hugs Carole Z X

  14. Hi Hazel,

    A BIG WELL DONE to your Daughter, her necklaces are beautiful, love the colours.

    Oh dear those poor mice, I have two cats and the female is quite stubborn, if she wants something, especially a mouse, she will wait for hours till it comes out, usually then my son or myself are chasing her round the garden to get the mouse free! So glad you have put them locked away so the kitten cannot get them again, its a wonder the others didn't die of shock, bless them.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Beautiful pendants love the colours too....have joined your blog as a new follower...feel free to pop bye my 'place'....aNNIe ♥
    The Journey is the Start

  16. Hi Hazel,
    You are so right to be proud of your daughter for all she does for this.
    Love the super jewelery she has made.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Hi Hazel, Your daughters pendants are fab, my daughter would love them, can you tell me how to purchase one.

    My son works for help for heroes doing their website, and he often has to drive up to Tedworth house to see soldiers that have come back from war with horrendous injuries.These charities deserve every penny they get.

    The pictures of your holiday looked beautiful, even in the rain.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments love Tina XX

  18. What a great charity to support, the pendants are gorgeous. Oh dear, mice trouble indeed. I remember having to hunt for hamsters. Woke up one morning to find one near the bottom of my beadstead. Flora xx

  19. OMG!!!
    You did not tell me about the cats & mice ..... sorry I had to laugh just picturing you in the situation......!!!
    Gillian's pendants are BRILLIANT loving those "funky" ones

    Patricia xx

  20. I've just had a good laugh Hazel - sorry!!!! Your daughter's pendants are gorgeous. Hugs Christine xx