Friday, 20 June 2014


Good evening, I was hoping to put my Friday "Oldie" up earlier, but where has today gone?   Went to work for 7.15am and before I knew it it was 5.45pm. Granted I had gone to Perth and meet up with Patricia for a cup of tea and some lovely Toffee and Banana cake ( yummy ). Then it was back to work and picking the girls up from school along with a friend, they were outside most the time messing about with the Shetland, so no trouble.
Thank you for all your lovely comment on Gillian's pendants and what she and her friends are doing to help those brave people doing the 53mile Yomp next weekend, she was really pleased when I showed her the comments.

My oldie is one of the first things I blogged, I didn't think I would ever get there a year ago but after a lot of throwing a paddy and now having more grey hairs I got there.

50th Birthday Gift of a beer cake,,now for those who haven't seen one of my beer cakes it isn't a cake, cake but a box with stumpy tins of beer in it.  This one was asked for a man who loved highland cows, my husband did point out when I was making this that "bulls don't have calves " but as I explained to him, this particular man and his daughter shared the same birthday and they were having a joint party so that's why the calf was there.  Would you believe that he was still going on about his special cake. 

I have made a few of these, and have an order for one for in a couple of months, it's still in that " what can I do stage"

Well folks that's it for tonight, I am off to put my feet up.  Have a good weekend what ever your are doing, hopefully the weather will stay nice.

Hazel xx


  1. Hi Hazel
    I remember you doing a beer cake way back, was it this one? I seem to remember cows (or it could be a really weird dream I had lol!)
    All your "cakes" have been wonderful and this is no exception.
    What an old romantic Charlie is with the roses. Made me smile as my dear Mum had a beautiful Peace rose in the garden and the scent was heavenly.
    Have a great weekend chuck.
    Ang x

  2. Hi Hazel I love your beer cakes a great alternative for men. Thanks for joining me on share an oldie.
    Typed from my own bed, sore but home enjoying the boys running around for me....making the most as it won't last long!

    Happy crafting. Hugs Erika. X

  3. Hello Hazel, yes I remember this beer cake, thought it was wonderful at the time and still do.
    I had an awwww moment when I read that Charlie had brought you in two lovely flowers, just so romantic. Have a restful weekend, hugs Kate x

  4. This is is fabulous Hazel. I don't think I saw it the first time around so I pleased you have shown it again. I love the clever and personalised design.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Sue xx

  5. hi hazel, well I did not see this first time around.. no wonder you have made a few, they are really different..great for men.

  6. this is a wonderful idea Hazel - and it looks brilliant! Hugs Rachel x

  7. Well this time last year Sis, you "almost" gave up on this Blogging your glad you kept going.
    Temper tantrums and grey hair aside this was one stunning gift. Even better in real life, I loved it.

    Patricia xx

  8. Hi Hazel gosh I remember this and can't believe its a year ago. Bet you are glad you persevered with the blogging! Susan xx

  9. Morning Hazel.

    Wow this is fabulous, what a great idea for a Man, brilliantly decorated, love it.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. How lovely that you have shared this Hazel, as I have certainly never seen anything like it!! It's fabulous and what a brilliant idea. Have a good weekend xx

  11. HI Hazel, so pleased you have posted this fabulous beer cake again...I love the idea with the bull and calf in the field...gorgeous! Hugs Carole Z X

  12. Fab cake and luvly idea about the calf/daughter xx not surprised he still talks about it xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  13. All your "cakes" are wonderful, and I remember you at the beginning. I think we all got a bit frustrated initially. This is one great gift! Hugs Christine xx

  14. Afternoon Hazel what a great cake I love the idea of it as it is different. You make some great cakes well done xx

    Debs xx

  15. Oh how very cute! Beer cake was new to me, & I would never have thought of a 'bull not having a calf'. Loved your explanation..delightful. Also very logical! Your blog is coming along very well, you do amazing things & always love to read about your adventures. Well done, and I'm so glad I got to 'meet' you in Blogland. Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday. Hugs. TFS