Friday, 27 June 2014


Thank you for all your lovely comments on my scrapbook page of Anna's first day at school and the photo of her on her last day at primary.    Yes she has turned out a lovely young girl.   It was rather a lump in my throat day today, between Anna and Beth leaving the school.   The children do a guard of honer down the steps and they sing "you are a star" as those leaving come down.  They do give them a good send off.

Any way as I said "I have been busy"   Doing these.

I had nine of these to make, teachers leaving gifts, the P7 at the school asked me to make one for the lady that is the "Jack of all trades" as one would say, patches the kids up when they hurt themselves, and seeing how their playground is a wood and has banking to climb on she has a lot of patching up to do, also she helps at the shows and services and is one of the only people to have been there all the time they have been at the school, so they wanted her to have a special gift.

And lots of these.  Thank goodness the schools are off for the holidays and next teachers gift orders will be Christmas.   Yes I am pleased that people like what I do and ask me to make things up, but I run out of different things to do.  Granted some only wanted the bags to fill themselves, but others wanted me to fill them.

What am I doing this weekend - answer NOTHING!!   I have to work full time as from Monday, and that can mean 7.15 - 6.30 and Tuesdays I will be lucky to get finished by 7.45, Beth has gone up to the bigger class at her horse vaulting.  It starts at 5.30 to 7 but it's a bit of a way to get there and back. 
Anyway off to bed for me, enjoy your weekend.

Hazel xxx


  1. Good evening Sis,
    It had been a busy, busy time for you these past couple of weeks.
    I know today was hard seeing the girls leave the school. New beginnings for both of them with your guidance.
    Your baskets and bags are brilliant and will certainly have well appreciated.
    Have a good weekend

    Patricia xx

  2. What beautiful baskets and gorgeous bags, the recipients are lucky to receive not only thoughtful gifts but beautifully wrapped too xx I bought the gift bag die after asking you which one it was, I have only cut it out once and it cut slightly through the crease lines (I embossed the card first so not sure if that was the problem) I need to experiment me thinks but as always yours are stunning xx have a lovely chilled weekend (the calm before the storm)!! xx GailT xx

  3. the bags and baskets look amazing - hope you have a good weekend xx

  4. WOW! These really are wonderful Hazel, such lovely gifts and gorgeous packaging.
    I hope you manage to have a restful weekend ready for you busy week ahead.
    Sue xx

  5. Hi Hazel what gorgeous gifts. The bags are so beautiful I bet they were all thrilled to receive them. Just seen your post from yesterday and its amazing how time flies! My Step Granddaughter leaves her Junior School for High School next month they certainly grow up fast! You certainly sound very busy next week, hope you get time to put your feet up! Susan xx

  6. Lovely gifts especially the gift bags.


  7. These look so wonderful before you get to the contents Hazel!! Hope you have a quiet weekend xx

  8. Hi Hazel,
    my you have been busy with these super creation.
    Especially love your bags and their designs.
    Enjoy your quiet weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Wow! These are brilliant hazel, my you have been very busy, I bet they were well appreciated?

    Sad day when kids leave their schools but more to look forward to I am sure.

    By your comment it sounds a lovely place.

    have a nice restful weekend.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. I should think you need a large G & T after getting all these super gifts made Hazel! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs Christine xx

  11. Hi Hazel
    Crikey, with the week you're about the have, I'd hold back a couple of them Blossom Hills if I were you lol!
    Your bags are beautifully embellished, as usual and I bet the recipients will love them as much as their contents.
    Hope you manage to do nothing over the weekend but I bet you will end up busy with something lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  12. Gosh Hazel your are amazing, finding time to do all these fabulous gift baskets and gift bags, they will be much appreciated.
    Yes you should chill out this weekend as it sounds as if you have a very busy time ahead, enjoy the remainder of your weekend, hugs Kate x

  13. Such fabulous gifts, the must have been over the moon.

    Warm hugs

  14. Wonderful gifts you have been so really do deserve a rest..

  15. Wow Hazel you have been very busy. Always love all your gift boxes and a great way to give something a little special. Great bags too, beautifully decorated.
    It sounds like you have a busy time ahead. Enjoy!

    Hugs Erika.