Sunday, 29 June 2014


Firstly I must apologise to ANNIE for not welcoming you to my blog earlier, head in another place these last couple of weeks, well it's always that way but I will use that excuse!!!  Also Lynda welcome, thank you for both coming and having a look at what I do.   Lynda is very new to blogging. I found her blog from clicking on her photo on Sue Wilson's blog.  Annie I know you have had a blog for a long time, but have not long set up a new one.   Anyway thank you for joining me.

To days offering is a Wedding card that Tammy had asked me to make for a wedding they are going to.

This is 7x5 card.
Die'sire  Romance die.
Wedding day paper is Dovecraft.  Had had it for a long time.
Plain lilic is from a local stationery wholesale outlet.  - not expensive at all.
Ribbon, silver and lilic from my stash.

Really pleased how this turned out, now I have a gift wallet to make to go with it, added ask from Tammy so will see to that before the weekend.

I have been really good and not doing much, yes I have a long week ahead, girls are no problem apart from trying to get them out of bed and get going.

Gillian and her team did a lot of patching up of feet yesterday of those brave people doing the "Cataran Yomp".   Patricia and I's younger sister, brother-inlaw and Gillian's partners sister completed   the 53miles in just over 18 hours.   There will be a lot of very sore body's today and a few more days to come. Some couldn't complete it, but have to be given credit for doing what they did.  All in a very good cause and on a weekend supporting our Armed Forces.

Off now to think of what I can do for lunch.  

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 27 June 2014


Thank you for all your lovely comments on my scrapbook page of Anna's first day at school and the photo of her on her last day at primary.    Yes she has turned out a lovely young girl.   It was rather a lump in my throat day today, between Anna and Beth leaving the school.   The children do a guard of honer down the steps and they sing "you are a star" as those leaving come down.  They do give them a good send off.

Any way as I said "I have been busy"   Doing these.

I had nine of these to make, teachers leaving gifts, the P7 at the school asked me to make one for the lady that is the "Jack of all trades" as one would say, patches the kids up when they hurt themselves, and seeing how their playground is a wood and has banking to climb on she has a lot of patching up to do, also she helps at the shows and services and is one of the only people to have been there all the time they have been at the school, so they wanted her to have a special gift.

And lots of these.  Thank goodness the schools are off for the holidays and next teachers gift orders will be Christmas.   Yes I am pleased that people like what I do and ask me to make things up, but I run out of different things to do.  Granted some only wanted the bags to fill themselves, but others wanted me to fill them.

What am I doing this weekend - answer NOTHING!!   I have to work full time as from Monday, and that can mean 7.15 - 6.30 and Tuesdays I will be lucky to get finished by 7.45, Beth has gone up to the bigger class at her horse vaulting.  It starts at 5.30 to 7 but it's a bit of a way to get there and back. 
Anyway off to bed for me, enjoy your weekend.

Hazel xxx


Firstly sorry if I have missed some of your blogs over the last week, but between blogger and just not having time something had to give.

This is a very quick post as I have to pick up girls at 12.30. That's ours off on school holidays.

My oldie has special memories as it is Anna's first day at school, and today is her last at primary school.  7 years where has it gone and she as changed so much.

 Anna is the little one with the pink school bag,

This is this morning. Anna, Ailsa ( the little girl holding Anna's hand on the first day ) Beth and James.  Rode their ponies to school.  The beauty of being at a country school.
I thought I'd left my phone at home ( was gutted) so missed them riding in. Then surprise my phone was in my bag after all, this was Anna saying good bye to Denise her pony.

My little charge has grown up so much in those 7 years, they had a service at the school yesterday, 
which was lovely, the girls gave a beautiful speech  thanking everyone.  I was so proud of them.

Right must go, thank you for all the lovely comments on thoses flowers, I just thought it was a great way to use them.  I only wish I could crochet.

Hazel xx

P.S. I think a box of tissues will be needed at the school at 12.30. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Well good afternoon, it's been another nice day here not to hot but nice.   Had our two grandsons for a sleep over last night, they were no problem, had to take them back to Perth this morning for 10.30am, Andrew little one had a party to go to and mummy had had been out last night and didn't know if she would have a drink or not so this way it was more sensible for me to take them back.   Ended up going shopping in Perth and needless to say spent money, nothing exciting just mainly food stuff.

Right today the pictures on my blog are from Turkey. We saw this little cafe and the lady who owns it must have been bored during the winter and had been Crocheting lots of flowers but look what she has done with them!!!

Now some of you might know Erika " Snappycrafts". She is at the moment recovering from an operation and isn't allowed to do much, she loves to crochet so she could sit and crochet lots of flowers and decorate plant pots.  The bottom picture is of the fork and knife holder at the cafe, different would you not say?   But it goes to show this lady wasn't prepared to waste her time doing nothing and she wasn't going to waste what she had made, a lot of her flowers pots were ice cream tubs - nothing wasted or sorry it was up cycled!!

Again thank you for all your comments on my beer cake, I have got as far as buying the box for the next one.  Saw a set of boxes reduced in Dunelm today the middle sized will be perfect of what I kind of have in mind.  

Off to do nothing for an hour then I will get tea started.   Take care.

Hazel xx

Friday, 20 June 2014


Good evening, I was hoping to put my Friday "Oldie" up earlier, but where has today gone?   Went to work for 7.15am and before I knew it it was 5.45pm. Granted I had gone to Perth and meet up with Patricia for a cup of tea and some lovely Toffee and Banana cake ( yummy ). Then it was back to work and picking the girls up from school along with a friend, they were outside most the time messing about with the Shetland, so no trouble.
Thank you for all your lovely comment on Gillian's pendants and what she and her friends are doing to help those brave people doing the 53mile Yomp next weekend, she was really pleased when I showed her the comments.

My oldie is one of the first things I blogged, I didn't think I would ever get there a year ago but after a lot of throwing a paddy and now having more grey hairs I got there.

50th Birthday Gift of a beer cake,,now for those who haven't seen one of my beer cakes it isn't a cake, cake but a box with stumpy tins of beer in it.  This one was asked for a man who loved highland cows, my husband did point out when I was making this that "bulls don't have calves " but as I explained to him, this particular man and his daughter shared the same birthday and they were having a joint party so that's why the calf was there.  Would you believe that he was still going on about his special cake. 

I have made a few of these, and have an order for one for in a couple of months, it's still in that " what can I do stage"

Well folks that's it for tonight, I am off to put my feet up.  Have a good weekend what ever your are doing, hopefully the weather will stay nice.

Hazel xx

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Good evening, well I don't know what the weather has been like with you but we have had another dull miserable day here in North East Fife, the type of day that you just don't feel like doing much, I couldn't even be bothered crafting.   So tonight I am going to show you a couple of photos of necklaces my oldest daughter made to raise money for" The Alliance Trust " Cateran Yomp, that supports soldiers charities,  It's a 53mile walk over 24hours to raise the money. Gillian and a group of her work friends help out at these kind of things by being at different stages over the course to see to treating the people taking part feet, Gillian and her team raise funds to buy equipment to deal with some really sore feet.   Gillian makes and sells her pendants with all the money made going into the fund.      Here are some that she made.

I am really proud of Gillian that she gives her time up making her pendants, also making tray bakes that she sells to raise funds. 
She has done this for a couple of years, after seeing the state of the feet of the people doing the 53miles.   She has patched up a lot of very sore feet between this challenge and that of those doing the Maggies 40mile bike and hike.  
This years "Yomp" is on the 28th June, so we will be keeping fingers crossed for good dry weather for all those doing it.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I am still trying to get round all the blogs that I missed while being away, I have been cat looking after this weekend at Gillian's. It turned out on Saturday to be one of thoses times that if  someone had filmed the look of horror on my face on Saturday morning it would have been priceless - I walked into her dinning room to find her mice cage in bits and the young kitten sitting looking at the up turned tray of said cage.  I spent over an hour looking and catching three of the four mice, poor number four didn't make it.  One kitten was well and truly in my bad books, new cage was required and the mice have spent the weekend in the bathroom with the door firmly shut.  
That's all for tonight, sorry if I have waffled on.  Take care.
Hazel xx

Friday, 13 June 2014


Good afternoon, I am firstly sorry that I haven't been very good at commenting on all the blogs that I follow, having got back from holiday on Monday evening I have been busy.  I was back to work at 7.15am Tuesday and catch up on things that hadn't been done over the 10 days I was away at home and work, plus doing the normal work and home things, on top of that Anna has had 2 days at the high school, which means a round trip of 30 miles and time.   She is enjoying the challenge of all the extra classes etc. - thank goodness.
Now today I am joining in on Erika ( snappycrafts) oldie Friday.   As I haven't been card making that long I decided to show my very first scrapbook page, I did this one 9 years ago before I really new what I was doing.

As I have said it was the very first page, showing pictures of our first grandson/grandchild.  I have to say I am still not 100% perfect at doing my scrap book pages yet but I am so much better than I was here! but it won't ever redo it as it's a reminder of where it all started.

That's it for today, I am still trying to get through the ironing, again from both work and home- thankfully I don't mind ironing but oh boy I hate putting it away.
Have a good weekend what ever you are up too.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 6 June 2014


Very quick post to let you all know we are having a great time BUT we normally get wall to wall sunshine like this 

But we haven't been so lucky this year and we have had some of this?

But we are not made of sugar so we didn't melt, we have had a great time, chilled out and laugh a lot at each other, three over 60 year olds do do some stupid things without thinking.  

Well it's now Friday, the Internet is not so good this year as so many people have iPad etc so it's not always a good enough connection to be able to do anything, we are lying by the pool this morning as we have the kind of day we are use to - thank goodness, I don't do the sun but Patricia and Elaine do, so they are happy.    Yesterday we did a whistle stop tour of this part of Turkey we set off to town and got on a bus and after 8 buses in so many hours, lots of laughs and some of the most amazing views, we had travel over 150 miles.  We got back to Dalyan having had a fabulous day out, we were tried but what a fantastic day was had by all.
Well I will finish here as the connection is going again.

Hazel, Patricia and Elaine xxx