Monday, 26 May 2014


Good evening, how are you all?  I hope you are well if not here are some ((((hugs)))).  Thank you for all your comments on my gift bags, I still have to try and fit in time to make some more, but seeing how that's Monday nearly over I don't know  when I am going to get them done apart from staying up to all hours of the night.
To days card is the one I made to go with the Nappy Cake for daughters work colleague. Ava was born last night and Gillian was delivering it tonight.

7x5 prefolded card, topped with paper from a 12x12 pad I have had for ages. LOTV image I think as it was one that came from some I shared with Patricia, with a memory box die cut on the top that I hand cut round,  very simple card as asked for.
That's all for tonight have to go and get things ready for going to work in the morning - early start.  

Hazel xxx

Monday, 19 May 2014


Good morning, well after a busy day yesterday making up my Nappy Cake orders, which I have got to thank you all for your comments, I do love making these as I like to think of the joy they bring to the new parent/parents.    
 I was asked yesterday if I would like to make some of my Gift bags for a charity event that is being held to rise money for the Army benevolent Fund and Maggies Cancer Care.  Of course I am more than happy to support this event as is Patricia.  She is donating cards for sale, we are away while the event is on so Gillian my oldest will be dealing with things.  All money made from our sales will go to the funds.

These are a few of the bags I made up yesterday, added some die cuts from my box just to make them a bit different, also I made a couple of cards that go with the bag, will do a few more.  I have to get it all out of the way in the next few days as I want time to get ready for my holiday.  
Well that's all for today. 

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Good afternoon, and welcome to Sam Smithard.   Thank you for you all being understanding of me making you think that I had the view of the Loch to look at at work.  Yes the gardens are beautiful and I do have a lovely place to work at.
I have been busy making up Nappy Cake orders, yes the title tells you they are all Girl ones, three of them.    Two are for members of the team up at the Chemo Unit, so I have made them the same, that way on thinking that one has got more than the other.  The third one is for a couple of whom the Daddy works with my oldest daughter.

Oh I have had terrible problems getting these photos in the right place and order, I am just going to leave it as it is. The lemon and white contents are for the pink bear cakes, and the pink for the brown bear one.  
Not happy how this blog has turned out but I will be throwing my iPad out the window if I try to sort it out.  I have been at this for ages so time to stop and go and have a cup of tea.  
Hope you have all had a good weekend, take care.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Apologies to you all that thought from my photo of the Loch was what I saw from work, NO it's across the road, but saying that I only have to go down the drive and I pass it going in and out.  So I thought I would show you what I do see at work.  The house is in the old wall orchard.   So here are some photos of different areas within the walls.

Sorry was trying to put up a couple more photos but I just can't get them to load up but at least you can see I do have a lovely out look.  Patch and Chef are in the little paddock at the moment as the two of them love to escape into the big field, no matter how  Alison  the groom puts the electric fence those get out, but it is lovely when to open the gates to come in the drive the two of them are there to get a pet.
Sorry again sorry if I miss lead you all, the walk round the loch is beautiful, when the girls were babies I walked round it most days with them in their big pram it was a way of getting them to sleep, especially Anna she just didn't sleep that much, now I can't get her up out of her bed in a morning.
I am taking it easy today, I stood and ironing for such a long time yesterday that I am not doing much, the girls are in school dogs have been walked and washing is in the machine, so that it till I pick the girls up at 3 pm. Pony games aren't on tonight so the girls are going to do music practise then they can chill out, it will do them the world of good.
That it for today.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Good afternoon,  we started today off with a beautiful morning, blue skies and warm.  Now it's getting very dull and the sky is now grey, oh just what I need when the girls have tennis this afternoon.
Again I must thank you all for your lovely comments on my card.  I have used that die so much that I have order my own one now, that's the good thing about borrowing and seeing if you like a certain die or not, it's great.
I got a request asking if I could make something to put some hand knitted baby little cardigans into to make them into a lovely little gift that was different, so this is what I did.

Yes I used my new gift bag die again, I very simply embossed with SB dotty folder, added the rocking horse die.  I put a white one under the blue just off set.  And of coarse a pretty pink SW bow on the other one, now if I had had a pink rocking horse die cut I would have used that, but these were from Patricia  and I had used the pink ones up.  Tie some ribbon from stash added a Dummy embellishment and that was it.  Took me all of just over half an hour to make and do.

I thought I would share this photo taken yesterday at the Loch across from work, I just love this time of the year when all the young are about.

That's it for today, off now to get the girls from school and get them to tennis, well that's if it on seeing how it is now raining and we have had thunder.

Take care.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Good afternoon everyone,   I hope you have all had a reasonably good day with not to much rain, we have been lucky so far, but the sky is very black now, at least I got the washing dry so after I have done this it's a case of getting ironing board out and get it ironed and put away.

Tammy asked me to Thank You all for her birthday wishes.  That you all left along with your lovely comments.   She loved her card, bag & wallet, of course she loved the contents too.   We had a lovely afternoon. Cake and coffee was lovely too.

I am sorry to give you an over load of the dies used on today's card.    I have made this for my friends birthday. Now she always goes on about she wishes they were well enough off to be able to afford lots of diamonds, so I added lots of clear gems on to her card, hoping they will do instead of diamonds. ( the thought is there).

I embossed my 5x7 prefolded card with my trusty SB dotty folder, then backed my top piece with dark purple card  from paper direct.  The top piece was from a piece that I had cut the foliage out of for something else ( this was what decided me to make this card) didn't won't to waste it.  Cut my SW bow and ribbon strip out of the left over from the backing layer, added my gems and that's it. I love the simpleness of this card.
It's back to work tomorrow and another busy week, plus when Patricia and meet on Friday we went up to the Chemo Unit and The Maggies Centre at Ninewells to hand in a supply of nice biscuits for the tea trolleys, this is what we do from the profit of anything we sell.  Anyway I came away with 2 girl Nappy Cake orders which I need to get made up and delivered in the next week. I have most of what's required apart from a 2 little sun hats ( hopefully they will be needed) as both baby's are due next month.
Well I'd better not put off getting that ironing done, so I will finish here.
Take care.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Well here we are at the weekend again and a third of the way through May, scary or what.   Only good side of it is at the end of the month Patricia,Elaine and myself are off on holiday.   Here's hoping that we get our usual good weather and not what poor Patricia and John had.

Now today is our daughter Tammy's birthday,   It's doesn't seem like 37years ago I was in the little cottage hospital in Devizes giving birth to what I was told a very small baby, now our son was a small 5lbs 7ozs so yes he was small and they thought this one was going to be smaller. So I sat and knitted very small clothes, ( remember no scans back then)  to get a shock when told we had a beautiful baby daughter weighing 9lbs 4ozs.  Far from small and nothing fitted.  Now she complains that she was the biggest out of our three now she is the shortest.   Any way I got for my birthday the other day from son and daughter-inlaw  a gift bag die ( X Cut A4 die set) and some lovely papers, so of course I had to have a play, so made Tammy a card and bag, and a gift wallet.  So here they are.

I embossed my A4 card stock and prefolded card with SB dotty folder, I  cut out the foliage out of the bag front, then cut out the foliage again out of pale lilic card then stuck that piece of card inside the bag slightly of set of you could see the colour through the first die cut, used the cut outs on to her card, then just added the oval (cut out from bag) put peel off sentiment on.  Then thought I'd have a go to see if I could make a money wallet out of one side of the bag die, I am loving this bag die, it does come with a bow and gift tag die too.  I wish I had some organza ribbon in the pale lilic as I know it would have looked better, but never mind I have loads of the satin so satin it had to be. 

Off to meet up with Tammy this afternoon for coffee and cake.   Son-in-law and grandsons are going to the football after they have been out for lunch, so she is happy about that.  She feels she has a lovely birthday so far, seeing how they have just gone and bought a new car.  

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Lauren's card she was thrilled with it, we had bought her lots of new clothes ( being practical ) they get enough toys as it is, so we were treated to a fashion show by her - 4 going on 40 is our Lauren. 

Well I'd better get a move on and get bits done before I go out.  Have a lovely weekend what ever you are doing.   

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and if you aren't feeling too good here's some (((((hugs))))).
Thank you for all you lovely comments on my baby card, it's lovely reading them all.
Nothing much had been going on here, I had a nice relaxing weekend and I didn't have to go into work until 3pm yesterday, so all in all I had a lovely weekend, and the best bit is having big sister Patricia back from her holiday.  We tend to message or phone each other every day so 7 days of not speaking to her at some point has been strange.
To days card is one I have made for your little granddaughter, she will be 4 on Thursday, Lauren is a girly girl, but doesn't like frills and lots of bling.  Yes I have added some bling with a few gems but I think she will be ok with this.

I just love my LOTV images, and felt it was just right for Lauren's card.
SB Grand Nestabilities Decorative Elements
SW bow die
X Cut letters
Card and gems from stash.

That's all for today I have a few things to do before I go for the girls, tennis tonight so I won't be home before 7pm.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Good after noon.   Thank you again for your lovely comments on my snippet card.   Just thought I'd post another one of cards I have made as part of an order Tammy asked me to do for her.   
Had an early start again but managed to get a few jobs done before I took the girls to school and walked the dogs, so I got back home just around 10am and I don't have to go back till I pick the girls up. Pony club games practise tonight for Beth. She is part of the team that's going down to the Borders on Saturday, poor wee thing will be shattered come Sunday with us having so much on this week.     Not nice here at all,  it's pouring with rain and not very warm.  Anna is away hill walking with their school and a few others, it's all part of doing "The Munro Challenge " that they will do at the beginning of June, glad I don't have to do it in this weather, but she is all suited and booted as they say.  Thankfully she does a lot of hill walking with the family when they go to the borders, so she is use to it.   

Now for today's card.

A baby girl card.
I used SB scalloped edge die, the white die cut is one of a lot from Patricia, X cut for the other two cuts.  Tammy loves the feet image and she gave me the patterned card, she brought a pack of card back from when they were away but had ideas for using each sheet, I don't mind as I like what she picked.
Nothing else going on, I should - note I said should take the Hoover out and do some housework, but I can't be bothered and if I am lucky Charlie will do it when I go away to get the girls, if not it can wait till tomorrow.

Take care.

Hazel xxx