Monday, 14 April 2014


Good morning.  Well that's me back at work, and back to the old routine.   Went in thinking that mummy and Anna wouldn't be there. But no they had travelled all the way up from Warwick , mummy was able to get another mum and daughter plus the lady that runs the quiz side of things up here to share the trip using the big 7 seater of daddy's.  I did think that was the better idea as at first it was three drivers, but as usual you do get one who agrees then let's the bomb shell fall by saying they don't like driving on motorways like the M74, M 6 kind. Well from here in the east of Scotland to Warwick you have to use these motorways, so the driving was shared between two with the third mum doing nothing but sitting back and enjoying the trip, and said as she was dropped at her door that she was so tired.

Any way the girls did very well on the quiz coming in 7th , and as Anna said 10 places better than last year and they were over the moon with that place. Now there collage didn't get any where the judges spent lots of time talking to them about it, but it was won by a group who had made a model on a board with standing ponies jumps etc.  now last year the girls did a board like this as that was what was what they had to make, and wait for it. It was a cuddly toy won - a bit of moving the goal posts to fit who they wanted to win.  I might be wrong but Anna was saying that if they get next year they will do something totally different from what's asked for, not good when children feel like that, they didn't mind not winning as taking part is the fun, but when you stick to what is asked and the one that does different wins. Not good.

Today I am showing the gift I made for the high profile friend of my boss, now this lady is lovely I have known her since I started working with the family, she travels the world and spends a lot of time in people's home as well as hotels, so I was asked to make a full bag of mini products. 

The list of products is to long, I put in everything that I thought she might need, the two bags and hairbrush fitted into the purple bag .  She loved it and was amazed that I even put in a packet of painkillers etc, well when you travel you know yourself it's things like that you need.

Well I'd better make a move and attack a huge basket of ironing that I brought home, got out of the cleaners way. 
I am pleased you like my card and thank you for the lovely comments. 

Hazel xxx


  1. Lovely idea for a gift Hazel. Such a shame about the competition. As you say, it sounds as if they knew who they wanted to win and moved the goal post accordingly. Disappointing for all the children who followed the rules! Hugs Christine xx

  2. Beautiful gift idea Hazel. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Beautiful gifts Hazel, love the purple travel bag too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. My word! Hazel you fairly "pack" in some amount of goodies when you make up this type of gift.
    Love the purple bag.
    Try to put your feet up for a while this evening

    Patricia xx

  5. What a super gift Hazel for a lady on the go.
    Great idea.
    Had to smile about the travelling story. You always get one!
    Happy crafting.

    Hugs Erika. X

  6. What a fab idea for a gift and luvly to see how much thought and effort you put into making it so suitable for a lady on the go xx GailT xx

  7. wonderfully clever idea Hazel - no wonder the lady loved it! Hugs rachel x

  8. Wonderful gift Hazel, who would not love this.

  9. Hi Hazel, what a great idea for a gift for a traveller, love it! Hugs Carole Z X

  10. What a pity Hazel, after all the hard work the girls put into the project, so disappointing, but maybe they're right about next year's competition.
    Great gift bag, what a lot you manage to in too, like the idea of the pain killers, you just never know. Lovely colour of bags too, don't work too hard, hugs Kate X

  11. Love the giftbag Hazel and full of useful items. I'm with you on the children's collage, get so annoyed when that happens. I'm also with the lady tired at not driving on the M6, lol - it is worse being a passenger in the narrow lanes and I hated driving in them. Take good care. xx Flora

  12. Hi Hazel
    What a shame for the girls. They will be lucky if the kids keep entering at this rate.
    Your gift looks like my holiday wash bag, full of bits to cover every eventuality lol! My mates laugh at what I carry in my handbag, "just in case".
    Hope the leg is better.
    Ang x

  13. Aw, that's too bad for these young ladies who worked so hard on their projects and with such enthusiasm. A sad fact of life to learn so early, but at least they had the fun of creating and going to the show. Also a shame on the Mom who wimped out, but still elected to let someone else do her share. There's people like that all over. What a beautiful gift you made for the traveler. I'm sure she was delighted with all the thought you put into creating this wonderful travel package. It will be invaluable to her. And you packaged it up so beautifully too. Great gift idea for a traveler. Good for you. TFS & Happy Easter.