Saturday, 26 April 2014


Good afternoon, at least it's turned out good, listening to the rain on the roof during the night, I did wonder what we would get up to this morning.
Been a busy week and next week will be the same.  Mummy is away so it will be early starts all week and a few late finishes.   Summer activities start, tennis on Tuesdays and Beth has decided she would like to try her hand at " Horse Vaulting"  so that's on a Wednesday.   Now I am not keen on taking her as I will be on edge all the time, but she vaults on and off the Shetland pony ok but doing hand stands etc. on a horse! That's a different kettle of fish.
Any way on to todays card, Tammy wanted a card for a friend who just doesn't like fussy cards,  she was over here the other day handed me a pack of lovely card she had picked up while away. Took out a sheet of the card and asked if I could make the card using it, this is what I came up with.

The spotty card is from my Silent Night pad, the rose card is what Tammy gave me I embossed it with Sue Wilson's (Art Deco Fanfare) folder, cut two of the Memory Box Matrice De De'coupe die. One in white and one in the Silent Night card, put one behind the other.   The " Happy Birthday" is also a memory box die, I cut it to make two words.   Tammy was well pleased with it.

I have popped a little photo of what Beth hopes to do. It not the greatest of photos.  So you can see why I am not keen on watching her do this, ok it will be a while before she is at this stage! 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the " leaving card".  The girls like the teacher that has stepped in while they look for another teacher to start after the summer, but sadly Beth won't be going  back to the school then.  Mummy and daddy are moving her to another school, hopefully she will get the same teacher for a year.   Anna is of to high school this summer, so no problem with her. 

Well it looks like I will have to go and take the washing in it's getting very dark and rainy looking.  Bang goes me getting it all dried, ironed and put away today. Never mind that's life.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx


  1. This is stunning Hazel, love the design and colour. Well done.

    Its frightening stuff what they do on horses but I am sure safety will be a priority, children have no fear do they?

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. What a wonderful card Hazel, so pretty and touchable!! I am certain that the horses they use for vaulting will be used to the strange "goings on" on their backs. I wouldn't dare stand up on Surprise, I'd be in the next county in no time!! xx

  3. Afternoon Hazel what a beautiful card. I love the dies you have used there stunning. Love it. Xx
    Debs x

  4. Oh! Wow! Sis this is absolutely fantastic I love it all.
    The colour, papers and that magnificent central piece, beautiful, just beautiful.
    Knowing Beth it will not take her long to do what they are doing in the photo. Can just picture you watching ........ your hands up over your face looking through slightly open fingers!!!

    Patricia xxx

  5. Fab card Hazel, love your combination of embossing and die cutting. Those MB dies are so addictive. Sending hugs to quiet the butterflies, I couldn't do that with something that has a will of it's own. xx Flora

  6. a beautiful card Hazel - really fabulous! that photo looks amazing but I understand your reluctance - I'd be terrified if one of mine wanted to do this lol! Hugs rachel x

  7. Hi Hazel
    Wow, this is sooooo fab. Beautiful papers, great die so no wonder Tammy was pleased.
    Thank goodness you clarified things. When you said "Horse Vaulting" I had visions of Dobbin in Lycra, somersaulting down a mat, hahaha!
    Enjoy the weekend before your busy week.
    Ang x

  8. Stunning card - luv it xx the colour of the papers/card is fab and the die cuts - simple but elegant xx no rest for you then and I can understand why you don't like the idea of watching the horse vaulting looks brill but scary!! xx Mrs Duck what are you like xx GailT xx

  9. Your card is beautiful Hazel. I love the elegant design and delicate colours.
    Oh my goodness, no wonder you are reluctant to watch Beth! It sounds like she is very confident about doing it so I am sure she will be fine.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Sue xx

  10. Your card is beautiful Hazel, very elegant! I did a bit of pony vaulting as a child, it was fun but I soon realised I was more interested in dressage & show'll be fine! Hugs Carole Zxx

  11. hi Hazel, love your beautiful card, such a lovely colour and those die cutts look beautiful.
    so glad my Grandchildren were not interested in horses..

  12. Hazel what a wonderful card design. I have to agree with you standing on running horse does not seem wise.

    Hugs Diane

  13. My goodness Hazel, you certainly lead a busy life. I adore your beautiful card. It really is so stunning. Love that die. Enjoy your week. Hugs Rita xxx

  14. What a lovely, elegant card.


  15. I know what you mean Hazel, my heart would be in my mouth watching this. When I went to riding a number of years ago, the wee girls at the pony club used to do this, it's amazing but, well riding is a dangerous sport anyway without taking these risks. However I,m sure Beth will do well.
    Now to your card, is is stunning, gorgeous dies and the papers soft colours are beautiful.
    Ailstair is having a great day with me not talking much, throat is croaking like anything after last night, hugs Kate x

  16. Hazel, beautiful card. Love the way you've allowed the MB die to be the focal image, in the pretty color that you selected. The die flourish was a wonderful way to draw the eye in to that embossing on the background paper. The cutting apart of the sentiment and placing as you did, was terrific design, and kept the eye moving around the card. Also enjoyed the picture of the littles & the horse. No, don't think I'd want to see a loved one doing such, but I'm sure your charge will be practice perfect before she's allowed to attempt this feat. Amazing that kids can do such things. Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. TFS & Happy Sunday.

  17. A fabulous card Hazel.

    Love that centre die very much.

    I am sure your friend will think her card is fabulous .. .. who wouldn't?!?!

    I would be on tender-hooks like you watching those horse acrobatics!!

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  18. Oooh Hazel - this is really gorgeous, I love your choice of papers and the die is perfect! This is a super card.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  19. Fabulous card Hazel, love it!

    Warm hugs

  20. Wonderful card Hazel what a fab die cut! I can see why you would be nervous watching Beth - I would have my eyes closed. Susan xx

  21. I think I'd be a little concerned watching Beth doing that too. Bit like watching my boys play rugby....the only time I've had to take them to A & E too!

    Love your card, great soft colours and I LOVE the die in the centre. Sue Wilson had a lot to answer wish list just keeps getting bigger!

    Hugs Erika.