Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Well I was going to say good evening but it's far from that here in Fife, it's pouring with rain and very cold. Now yesterday was beautiful with the temp of 19c today 5.5c big difference.
Thank you for all your comments on my last card and as promised I am showing you the one I made from the left over bits.

As I said I have made this from the bits that was left over, plus I added an extra die cut another one borrowed from Patricia, some ribbon and a pearl from my stash. Very simple but I feel it's effective.  

Now as you all know Beth was wanting to try her hand at "Horse Vaulting" well it's not a great photo but this is Beth on the back of a very big 16.3hand horse, after half an hour, if I knew  how to get the little video up on here that I took it would show you her balancing on one knee.  They did ask if she had done it before - answer NO.  But she loved every minute had a smile on her face from ear to ear. So it looks like this will be what we will be doing every Wednesday. 
Been a long day I had to be in for 7 am today and got home at 6.35pm and didn't get the time off  in between that I thought I would, to much to do. Another long day tomorrow so I am having an early night. 

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Good afternoon, and it is a beautiful one here and warm.   You just don't know what the weather will be from one day to the other.   I am hoping it will stay nice as the girls have tennis tonight, I haven't taken them to this club before so I don't know if  there is some where out of the wind for me to sit and watch.  I was going to go shopping at the local supermarket while they were having the lesson, but I decided to give that a miss this week till I see how things are.
To days card is another one of an order from my youngest daughter Tammy -- I do keep telling her she could make her own, her answer  -" you enjoy making them I don't."  Any way request was for white with pink, your design, but I like the one you made as a leaving card.  This is what I came up with.

As you can see I have again used Sue Wilson's Spanish and bow dies, back ground is her embossing folder.  Art Deco.  The two die cuts in the centre are ones I borrowed from Patricia and they were just in an unmarked  folder.  The pink back ground is Stamping Up Card.  And the white is some linen effect card from my stash, don't know where or even when I bought it.

On my next post I will show you a card I have made from left overs from this one Tammy very pleased with this one and the one from the left overs. Tammy didn't want me to put a sentiment on yet  we will do that when they are to be sent off.
That's it for today.  I have a new follower , I have to work out who you are  but welcome and thank you for coming and seeing what I get up to.  Also thank you for all the lovely comments left on my last card, and for all of you agreeing that I will have to make sure I take my blood pressure tablets and also that I just don't watch her.  She is so excited and can't wait for tomorrow evening.
Take care and (((((hugs))))) to those who did them.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Good afternoon, at least it's turned out good, listening to the rain on the roof during the night, I did wonder what we would get up to this morning.
Been a busy week and next week will be the same.  Mummy is away so it will be early starts all week and a few late finishes.   Summer activities start, tennis on Tuesdays and Beth has decided she would like to try her hand at " Horse Vaulting"  so that's on a Wednesday.   Now I am not keen on taking her as I will be on edge all the time, but she vaults on and off the Shetland pony ok but doing hand stands etc. on a horse! That's a different kettle of fish.
Any way on to todays card, Tammy wanted a card for a friend who just doesn't like fussy cards,  she was over here the other day handed me a pack of lovely card she had picked up while away. Took out a sheet of the card and asked if I could make the card using it, this is what I came up with.

The spotty card is from my Silent Night pad, the rose card is what Tammy gave me I embossed it with Sue Wilson's (Art Deco Fanfare) folder, cut two of the Memory Box Matrice De De'coupe die. One in white and one in the Silent Night card, put one behind the other.   The " Happy Birthday" is also a memory box die, I cut it to make two words.   Tammy was well pleased with it.

I have popped a little photo of what Beth hopes to do. It not the greatest of photos.  So you can see why I am not keen on watching her do this, ok it will be a while before she is at this stage! 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the " leaving card".  The girls like the teacher that has stepped in while they look for another teacher to start after the summer, but sadly Beth won't be going  back to the school then.  Mummy and daddy are moving her to another school, hopefully she will get the same teacher for a year.   Anna is of to high school this summer, so no problem with her. 

Well it looks like I will have to go and take the washing in it's getting very dark and rainy looking.  Bang goes me getting it all dried, ironed and put away today. Never mind that's life.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Good evening,  I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow where has the week gone???  I have had a busy week back at work, mainly with ironing, it's times like this that I kind of regret saying 12years ago when I only had Anna's ironing to do that I would do all the ironing, how stupid was I ???  Little baby clothes, and she was little, now she is 5ft 4ins. Plus I am sure they most have been changing twice a day while I was off as there was a mountain of the stuff and of coarse it gets added to every day.
Went to the Easter service for the school this after noon - when did they stop  doing the true meaning of Easter?  The little ones did a play about the selfish giant.   When was that to do with Easter ??? I must be getting old!!! Well I am that but?
Now the school got a new teacher at the beginning of the new school year, she was a very good teacher and at the end of last term it was announced that she was leaving today, now poor Beth is just 9 and she has not yet had the same teacher for a whole year, we were hoping she would get that this year.   Anyway the girls made her a Oragami box and asked if I would make a card.  I remember this at 9.30pm last night - panic! So this is what I came up with, sorry I use my new Sue Wilson again, for one is so nice to work with.

It was a very quick and easy card to do, I die cut into my pre folded card, backed it with purple Lidl card, die cut the Sue Wilson bow die and the centre of the Granada one out of the same Lidl card, added three gems from my stash, I also had the white centre which I added the sentiment.   
 " Sorry you are Leaving"  but I left it off just incase the girls didn't like this card as I would have been able  to use it for another occasion.   They loved it and so did Mrs Brown.

Now this is the box the girls made, I have got to say they are both getting very good at making these, the roses are thanks to Patricia, the girls had asked her if she would be kind enough to make them some.   I think they made a lovely box, and again Mrs Brown loved it.

Well that's it for tonight I think an early night is required, girls off tomorrow and I have the lovely job of taking Anna to get, well she is hoping to get some Dr Martin boots, now this is might end in disappointment, as Anna takes size 8 - not small footed is our Anna and she has narrow feet at that, I kind of know she won't get them, but you can't tell her, but she doesn't like uncomfortable foot wear so I know she won't have them if they don't feel right. Thank goodness.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my card for Elaine and Doug.  
Have a lovely Easter. 

Hazel xxx

Monday, 14 April 2014


Good morning.  Well that's me back at work, and back to the old routine.   Went in thinking that mummy and Anna wouldn't be there. But no they had travelled all the way up from Warwick , mummy was able to get another mum and daughter plus the lady that runs the quiz side of things up here to share the trip using the big 7 seater of daddy's.  I did think that was the better idea as at first it was three drivers, but as usual you do get one who agrees then let's the bomb shell fall by saying they don't like driving on motorways like the M74, M 6 kind. Well from here in the east of Scotland to Warwick you have to use these motorways, so the driving was shared between two with the third mum doing nothing but sitting back and enjoying the trip, and said as she was dropped at her door that she was so tired.

Any way the girls did very well on the quiz coming in 7th , and as Anna said 10 places better than last year and they were over the moon with that place. Now there collage didn't get any where the judges spent lots of time talking to them about it, but it was won by a group who had made a model on a board with standing ponies jumps etc.  now last year the girls did a board like this as that was what was what they had to make, and wait for it. It was a cuddly toy won - a bit of moving the goal posts to fit who they wanted to win.  I might be wrong but Anna was saying that if they get next year they will do something totally different from what's asked for, not good when children feel like that, they didn't mind not winning as taking part is the fun, but when you stick to what is asked and the one that does different wins. Not good.

Today I am showing the gift I made for the high profile friend of my boss, now this lady is lovely I have known her since I started working with the family, she travels the world and spends a lot of time in people's home as well as hotels, so I was asked to make a full bag of mini products. 

The list of products is to long, I put in everything that I thought she might need, the two bags and hairbrush fitted into the purple bag .  She loved it and was amazed that I even put in a packet of painkillers etc, well when you travel you know yourself it's things like that you need.

Well I'd better make a move and attack a huge basket of ironing that I brought home, got out of the cleaners way. 
I am pleased you like my card and thank you for the lovely comments. 

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Good afternoon, very windy here in Fife but it's dry and that's all that matters.  Thought I'd post the card I have made for Elaine and Doug  congratulating them on the birth of their new Grand daughter. I have used the Sue Wilson Granada die as it's so pretty.

I think the card is self  explanatory, so won't bore with you listing everything ( being lazy I know)  making the most of the last few hours of my week off.  Back to getting up at 5.30 am to get ready for going in for 7.15am.  Mummy and Anna are stopping off at the borders for the night.  A long drive up from Warwick and they might not get away from the college until tea time, so for safety they will stop around 11pm. Then get up early and get home so that Anna can go to school after lunch.  Beth has been with daddy so I have to go in to let him get to work.  Now I have no idea what in store for me so that's why I am making the most of being lazy.

Gillian's cat is fine he just needed another coarse of the tablets he was on.  Vet  is hoping that will be him back to good health, well as good as an 18 year old cat can be.  Gillian knows he needs to be kept an eye on for just things connected with his age.

Well that's it for today. I don't know if I will get time to post for the next few days.  Thank you for all your comments, I just love reading them all.

Hazel xx

Friday, 11 April 2014


Good afternoon.   Firstly thank you for all your lovely comments on the  " PONY CLUB " board.  The girls are thrilled with them all, here's hoping the judges like what they have done!!!   I will let you all know next week.
I have enjoyed my time off it's been good just doing what I want to do with on clock watching?
For Mother's Day my youngest daughter Tammy and husband gave me a gift voucher for our lovely local craft shop with the instruction I had to buy a very pretty die as part of it. So I did and this is one of the cards I made.

It is black and pink, but I think it's looking more brown and black card is from my Noir et Chic 12x12 pad, the pink I think is from a packet of 160 gm.  Black ribbon and gems from stash.
I bought one of the Sue Wilson Spanish collection ( Granada)  and I already had the bow die.  Now I have to say the Granada die cut beautifully and I enjoyed using it.

Well I am off to collect daughters elderly cat and take him to the vets he's not very well and old age isn't helping, ( he has a water infection )  he such a sweet old man.
So that's all for today hope you are all well and if not here are some (((((hugs)))))

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Good morning.   Sorry I haven't been around everyone's blog or posted anything for a good few days, but it have been busy firstly having to work full time and I have been helping the girls and their friends in the Pony Club quiz team make up a collage.  They have got through to the Nationals that take place this weekend down in Warwick.  One of the things they have to do is make a collage of what the Pony Club means to them, now Anna and Hannah the groom at works daughter wanted to do something different where as the other two thought just a load of photographs of different events. This is where I was asked to help to put there ideas together and keep the peace.  This is what I got them to do.

My main in put was to give them ideas of how to put it together using all their ideas, Anna and Hannah wanted to use a jumper, but that would have meant using one of the their jumpers which they need to wear, an old one wouldn't have the badges so!  I just happened to have some of Lidl black card left two sheets were used, I photographed a jumper to get the logo, but wanted it to have a bit of a look like it was a proper jumper so made a little runkle in the front of the jumper before I took the photo.   Printed off the logo had to go over the black with felt tip to get it black enough, did the same with the sleeve badges just cut them as squares and stuck them in place.  Made the shirt collar from white card and printed out the tie and cut it down to fit. I also die cut lots of letters out I the Pony Club colours for them to use . We printed out another tie badges etc. then they did the rest which I 
think they have done very well considering Anna is 12 and Hannah 15 , they hand wrote a couple of to do list of things that they would need to take on days away with their ponies, a nice touch I thought, so here's hoping the others  like it, then again they weren't prepared to come and help put it together that was down to Anna and Hannah.  
Off now to finish off a gift order this has caused it's own problems as it's for a high profile London lady and I was asked to use very good products, now if I could get Molton Brown products I would have used them , but Edinburgh is to far to go to.  So I have done my best.  I have also got a nappy cake to make, a new granny bag and another little gift all to be done by the end of the day.  Thank goodness I am off on holiday.   
Have a good day.  Thank you for all your comments on my pop up card.  
Hazel xxx