Monday, 31 March 2014


Good afternoon,  well I say good lightly as it's far from good here!!!  A right dull damp day infact.   I am working from home today as one would say.   Girls and mummy away to north of Aberdeen to a Shetland pony training day.   I was asked to attack some of the toy boxes, how many times do I do this?  And they are as bad within weeks.  This time I have been ruthless and binned loads. I took the boxes home as Nancy the cleaner is in today and that wouldn't be fair on her me making a mess.  Now I have spent  two and half hours so far black sack full going to charity, another to the nursery full of play dough shapes etc. and a very full one going to the skip.  I haven't done nearly half of the boxes they have.  The others are full of playmobil and ponies, wooden bits for the toy stables so they will take hours to do, they can help.  The ones I have done are the ones that seem to be full of rubbish.
Now my card today is my take on a pop up card box, Patricia gave me insturctions on how to do them,  so rather than cut bits and pieces from new, I have used bits from my bit box.  Not nearly got it     right but as a first go it's ok and was fun to do. Will work on the design till I get it to how I want it to be.

All made out of bits. 

Well I'd better get back to work, break over will get these boxes back to the house and do what is needed done there.
Have a good afternoon what ever you are up to and thank you again for all your lovely comments on my last card, I do appreciate them all. 

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Good afternoon everyone and thank you for calling in to see what I have been up to!   Well I certainly haven't been doing much crafting, by the time I have been getting home from work last week had tea it was to late to start doing anything.   Plus I spent lots of time decluttering Anna's bedroom.  Erika ( Snappycrafts)  always goes on about putting her mountaineering gear on to attack her ironing pile, well believe you me I needed mine on to tackle the mountain of  junk and rubbish in Anna's room. Oh why do they want to keep all those things they like to keep???  Anyway her room WAS all tidy and hoovered to an inch of its life when I left on Friday, BUT I won't expect to see it like that tomorrow.
The other thing I had to do last week was go out with Beth while she  exercised her Shetland pony, he is entered into the "Shetland Pony Grand National at the Pony Club"soon, so he is in training according to Beth, Anna usual does this with her.

Note the" Goggles" all jockeys wear goggles - Beth's words.

My card today is for Tammy my youngest daughter  Godmothers granddaughter, ( oh that was a mouth full) Jessica has to go through a lot of tests as she suffers from Crohn's  disease, she takes it all in her stride and is only 11. So I sent her this card.

Sorry for the shadows around the bow, but no matter what I did there was a shadow.  An LOTV image,  embossed my prefolded card and added a little bow, nothing fancy. 
Off now to get the washing in, I do love when I can get it out to dry, will get it ironed later.
It's back to work tomorrow, and before I know it it will be Friday again, the weeks are just flying by.
Take care and thank you for all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 17 March 2014


Good morning from a sunny East Fife.   Thank you for all your well wishes to both Charlie and I while we have been a bit under the weather, I am pleased to say we are on the mend, and hopefully that's the end of the nasty bugs.
Well I have just been away seeing Anna off on the bus with the rest of the P5,6&7. They are away till Friday at an out door centre - the weather is not meant to be to good for the next few days.   We packed her off with lots of plastic bags to put all the wet dirty clothes in.

Today's card is for friends whom we have known for nearly 40 years ( ex forces) like us they moved many times in those days but have lived in this last house for 26 years and are now down sizeing, now that's not so easy to do after all this time.  When you move every couple of years you do clear out often but when you stop moving you stop clearing out as our friends have found out, lots of skip runs with things they forgot they had put in the loft.  Thankfully I have the policy that if we haven't used it or worn it for 2years we don't need it, so it goes.  But saying that my craft things come under a different category of it will be needed at some point.

7x5 pre cut card, embossed with SB spotty folder, purple backing card Lidl's and my favourite LOTV image.  Hand written "New Home".
Well I'd better make a move and get some house work done.  Thank you for all your comments they are appreciated.

Have a good day what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Good afternoon.  Firstly I want to say sorry that I haven't been commenting on your blogs for a few days.   Life has been busy, firstly husband took ill with a very nasty chest infection, which saw him in A&E at the beginning of last week.  Have to say it was a bit worrying seeing him unable to get breath, after a large dose of antibiotics he is now ok.  Always say to him what does he does he do with  his self while I am at work- well I now know that he does do quite a bit as I have found out as I have had to do those things that he does.  Plus I have had to see to cooking my own tea too. So I will take it all back.  Then Patricia, Elaine, Jenny and I were at Glasgow on Saturday. Great day out just disappointed with what was on offer at the show, never mind more pennies to spend another time. The thing I came home with that wasn't planed was picking up a really awful cold.  I don't get colds that often but oh boy I have got a right one this time.  So commenting just hasn't been top of the list.
Made this very simple birthday card last weekend, was just again playing with bits.

A 5x7 card, papers from my stash and memory box Happy Birthday.

These girly kind of birthday cards are always needed. 

That's all for today.  Thank you for all your lovely comments once again. Yes I never thought this blogging would be so addictive but I love commenting and reading what's going on with every one.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 1 March 2014

MY 100th POST.

Good afternoon.  Well who would have said I would be doing my 100th post. When back when I set up my blog some 7months ago I nearly was pulling my hair out and ready to give up there and then. But Patricia just kept telling me to keep trying and I would get there in the end.   Ok yes I got there but don't ask me to link to challenges etc.  thats way beyond me.  At least I can post and that's the main thing.   Also many thanks to all who leave me all these lovely comments it has made it all worth it, I do appreciate them all and love reading every one of them so again a big THANK YOU.            , I don't know what your weather is like but we have a beautiful sunny spring day here.   Due to Charlie having this terrible cough and cold that's going around I had to take Harris for his walk this morning.  Charlie walks Harris while I walk the dogs at work during the week, weekends while Charlie is out walking Harris I get a good bit of housework done with out the two of them getting in the way.  I didn't mind having to do it, I was out by 7.30am and enjoyed our walk, then I had to go and open up daughters house and feed the cats, fish and mice plus let the chickens out, Gillian is away down south to see her boyfriend.  Who says that when they leave home life is easier-not with my lot, mum is still needed, but they do appreciate what we do for them, thankfully Gillian only lives a few miles from us.
Got away early from work yesterday, as granny was up for the weekend.  Nice to be home by 3.45pm on a Friday. Didn't do anything last night just put my feet up, and I enjoyed doing nothing.
I have been playing seeing what I could do with the new shared bits Patricia gave me on Wednesday.
Here are two I have finished.

The back ground SB Diamond Effects is Patricia's and I am liking this set very much.the purple Memory Box Bali Corner die is my own, the white die cut is one Patricia had cut and gave me so don't know who is by.  And the strip along the bottom is part of the new Sue Wilson Bow Die, it's cuts beautifully. 

This one  I have embossed with Couture Creations Large Joes Garden folder.the stripped background paper is from my stash and is by Rebekka Erickson.   I again have used a LOTV image and finished it with one of the new Sue Wilson bows, I have left the sentiment off as I have made this one ready to use if and when my next door neighbours son and partners baby arrives in the next week or so. They don't know what they are having so I will get a girl one ready too. 
Well that's all for just now. Off to get the washing in off the line, so nice to get it dried outside.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your week end.

Hazel xxx