Friday, 14 February 2014


Good morning, you can see by my title this is a request from Beth, she wanted me to put the Birthday card she made for her mummy up on my blog.   She loves looking to see what you all have made, so I decided I would put it on for today.

She started with a 5x7 card which she got me to emboss using one borrowed from Patricia, then she made up her flower from bits that I had already cut from my aster die (no surprise there). Then came the difficult part what to choose next from my box of bits, I think the pink back ground piece is from a SB die but don't take my word and the next is one that Patricia gave me, the butter fly is memory box on the top bottom one again is from Patricia.   She stamped inside Birthday Wishes.  On the whole I think she has done very well and seeing how she is just coming up to 9yrs I do think I will have to watch out on the card making, nice to see crafts being passed on.  

Off to the dentist with the two of them Anna not happy she is trying to tell me it's only Thursday - doesn't work with me, she hates doctors and dentists yet you would think with Daddy and Mummy being doctors along with uncles etc. she would be fine about it plus she wants to be a surgeon. 
Any way I hope you are all safe and well, Mary I do hope you don't get the snow fall of those upper state folk are getting and for those of you in the south of here I will keep my fingers crossed that the rain and wind don't turn out like they are saying. Us in the north look like we are in for bad weather, forecast is terrible.  Better go lots to get done after dentist.
Thank you for calling in and leaving your lovely comments.

Hazel and Beth xxx


  1. You have taught Beth well Hazel what a lovely card!! Dentist for us today as well, though we may need to get the boat out as it's later in the day!! xx

  2. gorgeous card by Beth - well done!!! Hope the dentists went okay - I really don't like going but its a necessary evil! xx

  3. The dentist is very different from a doctor Hazel!! Lol! Anyway, she has made a lovely card and will be so pleased to see it "published", as it were. Love and hugs Christine xx

  4. Hi Hazel she has done a fabulous job. Yuck I was at the dentist on Monday so they have my sympathy! Susan x

  5. Hello Beth, what a lovely card for your mum, your design and colours are wonderful, I really think Hazel has an apprentice in crafting.
    Hi Haxel, hasn't Beth done well, your guidance is paying off.
    Good luck at the dentist, a necessary evil, hugs Kate x

  6. Well Hazel, it took you long enough to take the plunge into making certainly have not taken long in passing on the skills you have learned. Beth has made a fantastic job of her beautiful card. Here mummy will be over the moon with her wonderful efforts.
    Good luck with the dentist
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xx

  7. Beth's card is gorgeous. I love her pretty design and beautiful flower.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Sue xx

  8. Hi Hazel, tell Beth well done, beautiful card.

  9. Wow Beth, this is beautiful! I bet Mum will be thrilled, well done! Hugs Carole Z X

  10. Hi Hazel
    Finally catching up with everything I have missed during the last few days and wow, well done Beth. Obviously, your craftyness is having a mahoosive influence as this is fab.
    Have to say, I'm with Beth on Drs and dentists, especially as my dentist is called Christopher Lee lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  11. Oops, that should have been I'm with Anna. x

  12. What a delightful & beautiful card. I know you & Beth had such fun making this card, and how talented are you both to come up with the lovely creation. I'm sure that her Mommy was overwhelmed - a handmade card is always much loved by Mother. Made more so by the fact that a special someone she loves took the time & effort to make just for her birthday! TFS & Thank Beth as well. She did a marvelous job on this card.