Sunday, 23 February 2014


Well it's Sunday again and a bit of a wild one here, it was dry up until half an hour ago and I did manage to get two loads of washing dry, granted I had to repeg it back on to the line a couple of times, bedding is in the machine but that will have to be tumble dried, never mind it can't be helped.
I would like to welcome my latest follower Helen ( the Die cut Diva) thank you Helen for coming and having a look at what I get up to and also thank you for your lovely comment on my Nappy Cake where all my crafting started making these and my gift baskets. Of course thank you to all who leave those lovely comments.
I was hoping to show the card I had made using one of the Sue Wilson new bow die cuts that Patricia had given to me, but it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked so it's been put to one side. Today's card is one that I have been having a little play painting my embossed back ground, I did another one using colouring pencils then found a box of water colour paints in one of my cupboards and decided to have a go.

Now this won't get used it was just me seeing what painting the embossed pattern would turn out like - needs to be worked on a good bit, but has showed me that it can be done.  The embossing folder is a Couture creations one called Super Plush. I added some ribbon and a butterfly.   I will work on doing another one, for one thing sitting painting it was relaxing.
I hope you have had a good weekend what ever you have been doing, I have to say I have been lazy and have done not a lot, no reason for not doing much apart from I just decided I wasn't running around doing loads for once.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Good evening, and thank you for coming to see what I have been up to. As you know I received an order yesterday for a nappy cake and card, well is all done and delivered to a happy customer.
Meet Patricia to day gave her most of her dies and folders back and received a bag of goodies back. In it was some die cuts of Sue Wilson's new dies - oh I can't wait to have a play with these, my things I bought at the Stamping Up Workshop were in there too so all in all a really good bag of goodies.

Oh dear I am having problems getting my photos to where I want them to be sorry, one of those nights . You can see from the photos what I put in the box   , note to one self don't use any other make of nappies other than Morrisions . They just seem to roll up better.  I covered the box and nappies with a Muslin tied three lengths of ribbon round then clinged it all up .  I always make the look of my cakes like this . So regardless of how little or much goes into the box depending on the budget I have
been given.   Now my card is another LOTV image, I kept it very simple as I think the LOTV image is all it really needs.

That's it for tonight I think it's time I put my feet up for a little while before it's bedtime, early start tomorrow and a long day. Thank you for all your lovely comments again.
Have a good day tomorrow what ever you are up too.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Good afternoon,and welcome to my newest follower Margaret Thank you for coming and having a look and becoming a follower. Now I should be working, well I am at work.   Girls have a friend round for a play and tea. They are busy playing up stairs I am no even going to look up there put it that way.  The other day I asked them to sort out a box that was sitting in the spare bedroom, it turned out to be full of "My Little Ponies" needless to say they didn't sort it out but started to play with the ponies they had loads of fun and now the three of them are playing with them.  I do think toys that are put away then brought back out are always played with again for a while where as left in the playroom they just stay there doing nothing.
Tea is all prepared and just needs heated up and some garlic bread put in the oven, so I am just taking 5 mins out to start writing this up.  I will likely get home about 6.45pm as I have to take Robyn home on my way home not far but slightly out of my way. So I can't see me doing much after we eat tonight.

I had a little play trying out different things using die cuts and bits and this is what I came up with.

I cut out 2 of the SB squares( my own) for a change, then cut out the oval again one of my own. Used part of the tonic die cut - made a mess of the other bit but didn't want to discard the good bits' added a few flat back gems and that's it. Again one that can be used for different occasions. 
I started this with good afternoon and it's now evening, I had three girls asking at 4.30 if tea was to be much longer as they were "Hungry" so what else can one do but feed them.  Then I got a phone called could I make up a Nappy Cake for tomorrow.  Well at 5o 'clock on a Tuesday my brain is going oh no   but my voice is saying on the phone "that's not a problem" it's for a girl lots of pink please was asked for, came home and the first thing was check stock and would you believe it I only have two nappies Ah!!!  Been a basket no problem don't need to put nappies it, but this is a cake that requires 16-18 of them. A trip to Tesco  to solve the problem the rest I have. 
So I will remember to photograph this one and I will make a card to go with it.  So my evening of doing very little has turned out to be a busy one.
Thank you for all your comment they are appreciated. Keep safe and dry, I know that's hard with the weather at the moment, but don't go out if you don't need too.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Well here we are back to Sunday once again where did the week go? The only good thing with the weeks going so quickly is that we will be into spring soon!!! Well I can live in hope!!!  We had a big fall of snow late on Friday afternoon to the point I had to brush it off my car before I could leave for home no joking a good inch and a half had settled, yet we woke up yesterday to nothing and it turned out a beautiful day.  Now it's a lovely morning so far but you never know what it will be like by lunch time, we will just wait and see.
Now I want to thank those who left comments for Beth on her card.  She, I know doubt will have looked at my blog over the weekend and seen them for herself, you should have seen the smile on her face on Friday when I showed her that she had. 4.  I wish I could have shown on here the brilliant power point presentation she had done with her holiday project.  She had the words dancing across the pages, photos of her falling over bouncing on to the page you name it she had done it.  I did think her chocolate project presentation was good but oh boy this one was amazing.  Now Anna on the other hand just hand wrote hers, don't get me wrong I am all for hand written projects and she does put lots into it, but you would expect the 11years old to do the power point one and the 9 year old the hand written one. Beth is one of these little girls that if she enjoys doing something she puts her heart into it, she had so much fun making her mummy's card, but more so she loved using my GC. I had to help as she isn't the biggest of children and turning the handle was hard for her - now she is talking about that a child's cuttlebug would make a good birthday present.
Now my card is just one for my box,

I was playing with the Tonic die that Patricia had let me borrow, I felt that my card didn't need much more on it yet I could use it for different occasions.  I have cut a few of this die out for use later on. But do think I will buy it, will just add it to the list.  Maybe it's just as well I am still working.  
The girls didn't need anything doing at the dentist by the way.  they never do. 
I'd better make a move, the housework won't do its self (if only) and it's ok making cards and using my GC but oh boy you would think there had been a wedding in my spare room.
Take care, wrap up warm and stay safe. 

Hazel xxx

Friday, 14 February 2014


Good morning, you can see by my title this is a request from Beth, she wanted me to put the Birthday card she made for her mummy up on my blog.   She loves looking to see what you all have made, so I decided I would put it on for today.

She started with a 5x7 card which she got me to emboss using one borrowed from Patricia, then she made up her flower from bits that I had already cut from my aster die (no surprise there). Then came the difficult part what to choose next from my box of bits, I think the pink back ground piece is from a SB die but don't take my word and the next is one that Patricia gave me, the butter fly is memory box on the top bottom one again is from Patricia.   She stamped inside Birthday Wishes.  On the whole I think she has done very well and seeing how she is just coming up to 9yrs I do think I will have to watch out on the card making, nice to see crafts being passed on.  

Off to the dentist with the two of them Anna not happy she is trying to tell me it's only Thursday - doesn't work with me, she hates doctors and dentists yet you would think with Daddy and Mummy being doctors along with uncles etc. she would be fine about it plus she wants to be a surgeon. 
Any way I hope you are all safe and well, Mary I do hope you don't get the snow fall of those upper state folk are getting and for those of you in the south of here I will keep my fingers crossed that the rain and wind don't turn out like they are saying. Us in the north look like we are in for bad weather, forecast is terrible.  Better go lots to get done after dentist.
Thank you for calling in and leaving your lovely comments.

Hazel and Beth xxx

Monday, 10 February 2014


Good after noon, things still not getting better for these poor people in the south, infact it seems to be getting worse! Here in Fife it's a really nice day with the sun still out.  Have got a couple of loads of  holiday washing out and is drying, thankfully 90% of it can just be folded and put away.
Thank you for all your comments on my "Thank You " card, I do love reading them all.    Today's card is one I was asked to make when I was asked to make up the photo frame for the nusery.  They asked for something simple with a banner across that was as large as I could make it yet still keeping it nice, this is what I came up with.

Cut two SB Elegant labels 4, embossed the white one with a folder that is on loan from Patricia, cut my asters from tissue (this is tissue from Ikea ) lovely colours and nice to work with I even cut the green leaves out of tissue too. Hand cut the banner and used peel offs.  Didn't take to long, I think making sure all the bits were out of the SB dies took more time than anything.
I am still recovering from all my hugs I got this morning, they both never stopped talking till I sent them up the hill to school, needless to say Beth was telling me about the great time she had on the Black runs and over jumps ( no fear) that's her. Plus of course I also was getting told of all the silly things that had been going on. Poor mummy I think they did a lot of leg pulling with her.
By the way Tiger was very good no problems at all, and was very well behaved at the vets. I did try to get a photo of her as she is a sweet little long haired cat, but no she wasn't having any of that. 
I am away to have a cup of tea then it will be time to pick the girls up Beth goes to Cello first then it's off to piano with Anna, I should be finished by 6.45pm with any luck.
Take care 
Hazel xxx

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Good afternoon.  It's back to work for me tomorrow and I know I will be busy, so I thought I would show you the thank you card that I made for Lauren the lovely young girl who has been house/dog sitting at work.  This card is from the dogs  ( very clever they are asked me to make this) haha. I just thought it would be a extra thank you for Lauren.  I got the idea from when I was at our Stamping Up day, this is one of our makes.
Very simple but a lovely little gift.
This is my take for Lauren 
 I embossed the card with a SB heart folder, using the large heart side, then I ran my red card through using the small heart side hand cut out my heart shape and also hand cut and wrote my sentiment. Added the two small chocolate bars, nothing to it but just a small fun thank you card.

Off soon to see to the dogs and make sure the stove fire is ok, I have done the shopping to save them stopping off to pick up supplies.  A pot of Spaghetti  Bolognese made for tea too.  Just little things that I am glad when we come back from being away and one of ours do these little things. 
Patricia and I had a good day out on Friday, we just went to Ikea had great time just looking at all the things and thinking what we could do with them, had lunch then home. Was just a lovely catch up. 
Thank you for calling in and seeing what I have been up to, and leaving your lovely comments.
Here's hoping this coming week will see some better weather, stay safe and dry what ever you are up to.   My girls are at school Monday and Tuesday then they are off on half term so it's full time hours for me. 

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Well another day has nearly gone! I am sure when I was younger the days didn't go so quick.  All I seem to have done today is get up get showered and dressed, walk the dogs and do lunch.  I am having 5mins to write this then I have to go get Tiger ( girls cat) and take her to the vets - nothing wrong with her just needs her booster jab. Could leave it to next week but girls like to take her which means a late appointment, this way she done.
I said yesterday I would show the girl card that I also made for my box, so here it is.

Sorry not the best of photographs,  but you can keep taking different shots and none are any good. The image is from a pad of Lily of the Valley that Patricia and I have shared, a SB die , and embossing folder both borrowed from Patricia.  Kept it simple so the image is the focal point.

I have noticed that I have a new follower Suzie of Suzies Card Den. Welcome to my little corner of blog land .   Also thank once again to all your lovely comments.  

Well I'd better make a move and go get this cat to the vet, she won't like me after this that's for sure, then again does it matter she has to have her booster. ( she is a stable cat ) I feel sorry that she lives in the tack room but she is there to keep the mice at bay, saying that she is well looked after and well cared for.
Sky getting dark again looks like we are in for a down pour, keep safe and dry.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Good evening. I can't believe it's a week since I posted!!!  My family will be back home before I know it, well they are due back on Sunday but the way this last week has disappeared I will be back to work and facing the pile of washing and ironing.    They are having a wonderful time, Beth messaged me telling me that Anna and her have been doing red runs and lots of jumps.  Now knowing Beth she will be in her element.  Daddy will be having kittens as they say, he worries so much about them I am sure it's to do with doing time as a A&E consultant, and seeing the after math of these things.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my " Positive Thoughts" card.  I haven't heard how Becky is doing.    Hopefully when I go back to doing the school run some one will know how she is doing.
My card tonight is one to go in my box.  I have had a baby boy basket order ( photographed the contents forgot to photograph the completed basket, the problem is the light is all wrong due to the miserable weather we are having.  I know I shouldn't complain as these poor folk down south are really having it bad.  Anyway I thought I would have a go at doing some baby cards - will show a girl one next time.  Patricia gave me the image with the baby feet on it. I love this image.

The blue card is from Lidl, die cut is a SB one I hand cut the tag and stamp is a SU one. 
Nothing fancy but I am pleased how it's turned out.  While making this I was thinking of the two ladies who go to Patricia's class, they didn't make a baby card as they had no one to give it too, and here's me making ones just to have at hand.  

Patricia and I didn't meet up today due to the weather, but I think we have both had some crafty fun instead.   
I hope you are all safe and not feeling to down with all this miserable weather, but it could be worse and be heavy snow, well that's how I am looking at it because with the amount of rain we have had I think we would be snowed in.  Take care.
Hazel xxx