Sunday, 26 January 2014


Good afternoon, and half way through another Sunday. Where has the week gone???  I hope this week slows up a bit as I have so much to do. The girls, mum and dad are off on their ski- ing holiday on Thursday evening, they are going to stay over night at the airport hotel over night as they have a 6 am flight.  I have to get the girls bag packed - well that and help making sure they have everything that they will need packed. I am not having the tens days off, I will be seeing to walking the dogs, feeding the cat and making sure the chickens are ok.  They have a friends daughter staying in the house but she works during the day leaving early, so I will go along each day and do whats needed. The groom won't see to it, she will feed the cat but that's it and that's only because the cat lives in the tack room.  Now I could be good and spend time going through toy boxes etc during the ten days. But no I will have some "me" time as when they get back it will only be a few days and the girls will be off on half term and I will be working full days, we can do things like that then.
Today's card is one I made using again die cut outs that Patricia gave me. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. Do I use only one or do I use more, after a lot of playing with them and other bits I settled with using two plus the hearts from my memory box die. Embossed the card it's self rather than embossing another piece of card, added some flat backed gems and the cut out hearts.  Quite a simple to make in the end once I could see what I could do.

Now Ang Duck ( does think I have been making cards for a lot longer and not saying so. As I told her was it was only after getting my G.C. For a early an Christmas present that I got interested in making cards, but what you have to remember is that for over two years every day I have been looking a so many of your wonderful blogs and all the beautiful cards you all make, so I have lots of design ideas that I can think of how I could put my own take on. I know and have meet Ang and I do know it's in fun. I do owe all of you a big thank you as I know between you all and of course big sister Patricia I wouldn't have had a clue where to start. This time last year I didn't think I would have a blog of my own. 
So again thank you for all your comments on my "Thank you" card. 
Stay safe and dry what ever you are doing, I for one am not going out as it's horrible out there, Patricia was saying earlier on that they had some snow and our sky looks rather heavy and grey. 

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel
    Looking at this pretty piece, Charlie is in for a super Valentine card.
    I was only joshing about you making cards for ages. I know you have only recently taken to it but you have taken to it just like, excuse the pun, a duck to water.
    Its obviously the craft gene that's in yours and Patricia's DNA!
    Enjoy your "me" time as it looks like you'll be a busy girl when they get back from their hols.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  2. Hallo Hazel
    wat een lief kaartje
    groetjes Gerrie

  3. It's a gorgeous card Hazel, I just love your design, is this for Charlie perhaps!
    I'm not at Valentine cards yet, must get a move on, hugs Kate x

  4. Well Sis, Charlie will love this beautiful card .......... Oooppppss!! I am assuming it is for him and no one else.....LOL!!!
    Joking apart it is a super card, love what you have done with the Die Cuts.
    We now have snow on the hills to the front as well as the ones at the back.
    Great snow for Thomas going ski-ing tomorrow.

    Patricia xxx

  5. Hi Hazel - a super card today - lovely and \i think you're quite right to have some time to yourself when the family go off on their hols - enjoy it! Hugs Rachel xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous card Hazel, the die cuts are beautiful. Enjoy the me time sweetie.

    Warm hugs

  7. Hi Hazel,
    what a very super card. great designing too.
    So glad you are going to have some me time while your charges are off on their hols.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Love the die!! And love what you have done with it too Hazel. Great card. Hugs Christine x

  9. Such a beautifully designed card Hazel. I love the splashes of red with your white detailing.
    Sue xx

  10. beautiful valentines card Hazel, beautiful die cuts and layout.

  11. This is just beautiful, and I was amazed when I read you had not been card making for a long time. Your cards are so detailed & professional looking. None has looked like a 'beginner card'. I know you have Patricia to guide you, but gosh, I think you certainly have your own style. Love how you used your diecuts layered with the bright pops of the heart colors. Stunning. Great job, and so glad I found your blog. We all learn from each least I do! TFS & Hugs

  12. Fabulous card Hazel love the embossed background and pretty die cuts. Susan x

  13. Hi Hazel, I hope the family enjoy their holiday, I haven't been skiing for years.
    Great card, loving all the different die cuts.
    Have a super week, hugs Erika.

  14. Just catching up with blogging today as I was doing a 'project' class all day yesterday - making a vintage apron - unfortunately I didn't manage to finish it off but I will do so at home with my new sewing machine that I got for part of my Christmas pressy xx I now have no excuse to keep looking at it and thinking 'I'll have a go with it soon' I will now have to get it out and read up on the instructions to finish my apron off xx hope the weather isn't too bad where you are, we had lots of rain today (Sunday) but it although it is very cold today (Monday) at least we have a bit of sun xx enjoy your 'me' time xx GailT xx