Monday, 27 January 2014


Good afternoon and welcome to my three  latest followers Maarit, at Violets corner, Jo Erika - snappycrafts. I have been following Maarit and Erika for a while now and they do comment on my blog but have decided to become followers so again thank you.
The weather is still horrible here, and I do wonder if we will get a dry day this week or will it be more rain or worse still snow, dont want that either.
Today's card is one I have made for the mum of two boys who are in Anna and Beth's class, who has just under gone surgery for Breast Cancer and will be having chemo in a few weeks.  I know what she will be going through as it's only 20 months since I was going through my chemo. I always had positive thoughts and feel in doing so it helped me get through it all, so I want Becky to know this and hope it will help her.  Now Becky is not a girly girl.  Her business is restoring old building using lime plaster. is I didn't want to make a girly card but then again I wanted it to be pretty.  This is what I came up with.

The gold spotty card and the next layer I found when I was having a sort out of my scrapbooking stash. I then cut out of gold  tissue  and white card using my Floral Square die from memory box. I glued the gold one down then foam padded the white one off setting it slightly so you can just see the gold one underneath, added some flat backed gems again from my stash, hand wrote the sentiment.  
I am off to work again I have been in this morning taking them to school, mummy has a research meeting today in her office so she was able to get set up before they arrive.  
Thank you again for all your comments. 

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Good afternoon, and half way through another Sunday. Where has the week gone???  I hope this week slows up a bit as I have so much to do. The girls, mum and dad are off on their ski- ing holiday on Thursday evening, they are going to stay over night at the airport hotel over night as they have a 6 am flight.  I have to get the girls bag packed - well that and help making sure they have everything that they will need packed. I am not having the tens days off, I will be seeing to walking the dogs, feeding the cat and making sure the chickens are ok.  They have a friends daughter staying in the house but she works during the day leaving early, so I will go along each day and do whats needed. The groom won't see to it, she will feed the cat but that's it and that's only because the cat lives in the tack room.  Now I could be good and spend time going through toy boxes etc during the ten days. But no I will have some "me" time as when they get back it will only be a few days and the girls will be off on half term and I will be working full days, we can do things like that then.
Today's card is one I made using again die cut outs that Patricia gave me. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. Do I use only one or do I use more, after a lot of playing with them and other bits I settled with using two plus the hearts from my memory box die. Embossed the card it's self rather than embossing another piece of card, added some flat backed gems and the cut out hearts.  Quite a simple to make in the end once I could see what I could do.

Now Ang Duck ( does think I have been making cards for a lot longer and not saying so. As I told her was it was only after getting my G.C. For a early an Christmas present that I got interested in making cards, but what you have to remember is that for over two years every day I have been looking a so many of your wonderful blogs and all the beautiful cards you all make, so I have lots of design ideas that I can think of how I could put my own take on. I know and have meet Ang and I do know it's in fun. I do owe all of you a big thank you as I know between you all and of course big sister Patricia I wouldn't have had a clue where to start. This time last year I didn't think I would have a blog of my own. 
So again thank you for all your comments on my "Thank you" card. 
Stay safe and dry what ever you are doing, I for one am not going out as it's horrible out there, Patricia was saying earlier on that they had some snow and our sky looks rather heavy and grey. 

Hazel xxx

Friday, 24 January 2014


Good morning, another dull cold day here in Fife.   Saying that we had the most stunning sun rise!!!  And if the old saying of red sky at night Shepherds Delight, red sky in the morning Shepherds Warning well those storms they are saying are on there way, could be as bad as they are saying.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Wedding Card, they give me the encouragement to carry on.  Today's card is for a lady who handed in a large bag of one and two pennies, these go to the Maggies Centre Dundee, they will make good use of them. I have made this little card with those bits that are left after making other things, the back ground card is left over from the wedding card, the die cut layers are ones that had cut out and discovered I had put the embossed card in the wrong way when I was cutting out the die - put them to one side as scrap then thought no use them. The Aster flower was one I had cut to use on the wedding card but didn't look right.  So really the card has been made out of scrap.

Well that's it all for today.  I haven't got plans for this weekend. That could change you never know with my family.  What ever you are doing have fun and keep safe especially with all this weather warnings.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Good afternoon, what started as a nice day is slowly turning out to be back to normal weather these days. Rain is not far off, and it's beginning to get very dull. At least I got the dogs walked when it was nice.
I would like to welcome my latest follower - Mary H ( Carolina Cards) thank you Mary for your lovely comments on my cards.   Of course thank you also to all my other followers who leave lovely comments too.
Today's card came about after last week Big Sister Patricia ( summerhousecraftsblogspot ) handed me a box of stamps ( haven't got round to playing with them yet) plus an envelope with the cut out die That I have used on my card. Saying "see what you can do with this". Now I have tried the die cut out on a few different papers, but just didn't like the look of. Anyway this what I came up with.

The die is very fancy and I thought I would try and keep it simple so that the die took centre stage.
My aster flower is made from tissue paper. Saw Sue Wilson doing this a few weeks ago and liked how it looked.
It's off to work for me now, so playing with card and paper will have to wait till later or maybe it will be tomorrow.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 17 January 2014


Good morning, it is certainly better than it was a couple of hours ago when it was pouring with rain!
I hope you are all well and if not here's some (((( hugs)))).
Thank you again for all your comments and engoragement you are giving me on my journey into card making. But oh it's a messy journey - all those little bits are ever where! Yet I am enjoying making cards.  I do have a gift basket to do this weekend so that will come first, it's another order from the nursery, this time it's the mums want to give the teacher a leaving gift. I am waiting to see what budget they will have before I say what I can make up for them.  Patricia asked me to make up a baby basket the other day and I forgot to photograph it, then again I had it in my head I needed to do it for Wednesday and yes I forgot to get it ready so got up early on Wednesday and made it up   - the light would not have been great to take photos.  My excuse !!!

Today's card I made using a Memory Box Die I bought yesterday ( just popped into Poles Apart in Cupar to see if he had any new papers in stock) had a wee look at the dies and liked the look of this one. Oh the photos should have been under what I had written, don't ask me what happened.  Anyway the die is a corner one but I wanted to see what they would look like if I joined them I the centre, this is how it turned out, I now see that a bit of the form pad under the butterfly is showing oh never mind will sort that out.  I embossed the back ground with a happy birthday embossing folder as I didn't want any words printed on the card used the four memory box corners also the butterfly is a memory box die have got to say I do like these dies. 
Well that's it for today, I do need to get a move on and do some house work and attack the ironing pile.  Do take care and enjoy what ever you are doing this weekend, I am taking it easy ( well that's at the moment)

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


One for the men is another one of the cards I have just made while trying out those dies, not that I have used many on this one.  Infact I only used one of the set of scalloped edged dies that I got for Christmas from Charlie.  I had the packet of  Wellington card and a packet of toppers and decided to try a mans card keeping it simple.  Tammy has claimed it for a friend of theirs who has a birthday in a few weeks. I am going to have to go through all my card/ paper stash to see what will nice on a card and what is more suited for scrapbooking- I have loads but a lot are from years ago and now there are even nicer ones out there,

This is a 4x6 card first layer is paper from Forever Friends 12x12 pkt, next is Wellington, along with two toppers from a sheet of die cuts of Wellington bear, very simple and very quick to make.  By the way keep meaning to say I have finished my scrapbook picture for the nursery, they have seen photos of it and love it. I have the job of wrapping it ready to hand over , due to another member of staff being off ill the one that's leaving has been asked to stay till the end of January so it's not needed till then, but it's all ready to go and was easier than I thought. 
Thank you once again for all you kind comments, I never thought a year ago I would have a blog let alone been showing cards.   Well I'd better get going and do some housework, needs must it won't do its self.  Take care and hope your weather is a bit brighter than ours, damp and miserable here.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 13 January 2014


Well we have a nice morning here, black ice on the roads and pathways but apart from that it's not a bad start to the day.  Didn't have to go in to work but had to take oldest daughter in to Dundee her work.  Her car has been making a terrible noise when starting in a morning and by the time she drives it to Dundee and the garage they can't find the problem, so she took yesterday so when they start it up this morning they will hear the problem, it's still under warranty so it needs to be sorted.  So while I was over dropping her near the hospital I popped into the Chemo Unit and handed in boxes of biscuits, a large jar of coffee and a large drinking chocolate, and then over to the Maggies Centre with a couple of carry bags of tins and packets for their food bank so that's my good deeds for the day done.  It's nice to see what or fund raising money goes on rather than just handing over money.
My card today is one of a few I made while trying out the new dies that Patricia big sister had let me borrow. Oh I did have fun and made  lots of mess with all the bits. Thank goodness my Dyson can make short work of it all.

Embossed the bottom piece with a small dotty folder, hand cut the green spotty layer which is from Forever Friends 12x12 card,  added some lace which is from my stash. die cut Spellbinders Majestic Elements out of the reverse side of the green spotty card the flower motif  was on this sheet and I felt it was just right for this card. As I said I have put it in a box to use at some date. 
On Saturday I had good fun with our grand-daughters making cards, little Lauren as usual knew what she wanted to do with her cards and off she went, Rebecca as usual has to put on lots of bling, Lauren did say to her she thought a heart she had added was in the wrong place - yes she is only three and half  going on thirty her mummy does say it's the birth sign ( Taurus ) now that's mine too, so I don't know if that's a bit of a dig at me who knows!!! 
That's it for today apart from to say thank you for all your lovely comments on my get well card.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 10 January 2014


I was going to say good morning but looking at the clock it better be good afternoon, where has the morning gone, not only that where has the week gone too?
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my card. I know I am miles away from being able to make cards like all you wonderful card makers make, but I am enjoying doing something different and trying out using all these great dies and embossing folders that are out there.   Today's cards is one that I made for Kathryn my friend who had her back op last Saturday, her op ended up taking 6 hrs. She is doing ok, up and moving they had her up with in a matter of hours. She now has 2 pins and 4 screws in her back but from that she no longer has the terrible pain in her leg. Granted her back is a bit tender and sore, then again if you had someone's hands inside your back for 6 hrs putting pins and screws in I think your back would be sore, now I only hope she will do as she is told and not over do it. Now for someone who can't sit still that can be difficult.

I wanted to try out a border dies and choose this one as it was a simple one, the butterfly die is ones that I bought myself as I just love butterflies.  The embossing folder is one I have borrowed from Patricia. Added some flat backed pearls and hand wrote the message, Patricia has been looking out some stamps for me to use. I am going to a stamping up day at the tearoom at the beginning of Feb. So I can see some money being spent. 
Off now to have some lunch then get back to work and a pile of ironing oh the joys, I might get away early as mummy is at home working and her and Anna were talking about going for a run after school Beth is away to her friends for a sleepover. So I might just be lucky but won't hold my breather.
Have a good weekend, I am looking after grand daughters tomorrow, and they want to do crafty stuff so will get that organised tonight.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Good morning, well I don't know what it's like with you, but we have a lovely bright sunny but frosty start.  Trouble with these kind of morning it comes with problems for drivers.  Oh yes I was lucky car did do a little slip slide when we were going to school but we were ok - heart did go a little, but after I put the dogs back into the house and was heading home I had to stop and lend my phone to a gentleman who wasn't so lucky he wrote his car off at the little bridge just passed the farm track. Now  this little bridge it is little as it goes over a burn but every year some poor soul ends up taking it out with their car.  Fife council have been caught out once again with not getting the grit down.  Any way the said gentleman was shaken but ok, and that's my good deed done for today.

Now today's card is one I made for Beth's friend as title says, and it's made using bits that I won in the candy from Rachel ( so thank you Rachel. Beth had her eye on these bits from when I received the candy and asked if I would help her make a card, as it turned out I ended up doing it due to lack of time. Beth is really pleased with it and now she is thinking who else is having a birthday so that we can make another one.

Just a very simple card but that's what I like about it. I do love the Me to You Bear.
No die cutting to be done with this card.  Going to be playing with some new dies well I will rephrase that. Some more dies that Patricia has let me borrow, my!!! that sister of mine has a small fortune in dies, but as she says to that  " never " I bet her John doesn't know how many she has, but I am thankful for the borrow. I will see what ones I like then buy. 
Now keep warm and dry and when you think it's cold stop and think of those in America with up to -51 temps. The thought is enough and I am sure we will get a bit of it here but do hope it is no more than single figures if it does. 
Thank you once again for calling in, and if you have a blog do leave a comment so I can have at look at our makes, I do love seeing what others do.
Hazel xxx 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Good morning.  I do hope that you are safe and dry and not suffering from flooding, if you are I send you ((((hugs)))).
As my title says I am pleased to be back to a normal routine.   Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed the time I had off but you do get lazy, long lie ins and just doing things when you feel like it no clock watching etc.
So it was back to getting up at 5.45am and getting myself ready to go out at 6.55am and go to work, then it's all go but you just have to get on with it.  The best bit was dropping the girls off at the bottom of the hill so they could walk up to school, dogs out of the car and off for their walk and to blow the cobwebs out of me.

What could be nicer than walking where you have views likes this to look at ??? 
I feel so much better after our walk, the dogs are back in their house and I am back in mine, and that's me till around 2 o'clock - so back to normal thank goodness.
Thank you all for your comments all very appreciated.    Happy crafting or what ever you are doing today.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 3 January 2014


Good evening, well you can't really say it's good in fact it's horrendous.   I feel for those who again in such a short space of time have been flooded again, so if you are one of these I send you ((((hugs)))). To others all I say is stay safe and dry.
Well thank goodness life will be back to normal next week, I don't know about you but I am so mixed up with days, it's Friday but has felt like Monday because of having the two days off.  I was in work today and I had the enjoyable task (NOT) of getting the girls to pick up and tidy away things.  Now I am not talking about toys,books and other Christmas presents. No they had every doll they own lying on the floor of the living room not the family/ playroom where I wouldn't have cared no this is the more adult room plus all the cushions off the two sofas, then add two dogs, two music stands Beth's chair that she uses to play her cello, and it was like a bomb had gone off. I don't how Daddy and Mummy could have sat in there I couldn't even walk in safety across the floor.
What I am showing you is another card I made the other day when I was having a little play with my new dies given to me by my big sister Patricia.

It's a 5x5 ins card, the papers are from Noir et Chic. I love these 12x12 papers.  This will just be put in the box so I have a card when needed. Again I am pleased with how it turned out. 
I am away to start on a large scrapbook project. I have been asked by grandsons nursery to scrapbook. 41 photos into a photo frame. It will take a bit of playing with papers, shapes etc but here's hoping it turns out ok.
Right I am off to put my feet up and relax, well that's what I would like to do but then again I know doubt the phone will ring or husband will decide he needs to show me something on the computer that he has found - you know what it's like. 
Thank you for all your comments as I keep saying I love reading them all. 

Hazel xxx