Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Good morning, firstly sorry once again for the lack of posting and commenting.   Life has been busy here, I had orders to get ready for this week, working with the children at the school to finish their boxes and boxes of my own to make and finish plus my head was all over the place due to me having my check up at the hospital yesterday, thankfully I got another all is great, and that's me till the summer.  I felt ok but with all this pain from now having Polymalgia , you do start wondering if it's something else,  so slept better last night  I now can just get my finger out and get things done.
These Christmas cards are very simple and a little bit of cheating in there to, I was in Tesco and saw these packs of tree hangers and I thought they would be nice on a card and if  my friends want they can take the tree hanger off and use it for what it is.

The backing papers and card are extra bits left over from what I had cut for the children to use on their boxes, just couldn't see them going to waste, I just undid the ribbon straightened it with my hair straighteners that I use for ribbon and tied bows instead. 

Now for a little update on one of those Kittens - meet Oscar

 He loves checking out to see what's in cups I can see a few spills.
This him with Gillian's other cats they are all getting on Squeek the one on the right is 18 years old and he has bee so good with him even when the little monkey goes for his tail.

Well that's all for today I must try and tidy up the mess round my chair where I sit and craft, 
Thank you for all your lovely comments and again sorry if I have missed commenting on your blogs lately, hopefully I will get round them all in the next few days.  Take care and for those of you who are feeling a bit under the weather here's some ((((hugs)))) .

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel,
    so glad all was ok with your check up. Great to have that taken off your mind before Christmas.
    Love you cards, and what a fab idea. something to keep to remind peeps that you sent it.
    Now as you have used up snippets of card why don't you enter the Pixies Playground snippets challenge this week.
    You will find there link on my boxes post.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. gorgeous cards Hazel - a card and gift in one - very clever - love the photos too xx

  3. Luv the cards and they are twofers - its a brill idea xx really pleased to hear your good news and now you can really start to enjoy the build up to Christmas xx luv the kitten but then we have a cat of our own so a bit biased xx take care and carry on card making xx GailT xx

  4. What lovely little cards Hazel...just goes to show what you can do with off cuts. Oscar is a real cutie! Take Care xx

  5. Hi Haze. Gorgeous cards with double usage great idea. Glad your check up went well. I am not a cat person but Oscar looks as though he will get into everything, cute.

    Wilma x x

  6. First - I'm so pleased things went well at your hospital appointment. Nice to have a clear mind again. Second - love the cards. What a great idea. Hugs Christine xx

  7. Hello Hazel. I am so pleased that your hospital appointment went well, it must be such a relief.
    Your card are gorgeous, I love the designs and fabulous colours.
    Fabulous photos - thank you for sharing
    Sue xx

  8. Beautiful cards Hazel and thanks for sharing your tips with us too. Great News from the hospital. Hugs Rita xxx

  9. Hi Hazel
    You have been a busy girl. No need to apologise chuck as you're preaching to the converted lol!
    Terrific cards. I can't help looking at things wondering if they'd look good on a card.
    So glad you have had another clear check up. What a relief for you all.
    The kitties are sooo cute. I want one!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  10. Wonderful idea to put the tree decorations on a card Hazel, they look really effective. Great news about your check up Hazel what a relief. My husband has an appointment with his oncologist again tomorrow. Susan x

  11. Hi Hazel,

    Don't worry about not commenting, I have had the same trouble of late, must be the time of year lol!

    So, so glad your check up was ok, you are bound to worry about any thing now, I know my sister does (She had Cancer 5 years ago) and I do because of her, if that makes sense.

    The cards look fantastic and a good idea, I am trying to be good at the moment and not buy any thing else, I have so much stuff to use and I have put one or two things on my Christmas list lol!

    Take care, Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  12. By the way, the kittie cats are gorgeous, so cute!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Hi Hazel, so pleased your check up went well. your cards are brilliant.

  14. Hi Hazel love your card idea.....a little keepsake on a card.
    Great to hear your check up was good too.
    Cute kitten too, bless!
    Hugs Erika.

  15. Wow! Sis you have been busy while I have been away.
    Brilliant cards, love the thinking "Out of the box" idea.
    Keep going soon ALL your cards will be "hand made"
    Bet you did not thnk you would be doing that this year!!!!

    Patricia xxx

  16. Hi Hazel, glad all went well with your check up, good news...love your cards, you have been so busy.I had the idea of stamping on wooden baubles to put on cards this year, I have given a few as stocking fillers but never got around to adding to cards! Love the kitty pics, they are so cute! Carole Z X

  17. Hi hazel
    A gorgeous collection of fabulous christmas cards.
    The cats are so cute. I have 2 and just love them to bits.
    Many hugs
    sharon xx