Friday, 13 December 2013


Good afternoon.  Firstly I want to welcome my new follower Victoria.  Also to thank everyone of you for your lovely comments and support, it's been all go here and I have had to work every day this week with 7.15 am starts which is fine as I get so much done when I go in at this time but oh boy I am tired by the time I get home at night, yes I get a couple of hours at home during the day, but I have my own house to see to.  The other thing that has been tiring is putting up with and 11 year old who has been as happy as "Larry" as they say one minute and very moody the next - oh the joys. Any way enough of that.

My card today is a birthday card that I had a go at making using up bits that were I my box.

I used a 5x5 card then just attached a small die cut square, a flower' ribbon and some pearls all from my stash and box of bits plus a peel off "Happy Birthday".  I am pleased with how it turned out.

I am beginning to enjoy playing about with card and bits to see what I can make and have made more Christmas cards to will show them another day.
That's it for today as I have to clear up the craft stuff that's lying by my chair so that I can get the Hoover out and do some house work.  Take care.  
Hazel xxx


  1. Gorgeous card and to say you have only just started making cards too - I cringe when I think what my first cards where like xx moody 11 year olds - been there and got the cap, badge and tee-shirt too xx it does get better - honest xx have a fab weekend xx GailT xx

  2. Lovely to see what you have made Hazel!! Smashing card, very pretty, love the paper and the flower is fab! xx

  3. Your card looks lovely, Hazel. Pleased to hear that you're enjoying your card making x

  4. It's nice to see your cards Hazel. Love the flower. The flowery diecut sets it off well too. Hugs Christine xx

  5. I love nothing more than getting a box of stuff out that has been in my stash for years (really) and coming up with wonderful cards!!!!

  6. lovely card Hazel - wonderful to see you turning your hand to cards too! Hope you have a great break over Christmas! Big Hugs rachel x

  7. Hi Hazel,

    Lovely card, love the large flower.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Hi Hazel, lovely card, I love the paper and the die you've used to cut it, the flower is fab. I wish my cards looked as good as this when I first started, Kate x

  9. Hi Hazel, a lovely lovely the grand flower! Carole Z X

  10. This is gorgeous Hazel, a beautiful design and I love the colours.
    Sue xx

  11. Hi Hazel
    You have been hiding your lights under a bushell. All the cards you have shown have been great.
    Moody 11 year old? That was me about 10 years ago (or thereabouts) Now I'm a moody 21 year old (or thereabouts)
    Have a great weekend chuck.
    Ang x

  12. Well done you, lovely card. Got the card making bug then? Keep at it it gets easier lol.

    Wilma x x x

  13. Absolutely brilliant card Sis, told you could do it.
    Looks like I will be redundant on making cards for you in the future
    Sorry I have taken so long getting round to commenting on your fantastic Post. Busy, busy here as well.
    Enjoy your day

    Patricia xxx