Sunday, 29 December 2013


Well that's Christmas over and done with for another year!  I have got to say I didn't get stressed and it all came together without any problems,  it goes to show it's not worth it.  We had a quite one with Gillian our oldest coming for lunch, then on Boxing Day Christopher, Angela ad the girls popped in for just half an hour while they were on route to Angela's parents and Tammy, Derek and the boys came for a buffet tea which was lovely as no real work involved, then it was just back to the two of us. So a very enjoyable time.

Now I hope Santa was good to you, he left me some lovely things.  Husband bought me two dies, and my lovely big sister Patricia also gave me dies and an embossing folder so I have some new toys to play with and of course I did get my Grand Calibar before Christmas.   So last night I had a little play and made a few cards, this one I made for my friend Kathryn who is going in on Saturday for a 5 hour back operation so I decided to just let her know we will be thinking of her, and hope that after this she will be pain free.

I used a prefolded 5x5 card,  Tonic Square Laying die ( present from big sister) embossed with Dainty Dots folder, then cut Fluer delis large and medium dies, finished with an Astre flower ( die was one of my present from husband) had been using Patricia's  and a small label cut die,  I am pleased with how it's turned out, but know I have a long way to go.

Back to work tomorrow, another few days off would be lovely but I just think that if I am in looking after the girls ( not hard work really) mummy and daddy are doing clinics and a lot of people are being one step closer to finding out what's wrong or getting treatment sorted out. I know what waiting
for appointments is like.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out what I have been up to. I do love reading all comments.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well?  For those who are feeling a bit under the weather here are some ((((hugs)))).
This post is one to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.    Also to thank you for all your lovely comments and support since I started my blog earlier this year.

This is my box of   " XMAS  WISHES ".  It's full of  LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and loads more.   The four main ones in my books are the ones I have mentioned, as without these life wouldn't be that nice.  So help yourself out of my box as there is plenty for everyone.

Enjoy your Christmas with friends and family and I will be back to see how you all are and all your wonderful creations in the New Year.   I finish work sometime tomorrow afternoon until next Monday so I am going to taking it easy.

Merry Christmas
Hazel xxx

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Well folks I don't know what your weather is like but oh boy here it's miserable, pouring with rain and very windy!!!   The type of day that you really just want to stay in.   Charlie and went out to get bits and we had lunch out, nothing posh just a bowl of soup for myself and Charlie had a toastie but it just got us out.

Thank you for all your lovely comment about my Birthday card, I will be making more, my fault is that I want  to spend loads of time playing with bits to see what I can do and to be honest at the moment I can 't spare that time, have made up three gifts today should have been six but I have got side tracked and then we were out as I said, but there is tomorrow.

I was asked if it was possible for me to make  bigger Oramgi boxes than the ones I have made from 12x12 card, so put the old brain to work and did these.

I have put one made from 12x12 next to one to show the difference in size, the big one is made from a 171/2x171/2  or 46x46 cms piece of card, the base of the box is 18 cm across.  Now these are for gifts to hand in to family's instead of just a box of  Roses or the likes also one is for a school staff room it's filled with 50 Mixed Lindt balls.   I kept them not to fussy.   They were loved by the lady who ordered them. It goes to show what you can do with the basic design.

Well I suppose I'd better go and see if I can get another couple of these gifts made up.   I haven't started doing any parcel wrapping for myself yet, or for the ones for Anna and Beth's teaching staff.

Yes I do those to. Girls have given me ideas what they would like and mummy pays for them, good job  I don't mind, we were going to give boxes that the girls made but seeing how all the children made them at school we put that idea to one side.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 13 December 2013


Good afternoon.  Firstly I want to welcome my new follower Victoria.  Also to thank everyone of you for your lovely comments and support, it's been all go here and I have had to work every day this week with 7.15 am starts which is fine as I get so much done when I go in at this time but oh boy I am tired by the time I get home at night, yes I get a couple of hours at home during the day, but I have my own house to see to.  The other thing that has been tiring is putting up with and 11 year old who has been as happy as "Larry" as they say one minute and very moody the next - oh the joys. Any way enough of that.

My card today is a birthday card that I had a go at making using up bits that were I my box.

I used a 5x5 card then just attached a small die cut square, a flower' ribbon and some pearls all from my stash and box of bits plus a peel off "Happy Birthday".  I am pleased with how it turned out.

I am beginning to enjoy playing about with card and bits to see what I can make and have made more Christmas cards to will show them another day.
That's it for today as I have to clear up the craft stuff that's lying by my chair so that I can get the Hoover out and do some house work.  Take care.  
Hazel xxx

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Where has the week gone?   It's Sunday afternoon and I will be back at work tomorrow before I know it.    I have been busy doing lots of little bits but thats time consuming, so I haven't had time to get something done for my blog, so instead I am showing these two out for a walk along the drive at work, girls love seeing them and it does make it feel more like Christmas.

Don't know what two they are but every day the team  get walked, I have got to say a couple of years ago when we had snow at this time seeing them was much more Christmasy.
The reindeer live at the animal park across the road from work, and next weekend they put on a ?Nativity Play on the Friday,  Saturday and Sunday all outside and with real animals, even baby Jesus is a proper baby - thankfully it's well wrapped up and cozy but it's a wonderful atmosphere and all for Charity. 
The Reindeer will be busy out and about with members of the Round Table going round the local area collecting for another charity.

I hope you are all well and not getting stressed about getting things done for Christmas, it's not worth it, relax and make the most of the time with your family and friends as you just do t know what's round the corner.     Thank you again for all your lovely words do encouragement .

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Good morning, firstly sorry once again for the lack of posting and commenting.   Life has been busy here, I had orders to get ready for this week, working with the children at the school to finish their boxes and boxes of my own to make and finish plus my head was all over the place due to me having my check up at the hospital yesterday, thankfully I got another all is great, and that's me till the summer.  I felt ok but with all this pain from now having Polymalgia , you do start wondering if it's something else,  so slept better last night  I now can just get my finger out and get things done.
These Christmas cards are very simple and a little bit of cheating in there to, I was in Tesco and saw these packs of tree hangers and I thought they would be nice on a card and if  my friends want they can take the tree hanger off and use it for what it is.

The backing papers and card are extra bits left over from what I had cut for the children to use on their boxes, just couldn't see them going to waste, I just undid the ribbon straightened it with my hair straighteners that I use for ribbon and tied bows instead. 

Now for a little update on one of those Kittens - meet Oscar

 He loves checking out to see what's in cups I can see a few spills.
This him with Gillian's other cats they are all getting on Squeek the one on the right is 18 years old and he has bee so good with him even when the little monkey goes for his tail.

Well that's all for today I must try and tidy up the mess round my chair where I sit and craft, 
Thank you for all your lovely comments and again sorry if I have missed commenting on your blogs lately, hopefully I will get round them all in the next few days.  Take care and for those of you who are feeling a bit under the weather here's some ((((hugs)))) .

Hazel xxx