Monday, 18 November 2013


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and not suffering from this nasty bug that is going around. If you are here's a ((hug )).   I have a cold I am sure it's from being at the school on Thursday helping the 8-11 year olds start making their origami boxes.  You know children they cough and sneeze all over you without a care.
Now this afternoon I am going to share with you what my very lovely husband, younger daughter and son-in-law bought me as an early Christmas present, I have not a be disappointed on Christmas when Santa hasn't left me anything.

Yes I now own a Grand Calibur, how lovely was that of them?  Patricia has lent me some dies and an embossing folder so that I can play.

I am hoping to find a bit of time tonight and cut out some squares that I can use on the boxes tomorrow that I am making with a few mums whose children go to nursery with Andrew my grandson.  

Oh boy I have to learn to say NO! I am doing the making of boxes with the mums, also working with the children at the school on Friday , plus doing other bits and making up lots of gift baskets and guess who forgot to photo them - yes me. I was so short of time and had to get ones made for Friday past, the fair  yesterday.  I had also a hamper to make up

All I can show is it finished.  A big thank you goes to my wonderful big sister Patricia for making all the beautiful bows that have gone on my gift baskets that needed a messy bow as I call them.  She keeps showing me her bow maker - do you think she is trying to tell me something??? 
I have just got my Grand ?Calibur after all this time, I will have to sweet talk Charlie to make me a bow maker.

Anyway I'd better go and show willing at work, I know there will be a pile of ironing as I left some last week as my arm was still not right, I have been back to doctors this morning and I have to go for another blood test ( just got rid of the bruise fro two weeks ago). Also have to stay on the steroids for two more weeks.  But on the whole I feel so much better.    Take what ever you are doing, and thank you for all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx


  1. You lucky girl Hazel!! You will have to write Father Christmas a long list of dies and embossing folders now!! xx

  2. wow Hazel - you lucky lady - I bet you get lots of use out of this and well done to Patricia lending you some dies to start you off. I think they may become a new addicition! Big Hugs rachel xx

  3. No holding yo back now you've got your GC Hazel! Have fun!! I'm sure Santa will leave something else too. Maybe, perhaps, something to go with your new toy? Hugs Christine xx

  4. Knowing your family there WILL be plenty "Santa" gifts so no worries there.
    Talk about excited ......... you are just like a "kid" with new toy. We never really grow up do we!!!!
    Enjoy playing

    Patricia xxx

  5. Fabulous Christmas Present Hazel. I got mine two years ago as present too. You'll love it. Your basket is so beautiful all wrapped up to perfection., the addition of that super bow just makes it look so special. I hope your cold does not get any worse as I'm still fighting mine and thats nearly a month now. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Well Hazel there will be no stopping you now. What a lovely hubby and daughter and son in law, a wonderful gift. Santa won't pass you by onbthe big day.

    lovely basket too, stunning bow, yes Patricia is the Queen of the bows.
    enjoy playing with you new toy, hugs Kate X

  7. Wow Hazel welcome to the family lol! You will not be disappointed. Sadly mine has just broken inside after just over a year, my son has tried gluing it but it has since gone again though it is still usable at the moment so guess what's on my Christmas list too?!!!

    So glad you are feeling better, yes it would have been the kids sneezing we have it all the time working in a school.

    Happy crafting with your new toy.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Ooh what a lovely early present... I still think the GC is the best if the machines..have fun, I know you will!

  9. What a great Christmas present you will love it Hazel! Susan x

  10. fantastic early Christmas present Hazel, enjoy using it.
    beautiful basket you have made again, sorry you are not well.
    take care pam

  11. What a lovely family giving you an early Christmas pressie, I am sure there will be more goodies on Christmas Day. Enjoy playing with it. Hope you feel better soon there is a lot of colds and flu going around just now. Take care.

    Wilma x x x

  12. Hi Hazel
    Sorry Im late.
    Whose a lucky girlie? Im sure Santa will bring you some dies to use.
    I had my GC for an early Christmas pressie last year. . . . . in September! Well, it was on a cracking offer lol!
    Sorry you have another cold. You need a proper rest Mrs!
    Take care and enjoy your new toy.
    Ang x

  13. Hi hazel.
    Gorgeous gift baskets.
    Isn't the grand calibur fabulous. I love mine lol.

    I'm so sorry for my lack of posting kn your posts. I've been in terrible pain and nothing is helping. Hope you are well?

  14. Awesome new toy & such a wonderful gift basket. Hugs Bev x

  15. Hi Hazel

    You sound one busy lady .. .. you sound like me and find it hard to say no!!! LOL!!!

    Loving your latest gift box but want to know how come Santa came early to you? Have you been extra good this year?!?!?!?

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  16. Yaah Hazel you've been converted, love my calibur, enjoy yours.
    Great gift basket too. Your sister has done a lovely job with the ribbon too.
    Hope you are feeling much better now, hugs Erika.