Monday, 25 November 2013


Yes a card from me! Now not something prefect but I was playing with my new toy embossing some card and die cutting a couple of lids for boxes when I looked at the bits lying in the pile along with the silver ribbon I'd taken out to use as well, when I thought ( that would be ok as a card). So this is it
Base card is 6x6 and the card is from Payperbox, had it for a few years. I embossed the next piece with a folder that Patricia let me borrow and then topped it with a piece cut from a 12x12 sheet of Silent Night card - this is beautiful card. Sorry for  using a peel off but have had them for years so at least I can say I have used one.  It's not up to any of your wonderful standards but I am pleased with myself for doing it. 

Now I have to get the lid bits cut for the school better not get side tracked again, as the school boxes need to be finished by next week.  
Thank you for again all your lovely comments on my baskets.   By the way Patricia and I had a good day out but oh boy we were tired by the time we had to go for the bus.  We have decided we are passed walking around the shops etc.  as for the show it was more a show for people  selling things for Christmas, I was hoping it was one where they would be showing putting gifts together and how to wrap gifts beautifully, but no just things to purchase - yes there was beautiful things, only bought a couple of things.

Anyway off to cut lids etc.  have a good afternoon.
Hazel xxx

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Good evening , a very cold day here, this haveing to defrost the cars is a bit of a pain. Patricia and I are off to a Christmas craft show in Glasgow tomorrow, we are going by bus, we are just as well to make use of our bus passes as we might not have them next year with all the cuts. We will both drive to Perth and park in the park and ride.   All I say is if you are out and about watch out for BLACK ICE. We have gone and put our winter tyres on just incase the snow comes at some near point.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my lovely family giving me my new toy early.  I have been playing I have used it to cut the lids for the childrens boxes.  Now I went all the way over to Perth ( a 50mile round trip) to show mums at Andrews nursery how to make a box , nursery had got 2 trainee play leaders down from the college to look after little ones that were not at nursery yet, tea and coffee laid no and would you believe it out of the six that signed up to do it not one turned up - yes they didn't come mainly because they were to play with their children who are at the nursery for 45 mins before hand, they go on about there is nothing for them to do and it's laid on and they can't be bothered. So Tammy her friend Sarah and I sat and made boxes.  Needless to say the head was not happy. Next week was to be first aid but that's been cancelled.    Also thank you for the comments on my hamper.

My cold is finely going thank goodness see trying to make up gift baskets with a nose that won't stop running not good.   Today I am showing 2 orders that I got while I was at the nursery so it was not a wasted trip in one way came way with 8 orders.
Products were one requested, makes my life so much easier.

Didn't make it Christmasy, just a nice gift.

Again products were requested, I did tie this one with ribbon that had joy written on it, this was requested that I put a ribbon that had something festive on it .

Two down six more to go. Tammy did say that there is word that when a couple of the other staff see these they are likely to order ones too. If that's the case I will be busy.  I have six bags to do and two small gift hampers by a week Wednesday.   Fun, fun, fun!!!

Well I am off to put my feet up, been over in Dundee this afternoon making boxes with my two little Granddaughters, Lauren is 31/2 and she knew what she wanted on her lids, just a few beads and a flower. Now big sister Rebecca she 7 and she put lots of bling on hers, but that children for you, we had fun mummy and daddy had some time Christmas shopping.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 18 November 2013


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and not suffering from this nasty bug that is going around. If you are here's a ((hug )).   I have a cold I am sure it's from being at the school on Thursday helping the 8-11 year olds start making their origami boxes.  You know children they cough and sneeze all over you without a care.
Now this afternoon I am going to share with you what my very lovely husband, younger daughter and son-in-law bought me as an early Christmas present, I have not a be disappointed on Christmas when Santa hasn't left me anything.

Yes I now own a Grand Calibur, how lovely was that of them?  Patricia has lent me some dies and an embossing folder so that I can play.

I am hoping to find a bit of time tonight and cut out some squares that I can use on the boxes tomorrow that I am making with a few mums whose children go to nursery with Andrew my grandson.  

Oh boy I have to learn to say NO! I am doing the making of boxes with the mums, also working with the children at the school on Friday , plus doing other bits and making up lots of gift baskets and guess who forgot to photo them - yes me. I was so short of time and had to get ones made for Friday past, the fair  yesterday.  I had also a hamper to make up

All I can show is it finished.  A big thank you goes to my wonderful big sister Patricia for making all the beautiful bows that have gone on my gift baskets that needed a messy bow as I call them.  She keeps showing me her bow maker - do you think she is trying to tell me something??? 
I have just got my Grand ?Calibur after all this time, I will have to sweet talk Charlie to make me a bow maker.

Anyway I'd better go and show willing at work, I know there will be a pile of ironing as I left some last week as my arm was still not right, I have been back to doctors this morning and I have to go for another blood test ( just got rid of the bruise fro two weeks ago). Also have to stay on the steroids for two more weeks.  But on the whole I feel so much better.    Take what ever you are doing, and thank you for all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 11 November 2013


Good afternoon, no I didn't get lost or left behind at the NEC.   I just don't know where time has gone.   Got in through the door on Saturday after returning from our trip to Birmingham, for  Charlie to tell me that I had just missed seeing our son and my two grand daughters and that it was ok as they were coming for lunch tomorrow (Sunday) and that Rebecca would like it if I would show her how to make an Oragami box.  Ok didn't mind that but oh I was so looking forward to an easy day.  Next Charlie then also adds and I have invited Gillian ( oldest daughter) for tea, as you can imagine I just saw my easy day disappear.  I love having them but oh boy I love having a day off also I remembered I had said to Gillian I would make boxes for her necklaces that she has been making for a charity craft night.  I knew she was hoping I would do some of them.

Any way Chris, Rebecca and little Lauren  came had lunch then we made boxes - Lauren is just 31/2 years but she wanted to make a box ( I DO ONE TOO!! ) was her.  Have got to say Rebecca made her with no trouble and daddy and Lauren made a lovely one to. Chris had his camera with him and was taking photos and I didn't.

My buys = 

As you can see my buys are more for making gifts and decorations, plus to bags. The little silk evening one is a Christmas gift. The other one is for myself.   All in all I had a fantastic couple of days the high light being the meeting of  Ang. (Mrs Duck) and Christine ( Christine's cards and craft)
I haven't had a night like that in a long time.

A couple of Gillian's necklaces and some of the boxes I have been making.  Some of the card for the boxes is from Lidl and the others are from Trimcraft Nordic Christmas and Silent Night Collection.  All lovely to work with. 

Oh bad me I meant to welcome my new follower Chris. Welcome to my little craft/ gift making blog, I hope I can give you some ideas . 

Well I suppose I'd better make a move and go to work. Note that I really can't wait to get going - not I could just sit here and do some crafting bits, but hey ho that is just not on the cards for today, it's cello and piano to night so will be lucky to be home before 6.45pm. 
Thank you for calling by and leaving lovely comments, I love getting them and reading them all.
Hazel xxx

Friday, 1 November 2013


Firstly thank you to everyone who as either sent me well wishes or have asked after me.  I am feeling better than I have done in the past couple of weeks. My cold cleared up but I was left with terrible sore joints and mussels, then to crown it all I got an inner ear infection.  I had bloods taken to see what's going on and tablets for the ear thing. ( other wise I am falling apart. ) plus old age is setting in.

As my title says More Of  The Same,  I had a call last week from one of the nurses at the Chemo Unit   Asking if I could make up a baby girl gift. Took along three for them to choose, and they decided between them the Nappy Cake. It turns out it's for one of the nurses whom I got to know last year and liked. She is expecting baby No 4 and another girl.  This is what I made this one up like.

Guess who forgot to photograph it clinged up?   The " it's a girl " ribbon is one of the reels I bought from Michaels.
I love these Yankee Candles this one is " Baby Powder " and is just how I loved the smell of my babies after there bath, I know today they say not to use it, but it never did mine any harm.

While I was at the Unit I also managed to sell a few gifts and Oragami boxes, so that's some more pennies into the charity fund.  

Well I'd better start thinking about getting back to work, then pick up the girls, they have to get their ponies ready for Hunting tomorrow, so there will be a few " oh do we have to" oh happy days.
Have a good weekend what ever you may be doing.

Hazel xxx