Sunday, 13 October 2013


Good evening, I hope you all had a good day what ever you were up to.  Well I know Mrs Duck will have been up with the Larks  and glued to her T.V. Watching those cars go round and round, Ang I hope it was worth getting up early for.   We have had a lazy day, we set out to go up to Momaine Lake to have breakfast up there, set off on a a very slow 12 km drive up the mountain. Got there to discover the hotel had closed up for the winter, granted it was trying to snow while we were up there and the road is to be closed tonight for the winter.  Any way loads of people up there it was beautiful and so peaceful apart people talking.  I took loads of photos, I tell you what taking photos with my iPad is great as you can see what you are taking so easily.  

Just loved the reflections on the water

This one is for all who have wood burners just think of how long this lot would  last you???
As I said it was slow going up the mountain but it was scary coming down as I was at the side that went straight down, health and safety didn't show here - no barriers as such. Landslide and taken them.  Charlie was laughing at me when I told him not to even think of pulling into view points, no way was I looking down at anything even if it was stunning.  Got back to the village and went and got breakfast, while in their a couple we had been speaking to at the airport came in, small world as they were staying in Calgary, Banff and Whistler, had just come into the village for a coffee.
We took a little drive along a back road hoping we might see some Elk or a bear not a thing.
Tomorrow we move on it will be another 4-5 hour trip knowing us but that's the nice part of not being in a hurry.
Sorry if I have made a few of you jealous and wanting to be here, it's taken us 29 years to get back over, ok Charlie was here in March.  I can't see us doing it again the 8 hours flight is just a bit to long for me. Plus I can't see the bank balance allowing it.  But as we say we can't take it with us and why leave it for others to enjoy it when we can do that.


  1. What gorgeous scenery Hazel. I love reflections, no matter where I am. You've just joined the SKI club ( spending the kids inheritance ). Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Fabulous pictures Hazel and I am still green! I think I shall have to think seriously about joining the SKI club!!! Susan xx

  3. Fab photos Hazel, the reflection is quite something, enjoy todays trip, hugs Kate x

  4. it looks stunning Hazel - enjoy it all!! xx

  5. Hi Hazel,
    fab pictures. What a shame that place was closed, for the winter.
    My stepdaughter visited Canada 3years ago in December time. Her partner has a daughter living out there. All the picture she sent back were of lots of snow. lol.
    Have a wonderful restful holiday.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  6. Hi Hazel
    You were spot on my dear. In fact, I was up so early, I woke the lark up hahaha!
    Amazing scenery. It looks stunning but at the moment, I would only get on an 8 hour flight if it were taking me to swaying palm trees and pina colada on draught!
    Keep warm and safe with those bears about.
    Ang x

  7. Hi Barb, stunning photos of an amazing landscape..what a shame the hotel had closed for winter! I'm so pleased you are having a lovely time - I'm with you, we should enjoy every minute that we can and just soak it all up, hugs Carole Z X

  8. Fantastic photos Sis, loving those reflections.
    Loved the pictures you sent me today. You and I have always told the kids not to be looking for any money when we go!!!!! They will have the houses to sell. Enjoy spending, you both worked blooming hard for what you have.

    Patricia xxx

  9. fantastic photos Hazel, love those amazing views.

  10. Stunning images Hazel, seems a fantastic place. Hope it gets a bit warmer for you today.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. Stunning photos Hazel, thank you for sharing
    Sue xx

  12. Fabulous photos Hazel. Sounds like you're having an amazing time.

    Kat xx