Friday, 18 October 2013


Good morning, and thank you for having a look at what we have done to day.  As my title says we say a real wild bear, since we started out on our journey we have been hoping to see a Bear, Elk or a Wolf.  On out way to Lake Louise we stop so I could take photos of a beautiful river on the way back to the car Charlie was telling me to look back down the road there was a wolf walking across the road but to far for me to catch on the iPad. Today Charlie sister and husband took us to the river as there had been sightings of 5 bears down there and yes across the river was a big brown Bear, gosh I was like a big kid took loads of photos but the sun was so bright you cant see him/her oh I was so gutted.
Our trip up here was one of those when you went in and out of fog, the higher up the mountain you drove the better the day was.  I have a photo which I took at the summit looking down on what should have been the sea, but instead it's a sea of fog.

This tree was in the garden across the road from Roberta's house and I just thought it was beautiful, we went up to the waterfall this afternoon saw huge salmon, it was something up at the fall. Then back for tea and just a lovely catch up, I message Roberta but have never meet her before to day but I felt I had meet her before.  We are there for breakfast before we head for the ferry back to the mainland.
I wish in a way we had more time to spend here, but sadly no.
I hope you all have a good weekend what ever you are doing, and that the weather isn't to bad.

Hazel xxx


  1. This trip sounds amazing. I was in california 6 years ago and somepeople on the tripsaw bears but i didn,t sadly. Yours picsaregreat. Xxxx

  2. Well Sis, you are certainly having a great adventure. So glad it is turning out so, so well for you both. You know you have seen the bear, that's the main thing. The picture of the Sea of Fog is brilliant.
    It is so good when you meet someone you have been in constant contact with. Even better when they are so nice.
    Have a wonderful day and trip back to the mainland.

    Patricia xxx

  3. It sounds like you have having a wonderful time Hazel, how fabulous to see the bear! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos.
    Sue xx

  4. Well that is a memory you will have forever. We didn't get a picture of the bear in our camp site (we were too busy trying to keep away!) but we did get a picture of one at the side of the road as we passed. You re obviously having a great time. Christine xx

  5. absolutely stunning pics and so glad you saw a wolf and a bear - fantastic x

  6. Hazel its so beautiful there. Wow, to see a Bear or Wolf in THEIR habitat must be amazing. So love the tree, such stunning colour.
    Great to finally meet up with someone who you have been messaging for a while, must be so nice.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Hi Hazel
    Yay! You saw your bear! Isn't it amazing, like Jacquie says, to see wildlife in its natural habitat. I've been lucky enough to do a safari and can never look at a zoo in the same light again.
    Keep those pics coming!
    Ang x

  8. So beautiful there hazel. Those photos are breathtaking!
    Enjoy yourself and have a safe journey back
    Hugs xx

  9. Hi Hazel how fantastic for you both to have seen the bear, the memory will stay forever, just as my whale memory is for me. It's magical to see these animals in their own environment.

    Lovely to have met up with Roberta too and to have a great feeling about each other.
    keep the photos coming, the one from the mountains is stunningly beautiful, and that tree is beyond gorgeous.
    Really enjoying your posts, hugs Kate X

  10. hi Hazel, fantastic photos, keep them coming.

  11. Hi Hazel, how wonderful to have seen a bear in the wild! Your photos are gorgeous, I really love to see them! Carole Z xx

  12. Wow your trip sounds wonderful Hazel, all that wild life and fab salads. It is a place I would love to visit too.
    Hugs Erika.