Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Well that's into October and the first day is nearly over, it looks like this month is going to go as quick as last month.    I am glad you all liked the photos of the kittens even if they weren't the greatest,  as Gillian was saying because they are mainly black they all a kind of blend into one
another, Gillian will try and get some better ones in a couple of weeks.

Now I don't know how your week has begun, but mine didn't start off very well yesterday when I went to work to discover that the ironing I had given Beth 8 to put away on Friday was still at the bottom of her bed - yes she had slept with it there all weekend.  Well as you understand I was not a happy nanny,  told them both (seeing how Anna had done the same a week before) that the only things I was ironing from now no was there school uniform the rest I will just fold up.  I can't see the point of me standing ironing and folding clothes and they can't be bothered to put away.      Then later Tammy phoned to say she was in A & E with Andrew my little grandson having paper stitches put in the side of his face near his eye, seemingly he tripped going into nursery and fell against the steps of the climbing frame.  Now they are off on their holidays on Monday and he will still be supporting a beautiful black eye.  Last year while on holiday he ran into a door a split his head open over 250 euros later he had a big plaster on his forehead in all their holiday pictures. What a boy he is he just doesn't look where he is going.    So that was the start of my week, today hasn't been to bad, the girls did think that after school they could go off and do what they wanted, but no, piano and cello had to be done they both have exams with these next month, so it's practice, practice.

Any way enough of my waffle, here is the gift Tammy had asked me to make up.  They are going to the party of one of their music friends,  she just wanted a little gift to take.

Just some travel sized different foam bath gels, a hand towel, little wooden butterfly in a wicker basket that can be used to store bits in.  Clinged up and three lengths of organza ribbon tied around finished with a bow and a small rose bud. 
That's it for tonight been another long day had to be in for 7.15 this morning and I finished at 6.30.   Off to sort some bits that I am taking for Patricia when we meet up for a cuppa and a chat with some friends.   I won't see Patricia till the last week of the month so we will make the most of the couple of hours tomorrow .

I can't seem to be able to scroll to the top of this post, I have noticed a couple of mistakes sorry I think my long day is catching up. Here's hoping mummy will text saying she will take the girls to school in the morning.   It's Spanish and swimming tomorrow so it's a late finish again.

Hazel xxx


  1. Great basket Hazel. I have a fancy for the Nutmeg bath foam!! Looking forward to seeing more snaps of those kitties. Hope you manage to put your feet up this evening xx

  2. I think from the way things have gone for you Hazel you could do with some of those relaxing and calming bath essences! Lol! Basket looks great by the way. Christine xx

  3. Hi Hazel, poor Andrew, I hope he isn't hurting too much, I know another little boy just like this, if I didn't know better I would think he was being abused, but no he is just a wee disaster zone.

    Lovely goft basket, and Christine is right you could do with some of the relaxing gels yourself.

    You take care, hugs Kate x

  4. Hi hazel,
    lovely basket of toiletries. I love that butterfly.
    I quite agree with you about the ironing. What's the point if it's not put away, and gets crumpled again.
    Never mind hols are looming.
    Have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Brilliant basket Hazel, love what's in it.
    Only 7 more sleeps
    See you in the morning

    Patricia xxx

  6. another gorgeous basket Hazel! Those girls are very busy aren't they? I thought mine were but these two have it I think!! Hugs x

  7. This is gorgeous Hazel, a really lovely gift so beautifully packaged.
    Sorry to hear about your little Grandson.
    I hope tomorrow goes okay for you and you have a nice time with Patricia.
    Sue xx

  8. Another pretty basket Hazel it makes a lovely gift and, as you say, the basket will be useful for storing bits and bobs in. Hope your grandson doesn't have any ill effects from the bump, bless him! Susan x

  9. Hi Hazel
    Would love to receive a basket of goodies like this ummm.
    Enjoy your get together with Patricia. Hope your friend Anne is doing well.
    Is it 7 sleeps until Canada? How exciting!
    Ang x

  10. Hi Hazel

    How beautiful!!

    I think you could make anything look gorgeous with your magic touch.

    Hope your Grandson is OK today. He will probably be proud of his black eye!! LOL!!

    Have a good day today!

    Love Jules xx

    p.s. How tiny and cute are those kittens .. .. but don't send me one!!!

  11. Sounds like you are in need of some of these relaxing essences yourself Hazel...the gifts are presented beautifully, Carole Z X

  12. Oh Hazel you sound very busy. I'm like you with the ironing, spend days doing it. When I go upstairs and see the boys draws a tip or the fact it's still sat on a chair crumpled up.....why do we bother?
    Loving your gift, beautifully wrapped as always.
    Bet you'll be glad of the holidays?!
    Hugs Erika.

  13. Hi Hazel, you sound like you could use some of these yourself lol!

    Lovely arrangement, hope your Grandson is okay? Boys will be boys.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Hi hazel! Love your little gifts and how you make the m look so professional!
    Sorry you've not had a good start to the week. Hope the weekend is better for you.

  15. What a lovely idea this is Hazel - really sweet. Must say I just love those kitties - I'm typing this with my new fur baby still on my desk - I keep thinking that she will go off me eventually and go to her human dad - then I can get my workspace back - yay!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx