Sunday, 29 September 2013


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and enjoy this lovely sunny day, well it's sunny here in Fife.
Also welcome to Doreen my new follower, I hope I can give you some ideas on gifts for different occasions.
Well 30 minutes ago my oldest daughter phone with a "Mum could you help me put together a new kitten basket".  Well it's not just a new kitten basket it's a basket for 4 very new kittens born around 9.30pm last night.   Gillian friends cat had the kittens and Gillian and Tammy  are planning to have one of them each, which will be in about 8-10 weeks time.   Gillian is off down to see them so it's a fun gift as Ruby the mum cat is Susan's baby, and Gillian says if she was visiting a new baby she would have taken a gift.

So this is what I made with the bits she brought.

Just a little selection of goodies. For mum cat and the kittens when they get older. I will also show a pictures  of the kittens when Gillian sends me  them.

By the way the girls went to the quarry meeting, sat very quiet and listened, at one point I think Anna would have liked to have said something.    There was a QC with the 4 big wigs from the quarry firm 
They didn't like it very much that there is going to be an inquiry into the dust and health issues also they will be having up to 30 huge lorries going up and down a very narrow windy road,  but they don't live and have to drive on that road.

I am off to to try and get things ready for going away.  I am in work for 7.15am tomorrow and it will be like that all week.   The girls come off school on Friday for half term so I have got them at home next Monday and Tuesday and I will finish at 6.30 pm on Tuesday and we will set off for the airport around  4 am.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments on the Naming Day Gift.  I have a 40th birthday gift to make at some point this week so I will post that when it's done.

Hazel xxx


  1. fabulous kitten basket - can't wait to see what the cuties look like! Hugs xx

  2. Hello Hazel, this is lovely and yes I take pet gifts to when I go to see new ones. For Damian and Moreen especially as their pets are their children, if you had been nearer me I would have had a basket for little Cooper, the latest kitten.

    Well done the girls going to the meeting, could have been quite daunting for them, good for them to show there support against the quarry. Looks like another busy week ahead for you, take care, Kate x

  3. Now this is a really cute fun gift Hazel! Love it. Christine xx

  4. What a lovely idea Hazel. I love those baskets you use too. Enjoy your Evening. Hugs Rita xxx

    1. Thanks for the info on the baskets Hazel. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Great basket once again Sis.
    Nice gift for the new family even if it is kittens.
    Now do you think the new kitten will help Gillian with the mice!!!!! When she gets it home with her.
    Try not to do too much this week.
    Are you starting to count the seeps yet???

    Patricia xx

  6. Such a fabulous selection of goodies beautifully packaged. Awwww I am really looking forward to seeing some photos of the kittens.
    I hope your week goes okay and that you find some time to relax
    Sue xx

  7. What a wonderful "mew" Mum bundle!! A fabulous idea xx

  8. What a fab idea Hazel, wonderfully presented! Susan x

  9. Hi Hazel

    You never cease to amaze me with all the different types of gift baskets you are able to make .. .. and for such a wide variety of celebrations.

    I can hear us all now saying "ahhhh" when you show the picture of the kittens!!! LOL!!!

    Sounds like you have a full week ahead of you!!

    Take care and have a lovely break if I don't catch you again before you fly!

    Love Jules xx

  10. Hi Hazel
    Im sure mummy cat will appreciate the gift when she's feline better (sorry, couldn't resist that one)
    My, you have got a busy week ahead of your holiday. You will need your hols after this.
    Ang x

  11. Hi Hazel what cute little kittens and love this gift too. Great idea again.
    Hope you had a super weekend.
    Does an early start at work mean you get finished early too?! I hope so.
    Happy crafting, hugs Erika.