Saturday, 7 September 2013


Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to my new follower Jacquie.    Also I am sorry to see that Heather has had a problem with her blog and has closes it.  Hopefully she will return once the problems have been sorted. I will miss looking at her creations in a morning while having 5minutes before going to work.
Thank you all for your comments on my origami box, and honestly it was my first attempt, my trouble is I have the knowledge but don't have the tools or the time to do a lot of things.   I love playing with card and paper to see what I can do, I think that's why I love scrap booking as you can do what you like with photos, paper and card.

It's a Glove Box today, a mum at the school asked if I could make a nice box for a pair of leather gloves she had bought to give as a gift.  this is what I made and she was more than happy with it.

Just a simple box long enough to fit the tissue wrapped gloves in.  I have got to say that the box just made the gloves into a nice gift, rather than just a pair of gloves if you know what I mean?  I always like if I am giving a scarf as a gift to put it in a box.

Oh I know what I was going to tell you all.  If you remember the other week I posted the girls working away on their boxes. -  well I was previewing my last post and noticed that I had my number of comments which was great but on looking how many had looked at my blog I got a shock as it was 79 now this scared me. Yes I know we all get more lookers than comments but I didn't like the fact that I had the photos of the girls up, maybe just me but I didn't like to think that I had60 + lookers 
On that post, if it had just been a gift or a box ok but not the girls, you just never know these days so I have deleted that post, so for those of you who like me put the children's pictures up showing them doing things maybe you need to check to see how many lookers you get?

I am off to put my feet up for a while before seeing to the tea.   I am babysitting the girls tonight, so it will be a movie night as they call it. A DVD and some chocolate.  

Hazel xxx


  1. What a beautiful box Hazel. Its certainly makes the gift of gloves more interesting. Enjoy your film to-night. Hugs Rita xx
    ps. I noticed that Heather had closed her blog and wondered what was wrong.

  2. A pretty box Hazel, lovely idea it really makes the gift that bit more special! Susan x

  3. Hi Hazel,
    beautiful box. As you say it makes your gift just perfect a box.
    Thank you for the info about the photos of the girls. I will go and delete my grandchildren now.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Hi Hazel
    Sorry Im late, Formula One again.
    Its the day for super boxes today. They do make a gift look special.
    Is that your Lidl card? Had a look in my local one and no joy but I did end up with a nice croissant instead lol !
    Have a great evening.
    Ang x

  5. Beautiful box Hazel - things so always seem more special in a box! X

  6. Hello Hazel, what a lovely way to present the gloves, it's a beautiful box.

    Yes I do think you have to be careful when putting childern on blogs/facebook etc. I can see how you would be concerned.
    Well done for spotting something like that.

    I've noticed Heather has disappeared too, hoping she is OK and just a glitch with her blog.

    Have a good evening, Kate x

  7. Hi honey
    Just popping by to say how much I loved your origami box yesterday. it was just perfect and stunning. I also adore this glove box too. Thanks for the well wishes on my blog.
    Hugs xx

  8. Hi honey
    Just popping by to say how much I loved your origami box yesterday. it was just perfect and stunning. I also adore this glove box too. Thanks for the well wishes on my blog.
    Hugs xx

  9. Good evening Sis,
    Great box, makes the gloves a more expensive looking gift.
    Glad it was liked I thought it was fantastic when I saw it.
    Hope you enjoyed your Movie Evening ....... to many chocolates are not good for you.........!!!!!

    Patricia xxx

  10. Evening Hazel, lovely lovely box, making the gift extra special, Carole Z X

  11. As you say such a lovely box makes an ordinary gift into something special.And this is a lovely box. I'm sure she was pleased.

    I understand exactly why you have deleted that post. I always worry when people post so much personal information, especially when children are involved. I know there was no personal information given but ... It's the same as Facebook I guess. You just don't know these days!

    Have a great day. Another very sunny warm one here. Love from Christine xx

  12. Hi Hazel, another beautiful box, you are definitely the box lady lol!

    Thank you for your nice comments again for my card, I shall take a look at your sisters blog, if she is anything like you I am sure I will stunned.

    Sad to hear about Heathers blog lets hope she gets back on soon

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  13. Beautiful box Hazel and it certainly makes the gloves into a special gift.

    I hadn't thought of getting a lot of people looking at children's photos on our craft blogs. I rarely do that as I'm not entirely comfortable doing it. This is in spite of the fact that my children use Facebook and probably my grandchildren have been on there.

    Kat xx

  14. hi Hazel, this is such a pretty box, love the papers and bow.
    makes you wonder who is looking on your blog, we get so many viewings and a few comments, I have deleted a few shops advertising. cheeky!!!
    pam x

  15. Another beautiful box Hazel and I love the added flowers and bow. As for the photograph situation it is a difficult one especially as blogs can be open to all to view. If I am sharing I usually do through my Facebook page where I have more control over who sees it or I am strategic when taking the picture!
    You can never be too careful!
    Hugs and happy crafting,