Sunday, 29 September 2013


Just a very quick post to show you all the pictures of the kittens, they are not the best as Gillian sent them from her phone,  she will try and get some better ones from Susan her friend in the next day or to.

Susan loved her basket for Rudy and her little family.  She has put it up on her Facebook page already.

Any way here are the pictures

As I said they are not the best, but there are three all black ones and one black with little bits of white.
We always said we wouldn't have another cat after we lost our Squeek, he had been dumped down at the beach were we use to live and he found his way to our house.  We had him for a good 7 years and our other cat Honey died at 17. But I can see what ever two Gillian and Tammy pick, they will end up boarding on holidays with us.   

Well that's me off to work,  early start, Mummy in London today not sure if it's just today or a few days.  Will find that out when I go in or then again maybe not, things can be a bit up in the air on Mondays - to much going on over the weekend.  Did I tell you that it took Anna three days to clear her room up with my help, yes three days so it will be interesting to see if she has kept it tidy.

Hazel xxx


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and enjoy this lovely sunny day, well it's sunny here in Fife.
Also welcome to Doreen my new follower, I hope I can give you some ideas on gifts for different occasions.
Well 30 minutes ago my oldest daughter phone with a "Mum could you help me put together a new kitten basket".  Well it's not just a new kitten basket it's a basket for 4 very new kittens born around 9.30pm last night.   Gillian friends cat had the kittens and Gillian and Tammy  are planning to have one of them each, which will be in about 8-10 weeks time.   Gillian is off down to see them so it's a fun gift as Ruby the mum cat is Susan's baby, and Gillian says if she was visiting a new baby she would have taken a gift.

So this is what I made with the bits she brought.

Just a little selection of goodies. For mum cat and the kittens when they get older. I will also show a pictures  of the kittens when Gillian sends me  them.

By the way the girls went to the quarry meeting, sat very quiet and listened, at one point I think Anna would have liked to have said something.    There was a QC with the 4 big wigs from the quarry firm 
They didn't like it very much that there is going to be an inquiry into the dust and health issues also they will be having up to 30 huge lorries going up and down a very narrow windy road,  but they don't live and have to drive on that road.

I am off to to try and get things ready for going away.  I am in work for 7.15am tomorrow and it will be like that all week.   The girls come off school on Friday for half term so I have got them at home next Monday and Tuesday and I will finish at 6.30 pm on Tuesday and we will set off for the airport around  4 am.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments on the Naming Day Gift.  I have a 40th birthday gift to make at some point this week so I will post that when it's done.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 23 September 2013


Good evening, nothing much been happening today.  Did think first thing it was going to be another lovely day like yesterday, but sadly no by 9.30 it was dull and overcast.
I was asked by daughter Tammy to make a naming day gift of bits when the baby would need when he goes on solids, I normally do this gift in a closed basket, but Tammy gave a nappy cake when he was born so she wanted something  different, first of all she wanted it in one of the little bags I use but there was not enough room to fit in all the bits, so I used this baskets instead.  You will see from the photos a lot has gone into it.   She raided my storage boxes and decided what she would like, oh it's high time she started doing these gifts herself I think.  Then again she is like my personal shopper as she will get me bits and pieces when I ask her saves me going shopping as I hate doing it. She normally gets a bargain any way.

So here is my basket.
Book, ice cube trays, food bags, mass mat, disposable and cotton bibs, pots, spoons and holder, plate, bowl and cup.

A useful gift, as Tammy says " silver money boxes etc are all well and good but something useful is better"    

All clinged up and ready to go, the Naming day is while we are away so that's another thing off my list of jobs to do. 
Off to get things ready for work tomorrow, taking the girls to a meeting to do with people round here not wanting another quarry , the girls wrote to the planner voicing that they didn't think it was right to 

Give permission for another quarry in the area so they have been invited to the meeting.  Mummy and daddy have clinics so I am taking them, not my idea of a good morning but they are so against this happening I think it will be good for them to have a little say at the meeting.   Lots of red squirrels, bats etc. round the site and they should be protected.

Well that's all for tonight, and thank you once again for all your lovely comments on my boxes and pendants.  I have a few to make to take as gifts to Canada with us. 

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Good evening folks. Welcome to my new follower Sarah, And thank you to every one for your lovely comments the girls will love reading them all tomorrow.   They did so love making the box and card they have now also made the origami box as well.   Well it's been a lovely day here today, took Harris for a lovely walk through our beautiful Priory that is just round the back of our village.  Then Tammy and the boys came for lunch, didn't stay long as they were on their way to a birthday party.   Not long after that oldest daughter turned up spied my packs of Lidl card that I managed to get this morning.   She then asked if  would kindly make up some 6x6 boxes that she could use to put pendants necklaces in.  Gillian also makes the pendants and had been asked if she could make some for a friend to give as Christmas gifts, these are to boxes I made up to see what she thought, she loved them.

Here are the boxes.

The base  was made using the plain card from the book of 270gsm weight card, and the top was from a pack of  Christmas card also from Lidl, you got 20 sheets of different designs I can't think how much it cost and I can't find my receipt, but it again is lovely to work with.  

I don't know if any of you who have iPad have had up dated soft ware installed, I have and what a problem finding how to work all the new formats, it's ok getting up dates but I do wish they would include instructions, even Tammy has found using her iPhone and their iPad a nightmare.  Any way I will get there and what's the bet they up date it again. 

I am off to try and work out how I am going to put together a basket of bits for a " Naming Present". 
Hopefully I will be able to show it in the next day or two.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Good afternoon, sorry I haven't been posting but between being busy and not having anything different to show I just had a little break.
Thank you for all your lovely comments I just love receiving them.

This afternoon I am showing the gift box and card I helped the girls make for there friend Madison who is having a birthday party at the weekend.  They wanted to give her girls bits and to make a nice box to put them in.   Also to make a card too.  This is what we made.

The girls choose to give her nail polishes, nail art and lip balms, the box we made out of a 12x12 sheet of Lidl card, I gave the girls the two templates from the flat box that also came from one of the packs of boxes from Lidl. I showed them how to add a 3cms more on to the side height of the base they did this with on problem (good maths work) I showed them how to mark everything out then use the Huggie board to score, they made the lid to the exact size of the Lidl box but with a filled in front.  I have to say I had to sit on my hands as I was so wanting to do it for them, but they did well not perfect but good enough to give to Madison.   The card is 6x6 white card top with a piece again of off cut Lidl card, then Anna cut out one of the flowers of another piece of the same card then they added a few small beads. They did really well with this.   Down side I left work and they went and used loads of my bits, stupid  me for leaving my things behind.

Sorry I started this saying good afternoon, but couldn't up load my photos.  Very much hair pulling out time. But  I got there, thank goodness.

Well that's all for tonight, been a long day,

Hazel xxx

Monday, 9 September 2013


Good evening, well were has today gone?  I am sure there are less hours in a day.    Got a phone call from my daughter Tammy at 11.45 am today.  It was one of those "Mummy  dearest" can you make me up a baby girl basket and two big sister gifts in those new origami boxes, and can they be ready for Wednesday - no hurry there then!!!   Then it was followed with can you ask auntie Patricia to make two cards, Patricia has been waving her magic wand too.

So I was busy all afternoon, good job I didn't have to go to work till 4.15pm.   So it was in to the spare room to my stock to see what I had for a baby girl that would fit in to a basket, I am getting a bit low on certain bits but don't want to buy more until I have to. Trying to use up what I have first.

This is what I came up with.

 I put a hooded towel, wash mitt, 3 wash products, tights, socks, burp cloth and a toy.

I just clinged it up and tied a single length of broad organza ribbon.

This is the two boxes for the to big sisters, they are only 3 and 20 months old so I kept them simple.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to my new follower Jacquie.    Also I am sorry to see that Heather has had a problem with her blog and has closes it.  Hopefully she will return once the problems have been sorted. I will miss looking at her creations in a morning while having 5minutes before going to work.
Thank you all for your comments on my origami box, and honestly it was my first attempt, my trouble is I have the knowledge but don't have the tools or the time to do a lot of things.   I love playing with card and paper to see what I can do, I think that's why I love scrap booking as you can do what you like with photos, paper and card.

It's a Glove Box today, a mum at the school asked if I could make a nice box for a pair of leather gloves she had bought to give as a gift.  this is what I made and she was more than happy with it.

Just a simple box long enough to fit the tissue wrapped gloves in.  I have got to say that the box just made the gloves into a nice gift, rather than just a pair of gloves if you know what I mean?  I always like if I am giving a scarf as a gift to put it in a box.

Oh I know what I was going to tell you all.  If you remember the other week I posted the girls working away on their boxes. -  well I was previewing my last post and noticed that I had my number of comments which was great but on looking how many had looked at my blog I got a shock as it was 79 now this scared me. Yes I know we all get more lookers than comments but I didn't like the fact that I had the photos of the girls up, maybe just me but I didn't like to think that I had60 + lookers 
On that post, if it had just been a gift or a box ok but not the girls, you just never know these days so I have deleted that post, so for those of you who like me put the children's pictures up showing them doing things maybe you need to check to see how many lookers you get?

I am off to put my feet up for a while before seeing to the tea.   I am babysitting the girls tonight, so it will be a movie night as they call it. A DVD and some chocolate.  

Hazel xxx

Friday, 6 September 2013


Good afternoon folks, well I hope you are having a good one, but then again with all this rain forecasted for those of you in the south it's maybe not that great.  I know the likes of Christine and Jenny need there water supply and water butts filled, but over night rain would be better.   We have been lucky and had some really nice days this week not warm first thing but mid afternoon has been ok.
I just can't get over how dark it has got, I was up at 5.30am and it was very dark, lights having to go on, and the same at night oh where has the summer gone.

I have been playing making the Origami Box that Patricia makes also Christine had up about a week or so ago, now I love these boxes and decided to have a go doing one following the tutorial that Christine gave the link to on her blog, and this is my first attempt.

I made it using some of the double sided card that I got from Lidl,the lace I have had for years, the flowers well these are some that Patricia had given me a long time ago and I found them when I went looking for thing to decorate the top, the butterfly and pearl dots, bow etc. are bits from stash.
I know it's not perfect by a long way but I am pleased with my first attempt. And as they say practise makes perfection.

Well that's it for today, I'd better get back to work a pile of ironing awaits, and seeing how its Friday again I like to leave on Friday knowing the ironing all done,, note I didn't say done and put away, I leave that for them to do.   

Thank you for all your comments I love reading them all, husband does say " I see you have got a load of e-mails what did you put up today"

Have a good weekend and I hope the rain isn't that bad.

Hazel xxx