Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Good evening, and thank you for all the lovely comments on my gift basket.
Now a few weeks ago I made up a doggie raffle prize for a charity event and they never came for it. Well I found a home for it last weekend.  My friend Kathryn and her daughter had got themselves new Lhasa Apso puppies back in May, so I decide to make another doggie basket up and give them for the puppies.

Meet Fenson and Alfie.

Fenson who is the bigger of the two hasn't got his cute face on, he is gorgeous. He belongs to Kathryn  Alfie was the smallest of the litter but he thinks he thinks he is the boss.   Here is there gift baskets.
I did show the contents of this when I posted it before.

And guess who forgot to take a photo of what was in Alfie's, so here is what went in.

Dog bowl with top dog written it on just to make him feel good, a towel, some training treats, toy, lead you can't have to many and some poo sacks.
I just hoped that Fenson didn't get a complex with the purple ribbon?  Both Kathryn and Alison were delighted with their ( babies baskets)  oh yes they are their babies.
I have got to say we had to check Tammy bag as we were leaving Kathryn's house, Fenson would have been in there if she got half a chance. Poor Derek was getting "can we get one ". He did say she had more chance of getting a new car than a puppy, she had enjoyed driving my car too.!!

Well that's nearly another day gone by before I know it I will be back at work, it's Anna's birthday tomorrow.   I will phone her to wish her a happy birthday she knows she is getting her present when she gets back. It's funny but I have missed them they are just part of my life, more a granny than a nanny to them. 

That's all I am off to do the ironing - oh what fun.  

Hazel xxx


  1. What gorgeous little doggies Hazel. As always your baskets are fabulous. You'll feel good when that ironing is finished. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  2. Aww they are gorgeous, so cute, I can understand Tammy wanting to put one in her bag.
    Great gift baskets as usual. Kate x

  3. What cute little dogs Hazel the baskets look wonderful! Susan x

  4. Awwww they are adorable puppies and the gift baskets you have made are wonderful
    Sue xx

  5. Hazel they are so adorable, I as you know am not a dogie person but I could love these.
    Bet your gifts went down well.

    Patricia xxx

  6. Hi Hazel
    Im a kitty cat girl but I could make an exception for these cuties!
    I would imagine Fenson was more interested in the contents than the ribbon lol! x

  7. Hi Hazel,
    oh they are soooooooo cute. Makes me want one, but hubby is not a dog person. So I have to resort to china ones instead. lol.
    I bet they loved their pressies.
    Wilma should see these.
    Have a wonderful crafty evening, and enjoy the ironing. Got mine to do in the morning.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. I have enough trouble with the grandchildren without pets we have already done the chicken thing and that just ended up with me clearing the droppings three days a week so the children could go on the swings! I never knew chickens dropped so much I can see how you could run a generator with the stuff! I think we could have illuminated London!!

    Your doggy basket was lovely Hazel I am sure you miss the children a lot I know I will, mine are off to Mexico for two weeks in August but I have never been away from them for more than a week in 5 years!! I shall be away for one of the weeks but it will be awful when I get back and I have another week to go without them.:(

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  9. Such cuties! And a lovely doggie prize basket, too x

  10. Hiya Hazel - what gorgeous cuties these are - no wonder you thought of them for your doggie basket! I bet they love it! Big Hugs Rachel p.s. Hubby's back - so good to see him!

  11. Hi Hazel and what cute wee dogs, love their wee box of goodies.
    Hugs Erika.