Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Good evening everyone.  It's been a fairly good day here today, not warm but dry and with a cardigan on its been ok.    Not a lot going on, meet up with Patricia for a cup of tea and a chat - put the world to rights etc. but lovely to not having to clock watch, could get use to this not working but then again as I have said I do miss the girls, had a lovely text from Anna this morning telling me that she had got a kindle for her birthday, now Anna is a reader and mummy decided that with the amount of books she does read it might be better to get her a kindle, plus she wants to read more of the classics and they come free and  with the kindle they won't have to buy more bookcases.   Anna also was wanting to know how their little stable kitten was doing and how their chickens were, needless to say I went and checked them out on my way back from Perth and was able to text saying they were all fine.

Today I have just another little gift to show, I made this up to give to Michelle (happy2craft) for her mum.   Very simple as you can see, but as usual useful.

Just one of my little guest towels folded round a piece of card, and a nice hand cream, cling,  two lengths of satin ribbon tied in a bow. That's it, all of about 10 mins to make up.   

Again I hope I have given you an idea for a little gift.

As for Kathryn and Alison liking their dog baskets.  Yes they did but Kathryn doesn't want to open Fenson's one until Benjamin her son has seen it, but as I have said I have known her long enough and I know that's her, I think that's good friends understand each other, well we do. 

Thank you again for all your comments I love reading them all.  

Hazel xxx


  1. Another lovely gift Hazel, I use tons of hand cream so I would appreciate something like that and I am sure the recipient did, Susan x

  2. How kind of you I am sure Michelle loved it!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  3. Hi Hazel,
    I too use tons of hand cream. Last thing every night it's hand cream and white gloves on before I go to sleep. This routine has made a world of difference to my hands as I used to suffer with chapped hands in the winter, and sometimes in the summer too.
    So I bet your little gift was very much appreciated.
    I don't know if you have ever watched the program on how to get more value for you money. In that program they said if you cut a hand cream tube in half when you think it's finished
    you will be amazed how much is still left in there. I keep and old face cream pot and scoop it out into there.
    Have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. lovely to hear about your day Hazel and the gift looks wonderful! Hugs Rachel x

  5. Beautifully wrapped gift Hazel. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon with Patricia. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Hi Hazel
    Such a lovely thoughtful gift. Has the Turkish hotel noticed the missing hand towels yet hahaha!!!.
    Jenny is sooo right about cutting the tube open. I slap moisturiser on my feet before bed in the summer and sleep with thin cotton socks on. Lovely soft feet to display in sandals.
    Night night.
    Ang x

  7. This is gorgeous Hazel, such a useful gift and you always tie your bows so beautifully.
    Sue xx

  8. Beautiful little gift Hazel, the towel looks lovely, but then the Turkish towels always are, and wrapped so well, Kate x

  9. Great little gift, maybe should have got a lot more of those towels.
    If I win my millions we can get some when we are in Dalyan having our hair cut.
    Oh! It's good to dream!!!

    Patricia xx

  10. What a lovely little thoughtful gift Hazel.....I think if I had the doggy gift too I wouldn't want to share...mind you the dog would have other ideas.
    Enjoy your day, hugs Erika.

  11. Another beautiful little gift Hazel. Carol x

  12. Great gift Hazel, love the towels. Anna will love her kindle - we were finding the same, too many books and no more room for bookshelves, so i read on my iPad and Tom his kindle. I still do have to get out a book now and then, there's just something nice about turning those pages, but reading from a tablet makes so much sense today! Have a lovely weekend, Carole Z X