Friday, 23 August 2013


Good afternoon, sorry I haven't been posting anything for over a week.  I didn't have any orders or projects on apart from two baby baskets, but seeing how they were the same as I have posted before. So would not show them again.   Also I have been suffering from sciatica which effected my lower leg and ankle, the pain took over my brain and I couldn't think to make anything or able to stand to do  anything.    Pain under control thank goodness, still a bit painfull to stand to long but I am getting there.

I thought I would show these little boxes.  These were in a pack that I found in Lidl yesterday.  The pack contained the makings of  nine boxes three of each, all for just £3.99.   The only thing that wasn't in it was the acetate which I always take off boxes before recycling, so had that in my stash.  To me they are of a good buy, and the uses are many!!!  

This is what I did with mine.

There was a packet of sweetie bags in the pack too, as they show the boxes being full of sweeties, but I felt with using the acetate I could fill them with these different types of candles.
Nine boxes for £3.99 you can't go wrong.  A simple little gift that doesn't break the bank.

Well thank you for all your lovely comments, I love reading them all and look forward to seeing what you think of these. I know you all make boxes etc, but could you make nine for £3.99.  I don't think so as the card alone costs more.   Lidl also had double sided 12x12 card 10 sheets for £2.99 another good buy.

That's all need to get the washing out and give the carpets a quick Hoover - dog hairs, they are every where.

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel brilliant buy, Lidil is an amazing place for all sorts of things, and your right these are lovely little inexpensive gifts, Well done.

    Pleased to hear your pain has eased somewhat, I get it starting in my buttock and then travelling down my leg, you could say it's the proverbial "pain in the a...", but oh so sore. Take care, Hugs Kate x

  2. What a fabulous find, Hazel. Perfect for your lovely gift packaging!
    Sorry to hear about your sciatica. Pain like this can be so depressing, and as you say, you don't feel like doing anything as the pain takes over. I hope you feel much better soon.
    I am waiting to see a pain management consultant. I've been prescribed pain meds for years and they just make me feel horrible. So hoping they can offer me something that doesn't make me like a zombie xx

  3. Brilliant buy Sis, we are over your way later this afternoon will pop in and hope there are some left.
    You did some suffering over the weekend, glad you are a lot better.

    Patricia xxx

  4. Hi Hazel
    Sorry to hear you have been suffering but I hope that you're well and truly on the mend.
    I have to say, I could make the boxes for less as I buy my card in quantity but if you're not a card maker these are a reasonable buy.
    You can pick up some great bits in Lidl. I got my guillotine/paper trimmer all in one from there. They also do smashing peppered salami lol! x

  5. fabby boxes Hazel and a real bargain too - must look out for them! Hugs rachel x

  6. Fab boxes Hazel and what a bargain I am really going to have to investigate this shop!! Susan x

  7. Hi Hazel,
    firstly these were fabulous value for money. They look really great, and the card sounds fab too. Thank you for sharing this info.

    Have you tried acupuncture for your sciatica ? I had it for mine about 6 years ago, and haven't suffered with it since. It took about 6 weekly treatments to get rid of it. Well worth the money I paid as I was in such pain, and nothing else helped. It also gets rid of toxins that build up in the body, and cause you pain.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    I do hope you manage to get some peace from the pain.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Gosh Hazel what a fab bargain! Sorry to hear about your sciatica problem, but glad you have the pain under control - take care, hugs Carole Z X

  9. Sorry to hear you've been suffering with sciatica. Pain like that really gets you down so it's good you've got it under control.

    Loving your bargain boxes. It's surprising what you can find in Lidl sometimes.

    Take care,

    Kat xx

  10. Hope you are feeling better Hazel. What a great find and I love what you have done with them! We don't have a Lidl anywhere near here which is a a shame because I gather they do some good craft bargains at times. Love from Christine xx

  11. Hi Hazel
    Loving these great buys sorry ton hear about your pain have joined so will be popping in from time to time as I'm allowed Sue x

  12. Hi Hazel, what a lovely purchase really cost effective and so pretty. Hope your pain has eased and that things are looking up for you.

    Come on girl get them dogs hairs lifted what would Patricia say??

    Wilma x x x

  13. hi Hazel, you have made these box`s love beautiful, what a lovely gift for someone, we are quite a way from Lidl, so a shop I do not go to, looks like I`m missing out, what a bargain.

  14. Hello again Hazel

    I am so sorry you have been in pain sciatic is miserable and does not take much to set it off again. make sure when you turn you turn your feet first or as well that really helps!Forget the dog hairs until your back is better! :)

    Love your boxes and yes if ready made a good price!! I am sure you will find many uses for them also in the future for Christmas gifts.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx