Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Good evening, I was hoping to get this post written up this afternoon when I was sitting at Spanish, the girls get a hour lesson and I thought oh I can write my blog while sitting there. Stupid me you need Internet connection, yes the Spanish teacher has wifi but it's terrible.  She has students who are in the flats next to her house and it a shared connection, so if the students are working at home it can't cope.

So I had to wait till I got home and had tea. if you remember I got a bargain of some little boxes from Lidl the other day, well I had a little play and using the template of the flat box I made a base deeper than the Lidl one not difficult but more a useful depth, I kept to the same size lid.  This is my box.
I wanted to make a box to hold these products

I am pleased that it turned out ok, the L'OREAL products were in a box but it's  wasn't that nice infact it was a very cheap nasty looking thing.  Now I feel I can give this to my friend.   She loves these creams, and I know she will be more than happy to have these as a present.
Sorry the base is now 71/2cm deep, I made another 5cm for another gift.  I made the bases out of some of the 12x12 card stock I got the same day.  

Well it's been a long day I had to be in work for 7 am today and I got home at 6.50, granted I had time off from 8.45 till 2pm,  I meet up with Patricia and another two friends for a chat and a cup of tea during that time, but from 2o'clock it was none stop of seeing to the dogs taking the girls to Spanish which is a 30 mile round trip and from there to Cupar for swimming lessons.  

Thank you for calling in to see what I have been up to, also for all your comments.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 26 August 2013


Good afternoon just a very quick post.   These are a few more photos that I was hoping to put up on yesterday's blog.
Derek and Tammy with Blackwolf the plate Tammy is holding is one signed by them.

Blackwolf playing

All fun 
 As I said just a quick post, Derek still hasn't come down to earth as one would say, but it was back to
work for him today, but he has had a fantastic birthday.

Even Batty the cat enjoyed it all.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Good afternoon folks, and can I say welcome to Sue.  I have known Sue for a while through Patricia's  blog.  Sue moved house and disappeared off blog land, it turns out that she has been poorly after getting a piece of glass in her foot. So ((((hugs))))) being sent.

Well as my title says we had a happy son-in-law yesterday, it's his 50th birthday today but he had his party last night.   Now it wasn't a "normal party". Tammy had arranged for the band " Blackwolf " to come and play for him, they are a Bristol based band. She did a bid thing that won and they came all the way up to Perth,   So friends who are into rock music were invited to the house for this.  Three of the friends came up from London.  Everyone had a fab night and Derek had a  brilliant night. Lots of memories.    Here are some photos.  Oh yes he loved his BEER CAKE really didn't want to undo it but every one wanted to see it.

One happy 50 year old

This was his birthday cake

I think Jude Tammy's friend made a great job of his cake!

Well that's about all for today, I am having my normal problem trying to get my photos right.

Thank you all for your comments about my find at Lidl.   I have been playing and have made a deeper based box using the template from the flat box.  Will post that maybe tomorrow to show you what I did.   

Hazel xxx

Friday, 23 August 2013


Good afternoon, sorry I haven't been posting anything for over a week.  I didn't have any orders or projects on apart from two baby baskets, but seeing how they were the same as I have posted before. So would not show them again.   Also I have been suffering from sciatica which effected my lower leg and ankle, the pain took over my brain and I couldn't think to make anything or able to stand to do  anything.    Pain under control thank goodness, still a bit painfull to stand to long but I am getting there.

I thought I would show these little boxes.  These were in a pack that I found in Lidl yesterday.  The pack contained the makings of  nine boxes three of each, all for just £3.99.   The only thing that wasn't in it was the acetate which I always take off boxes before recycling, so had that in my stash.  To me they are of a good buy, and the uses are many!!!  

This is what I did with mine.

There was a packet of sweetie bags in the pack too, as they show the boxes being full of sweeties, but I felt with using the acetate I could fill them with these different types of candles.
Nine boxes for £3.99 you can't go wrong.  A simple little gift that doesn't break the bank.

Well thank you for all your lovely comments, I love reading them all and look forward to seeing what you think of these. I know you all make boxes etc, but could you make nine for £3.99.  I don't think so as the card alone costs more.   Lidl also had double sided 12x12 card 10 sheets for £2.99 another good buy.

That's all need to get the washing out and give the carpets a quick Hoover - dog hairs, they are every where.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Good evening, well nothing exciting going on here, weather not even that good, dry but that's about it.   I am just trying to gear myself up for going back to work on Monday.  Girls are back to school on Wednesday so it will be back to clock watching and doing the extra activities after school.  No more lazing around and will have to be putting the alarm on. Even Harris has been lazy these last few weeks and hasn't been disturbing me at the crack of dawn.

I haven't got really anything different to show, I have not had any thing to make up this week. Then after last when I had so many to make up.  So this is one of the baby boy gifts I did.  The baby was called Louis Alistair he was 9lb 12ozs.   I was asked to make a useful gift no clothes.   This is what I did.

It was just a gift to hand in, and I felt this was useful, and I got great feed back from the mum who received it.

Sorry it's very much a repeat of what I have done before.

Well that's it for tonight, just had a phone from Tammy youngest daughter asking if they could come tomorrow for tea. She has things here to collect so they are coming here after they have been down to other grannies, delivering her shopping ( she won't let them do a direct shop) she is 81 and why upset her.  So I am off to see what we have got in the way of food in the freezer that is ready.

Thank you for looking at what I make.  Also for all your comments.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Good evening everyone.  It's been a fairly good day here today, not warm but dry and with a cardigan on its been ok.    Not a lot going on, meet up with Patricia for a cup of tea and a chat - put the world to rights etc. but lovely to not having to clock watch, could get use to this not working but then again as I have said I do miss the girls, had a lovely text from Anna this morning telling me that she had got a kindle for her birthday, now Anna is a reader and mummy decided that with the amount of books she does read it might be better to get her a kindle, plus she wants to read more of the classics and they come free and  with the kindle they won't have to buy more bookcases.   Anna also was wanting to know how their little stable kitten was doing and how their chickens were, needless to say I went and checked them out on my way back from Perth and was able to text saying they were all fine.

Today I have just another little gift to show, I made this up to give to Michelle (happy2craft) for her mum.   Very simple as you can see, but as usual useful.

Just one of my little guest towels folded round a piece of card, and a nice hand cream, cling,  two lengths of satin ribbon tied in a bow. That's it, all of about 10 mins to make up.   

Again I hope I have given you an idea for a little gift.

As for Kathryn and Alison liking their dog baskets.  Yes they did but Kathryn doesn't want to open Fenson's one until Benjamin her son has seen it, but as I have said I have known her long enough and I know that's her, I think that's good friends understand each other, well we do. 

Thank you again for all your comments I love reading them all.  

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Good evening, and thank you for all the lovely comments on my gift basket.
Now a few weeks ago I made up a doggie raffle prize for a charity event and they never came for it. Well I found a home for it last weekend.  My friend Kathryn and her daughter had got themselves new Lhasa Apso puppies back in May, so I decide to make another doggie basket up and give them for the puppies.

Meet Fenson and Alfie.

Fenson who is the bigger of the two hasn't got his cute face on, he is gorgeous. He belongs to Kathryn  Alfie was the smallest of the litter but he thinks he thinks he is the boss.   Here is there gift baskets.
I did show the contents of this when I posted it before.

And guess who forgot to take a photo of what was in Alfie's, so here is what went in.

Dog bowl with top dog written it on just to make him feel good, a towel, some training treats, toy, lead you can't have to many and some poo sacks.
I just hoped that Fenson didn't get a complex with the purple ribbon?  Both Kathryn and Alison were delighted with their ( babies baskets)  oh yes they are their babies.
I have got to say we had to check Tammy bag as we were leaving Kathryn's house, Fenson would have been in there if she got half a chance. Poor Derek was getting "can we get one ". He did say she had more chance of getting a new car than a puppy, she had enjoyed driving my car too.!!

Well that's nearly another day gone by before I know it I will be back at work, it's Anna's birthday tomorrow.   I will phone her to wish her a happy birthday she knows she is getting her present when she gets back. It's funny but I have missed them they are just part of my life, more a granny than a nanny to them. 

That's all I am off to do the ironing - oh what fun.  

Hazel xxx

Monday, 5 August 2013


Good evening everyone.  I hope you are all in good health and if you are a little under the weather here is a (hug).

I had a lovely break away Tammy and I did 856 miles all told.  We shared the driving so it wasn't to bad, and it was lovely seeing friends again that I haven't seen for about 2 years.  Tammy enjoyed seeing her god parents she hasn't seen them for 4 years with having two little boys its not always easy to get away.

We meet up with Michelle (happy 2 craft) yesterday for a cup of tea and a chat.  Michelle is lovely and seeing I have only been e-mailing her for about 9 months and felt I had known her personally for a while, a bit like when Patricia and I meet Wilma (Scottish crafter) and Kate (culliesocks) .

This evening I am showing an extra gift I made for Kathryn and David the friends I was down visiting. It was their Ruby Anverisary a few weeks ago, we had sent a cheque for them to get euros to spend on the holiday they went on, but I wanted to give a little gift, they have just down sized to a smaller house and she had been telling me that they had put in a  new white bathroom suite and retiled with plain white tiles as she was sure what colour she wanted to go for, so this ways a change of towel colour would change the look.  So I decided to make up a basket using red, black and white. This is what I did.

I found this range of Baylis and Harding which was a bit different and then got red bath towels and white and black flannels, put them in this large basket then clinged it and tied organza ribbon round, and as usually one product moved I redid it but forgot to take another photo.  I could have left it and said it moved while driving but I wouldn't have been happy.  An extra strip of double sided tape on the back of the bottle was just enough to stop it moving.

Kathryn was very pleased as she had been trying to think if red would be colour she would be happy with. Having known Kathryn for over 25 years I told her I didn't mind if she didn't like the red  I wouldn't be upset she knew what I meant.

Any way that's it hope you haven't fallen asleep with all the waffle.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on my wedding gift.

Hazel xxx