Monday, 1 July 2013


Good evening all I hope you have had a good day what ever you may have been doing.   Thank you for taking time to look at my blog and leave all your lovely comments, I do appreciate them all.

My visitors are away down to my daughters now, poor things left York this morning thinking that it wasn't that far to us.  They got a shock it doesn't look much on the map but as you know it is. They hit Edinburgh at tea time - nightmare.  They here about 7.30 very tired.

Tonight I am just showing you a picture of our lab Harris.Oh he was very upset with me for changing is bed again,  I was wanting to take his Duvet cover to work to wash it in the horse stuff washing machine, but as you can see he wasn't wanting to let it go with the look of "it's mine and your are not having it"
He is spoilt has a single Duvet with its own covers folded in four a placed on top of a big dog bed, I often don't even bother washing the covers and just bin them, especially in the winter and in bad weather.  I buy Ikea ones at £1.99  or i get cast off ones from friends and feel its not worth the trouble of getting them dry. but seeing how it was a nice windy day I thought I'd wash this one as I said there is a washing machine at work for doing all the horse stuff which is great. I have enough dog hairs in mine from just off our clothes without 3-4 days worth off his bed,

Poor thing he has had to put up with a lot going on last week and though he is laid back he was very unsure as to what was going on.  Even when I took him out for a nice long walk he still had a grumpy face on him as Beth said.
But does Beth have room to talk???   

Awaiting Anna to get ready.
They were off for a lesson and I had a whole hour to myself , NOT.  A pile of ironing was needing done.

That's it for tonight.

Hazel xxx


  1. Hi Hazel, Hi Beth,
    Isn't Harris a handsome chap, he does look like he is clinging to his blanket, bless him.
    Tell Beth I love her pony, really wish I had learnt to ride, I would be in my element owning a pony, she is a real beauty and Beth is sooooo
    cute, hope you dont mind me saying that Beth!!!
    Have fun.

  2. Awwww!!!! Poor, poor Harris, he's not grumpy even if he has his grumpy face on. He is a big soft loveable lump!!!
    Beth looks rather grumpy did you pull her out of her bed this morning????
    Hope your visitors recover after their mammoth trip!!!
    Funny how places don't look far on a map!!!!

    Patricia xxxx

  3. Hi Hazel. What a gorgeous boy Harris is. Is he named after the tweed? Cute little pony too.
    Our beautiful cat Sam died 7 years ago and we still can't face having another as it broke our hearts. Maybe one day as I do miss having a pet other than Mr D lol. Take care. Ang x

  4. I don't mean to be rude, I always find it amazing when people check out there route properly before setting out on a journey. At least they arrived safely which is the main thing. We had labs at home, tehn both my brothers had them after they were married. Their temperament is amazing isn't it? HAve a good day. Christine


  5. Christine I am like you, when going on a long journey especially in another country you get a map and work your trip out, but it's seems now its all sat nav. That took them the long way round and they ended up about 5 miles from our house. I tried to tell them the easy way following the signs from the motorway which has The Scootish Deer Centre well signed and we live minutes from there but no the sat nav will get us there. They got here as you say the main thing. Hazel

  6. Cute child cute animals cute post! LOL!
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather x

  7. Good Morning Hazel, love Harris, he is just gorgeous. I do so miss having my Cuillin around, but like Ang, can't face having a new pet.
    Your guests arrived safely that's the main thing, Kate x

  8. Good morning Sis,
    Please thank Anna for her lovely comment on my card


  9. Hi Hazel,
    fab pics of your dog Harris, by the way that's a great name for a dog.
    Lovely picture of Anna and her pony.
    I hope you enjoyed your hour to your self.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.