Friday, 12 July 2013


Good evening, well it's been one very hot day here.  To hot at times especially when I had to bake.  So far today I have had on my Nanny Hat, Taxi Driver one, Shopper one to and baker, decided it was to hot to walk the dogs this afternoon so I didn't put that hat on, all these for work not home.  Oh nearly forgot present maker.   Started at 7am again today and had it in my mind that once I had dropped the girls off at Pony Camp I would go back home and have some time to myself.  That all disappeared by 7.10am when Mummy asked if I could go get things for the picnic lunches for the weekend and also could I please do up 4 little gift baskets for the 4 helpers that were looking after the girls teams while they are at camp, they are all between the ages of 13-14 years old so I just got mini products that they can use if they go on sleep overs etc. as for the cake baking I did loads a couple of weeks ago and put it in the freezer but that's all gone, and more needed for the weekend.

Now I also volunteered to do up a raffle prize for a fun raiser at the Doggie Training School, this is were Moss the collie at work went to get sorted out and believe you me he needed it, so I feel a raffle prize was earned by them.

Just made up a doggie starter kit, as you can see I haven't made it into a puppy cake, keeping the cost down.  I also bought raffle tickets , be my luck to win the basket back. 

Well off to phone Patricia to see what colour she will be in tomorrow when we are meeting Kate (I love socks and cards) for lunch in Perth. We don't want to be looking like the Dolly Sisters!!! Do we.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my centre piece and glad you all could understand it, if you end up making one take a tube with you when you go to buy little gifts to put in them - try before you buy as they might be to big, and if there are to be children getting a gift put a coloured sticky dot on the ones they are to have.  The middle box takes a box of sweeties so more goodies to eat.

Hazel xxx


  1. Lovely Hazel. Enjoy your day tomorrow in Perth and say Hi to Kate for me! I know what you mean about plans I was due to collect son from Heathrow tomorrow afternoon at 3.45 now due to the airport being closed for two hours due to a plane on fire it is now 5.45 at the moment but may be later so by the time we get home again instead of a BBQ and swim it will be time for bed! Sigh!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Good Evening Hazel. I feel exhausted just reading your post. You are one busy lady. I love the doggie goodies. Have a great day tomorrow with Patricia and Kate, say Hi from me. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Great little doggie gifts, Hazel. Gosh you are really busy, with all the things you have to do for this family, but you obviously enjoy it, half the battle. Roll on tomorrow. I was trying to work out why the bus takes so long to get down, I've driven down in 2hrs. The bus goes round all the little towns on the way down, just have to bring my knitting, Kate x

  4. Hi Hazel. My goodness, do you get time to draw breath lol!
    What a lovely basket of goodies for a pooch. Mind you, I could do with a new brush, blanket and chews so hand over those raffle tickets hahaha!
    Take care
    Ang x

    ps. . . You keep your underwear secrets to yourself next time. We don't want folks getting the wrong idea about November now lol!

  5. Another gorgeous gift idea Hazel and perfect raffle prize. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow. Carol x

  6. Good evening Sis,
    Another great raffle prize, you fairly come up with the ideas.
    Got my outfit ready so we won't clash and be like the "Dolly Sisters"
    See you tomorrow sleep well you will need it after all you have done today

    Patricia xxx

  7. Hi there busy bee!
    Me too felt tired after reading your post, lol. You must certainly enjoy your job, Hazel. Love the doggy baskets. I hope you enjoy your lunch out, say 'Hi' from me too. I am having a day out today, going to the Summercraft show at Doncaster, only because it is near, promised myself not to spend too much, lol.
    Have a lovely day. Michelle(happy2craft)

  8. Hi there Hazel, lovely to hear from you!
    Oh my, you have been busy, you deserve a medal for baking in this heat. It was too hot here to sit outside, as it was very humid, too. We are having to keep Ella indoors, which isn't ideal with a nine week old puppy, she keeps having a mad half hour, lol!
    I love your sweet basket for the Doggie Training School...such a lovely thing to do for them.
    Enjoy your day out with Patricia and Kate x

  9. Hi Hazel,
    you are a very busy lady, with all those hats to wear. You must have an amazing hat stand. lol.
    Doggie raffle prize is great, I bet you win your creation back. lol.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.