Thursday, 11 July 2013


Good evening everyone, I hope you have all had a good day what ever you have been doing.   I have had an easy day as both girls were at Pony Camp all day. Granted I had to be at work for 7am, to get them organised and to Camp for 8am.  Then I picked them up at 5pm.

Right for the centre piece you will need a box for the middle, a length of tubing (the inside of a roll of fabric you can usually get these for free), white craft felt, if you can buy it by the metre it's better,  a girls large hair elastic, ribbon and a cake board oh yes you will need to find something as a topper.
My box measured 8cm high by 16cm wide. But you could go as high as 10cm and 12-14cm wide. Of course the narrower box means less tubes.  I managed to fit 14 tubes round mine. I cut a circle of felt big enough to cover the lid and edge, and glued it on. Next you have the hard job of measuring and cutting the tubes, ( I find a really strong tube the best and it will last for many years) they have to be the same height as your box so carefully measure and mark I used a hacksaw to cut through the tube, a helpfull husband who will do this for you is good otherwise it's a sore arm.


Cut tube
Next you need to measure the  circumference of your tubes
Now measure out your felt using this measurement and 
For the height you have to at least make it double this is so you can twist the felt to pop into the tube, 
You need to cut a circle of felt for the base, keep it snug the tubes have to fit in tight. I find putting the felt round
the tube and sewing the edges together - a bit fiddly but makes a neat job.
The little felt bag.  Once you have covered all you tubes, that's all the hard work over.  Now you need to put it all together. Place your middle box on to your cake board, put your hair elastic round the box now slot the tubes in the hair band holds it altogether. Tie the ribbon of your choice round leaving the elastic in place don't try taking it away your ribbon will hide it. For mine I have used wire edged fancy Christmas ribbon, but you can use any ribbon.

    Pop you topper on and that's that, I am not good at this tutorials so won't be doing it again in a hurry.
    Hope you will be able to make one, sorry it's not that good but hey ho I am still learning.

    Thank you for calling by and leaving your comments.

    Hazel xxx


    1. Well Hazel, I think you've done really well with your tutorial, the instructions are easy to follow. I thought your finished table center piece was lovely, Kate x

    2. Thanks for this tutorial Hazel, you've done very well for the first time so no apologies needed. Carol x

    3. Thank You Hazel for a wonderful tutorial. I can understand it perfectly. I feel I'm rubbish at them too ,I'd rather teach someone face to face. I'm going to give it a go anyway. Hugs Rita xx

    4. What a great tutorial you clever thing! Nice and clear and easy to follow! Well done!
      Crafty Hugs
      Heather xx

    5. Hi Hazel.
      Thanks for that and for the photos. I always find pictures easier to follow so your pics of the various stages are good for me.
      Take care.
      Ang x

    6. Well Sis, you have done really well with your first Tutorial ... Take bow!!
      Even I can follow that.
      It really makes a great centre piece for the Table.
      Happy crafting

      Patricia xxx

    7. Hi Hazel,
      thank you soooooooo much for your wonderful tutorial. Must try and have a go at this one, but where do you find those strong tubes.
      Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    8. I did reply to your message but it did not post it Hazel. I don't think anything will be gained by being on the same floor really we can exchange room numbers there will be phones? Not sure of your logic here hunny.

      Now a reserved table for dinner for all of us DOES make sense as if loads come to meet us we may not be able to eat together!Anyway I have a few things more pressing before then like my holiday amongst other things ROFL! Just cos you've had your holiday! LOL!

      Crafty Hugs
      Heather xx